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Avery Cristy

Sis Loves Me - Avery Cristy - Blue Eyed Stepsister Bang

File: xzzhfnasilomeavecribn6wxmforz.mp4
Size: 536.80 MB
Duration: 49:53
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: When tight bodied beauty Avery Cristy takes forever in the bathroom, her snoopy stepbrother has a feeling that she is up to something sexy. When she finally comes out, he discovers that she has been fucking herself with a dildo the whole time! She sucks his cock to get her big dick fix. Later, Avery catches her stepbrother jerking off while watching her enjoy some self love of her own. They bang it out to get the nuts they have been looking for. A couple days later, Avery finally cuts it off with her small dicked boyfriend. She lets her hung stepbrother bone her from behind while she is on the phone with the poor chump!

BFFS - Avery Cristy, Jenna Ross, & Charlotte Sins - Fun In The Jizzcuzzi

File: mvngtnabffavejencha8eywaxuqsc.mp4
Size: 546.71 MB
Duration: 40:07
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When sexy besties Avery Cristy, Jenna Ross, and Charlotte Sins plan a lovely getaway, they settle in and strip down to enjoy the relaxing warmth of the jacuzzi in the backyard. But when they discover the owners of the house they rented have double booked the place, they are distraught. Luckily, the other guest is down to share the place because the girls are just so hot. He yanks his girthy penis out for the babes to enjoy, and they suck and slobber like they have been dreaming of an orgy for weeks! Then, he pulverizes their hot bestie cunts and shoots a big stream of jizz on them. What a great vacation?

Step Siblings Caught - Avery Cristy - Sharing A Bed With My Step Sister

File: ti1nrnastsicaavecriswmfbeqmmu.mp4
Size: 444.57 MB
Duration: 28:39
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Tony has moved into his own place and it's great! When his stepsister Avery Cristy comes to visit, she makes it clear that she wants to stay with him. Having Avery in his new home without their parents around is a little weird for Tony, but it's about to reach a whole new level of strange. It turns out that Avery finds his couch uncomfortable and insists on sharing a bed with him. Dressed in a sheer shirt and skimpy shorts, Avery is too much for Tony to resist even if she is his stepsis.

When Avery realizes that Tony has a hardon because of her, she knows just how to make it all better. She wraps her hand around his stiffie and pops it out of his shorts to stroke it. When Tony doesn't make her stop, Avery leans in to start sucking him off. Her BJ is wet and wild, and all the encouragement Tony needs to agree to her insistence that they take things even further. When Avery peels off her shirt and then gets on her hands and knees to wiggle her ass in an invitation, Tony shoves his cock all the way into her tight little cooch.

After enjoying getting her pussy pounded doggy style, Avery rolls onto her back to change up the angle of penetration. Then she pushes Tony onto the bed and rides his cock like a fucking pro! She starts with reverse cowgirl, then turns around and gives it to Tony in cowgirl as he pinches her nipples. As Avery hops off and blows Tony until he gives her a mouthful of cum to enjoy, Tony realizes that maybe having his stepsister staying with him isn't such a bad deal.

My Sister's Hot Friend - Avery Cristy - Avery Cristy Practices Fucking For Pageant

File: f6x8znamysihofravecrig5him55f5l.mp4
Size: 568.28 MB
Duration: 46:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAvery Cristy needs help practicing for her pageant. She stops by her friend's house to practice, but since her friend is out she has her friend's brother help. He is more than willing to help and gives Avery some tips, like how she should maybe fuck people to win, and she can start by fucking him.

18 Eighteen - Avery Cristy - Big Brother Isn't Watching

File: abfftna18eiavecri8tvc1qroym.mp4
Size: 156.80 MB
Duration: 19:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Avery walks in on her boyfriend's little brother working out. She's turned on by him and wonders if he's as hung as his older brother. She asks him to show her a few moves, and after a few reps it's clear they want to do another kind of workout.

They get into a hot makeout session, sucking each other's tongues. Which turns into Avery sucking his cock to stiffness, followed by a horny 69.

It might be fucked up for this guy to fuck his bro's girl, but Avery's tight body is too hot to resist. She gets on all fours so he can slide in doggie-style, and his cock gets even stiffer at the sight of her perfectly round ass jiggling with each thrust.

Avery clearly likes the deep dicking her boyfriend's little bro is serving her. She writhes around and moans. This is the real deal horny, raw fucking. He finishes by spraying her pussy and asshole with cum. Just don't tell his big brother

Mr POV - Avery Cristy - I Love My Porno!

File: t82amnamrpoavecrilkhbiypx4t.mp4
Size: 355.54 MB
Duration: 34:22
Resolution: 800x452
Format: mp4
Description: Avery Cristy is just a few months into her brand, new career as a up-and-coming porn star, and one thing's for sure this slut love porn. From lesbo scenes to full-blown gang bangs, Avery rubs her little cunt like a perverted fiend to dirty movies. Guess what? She'll even knock one out to her own scenes! I mean just look at her...watching her second scene ever, over at our sister site, ManoJob! After a good cum, Avery likes to take a little nap. You know what she dreams about sometimes? All the men who jerk to her porno. No lie! She told the production crew this while she was in the make-up chair! So why not dream up a cheezy porno scenario where Avery dreams of you? Laugh if you may, but watch this girl suck and fuck while looking you in the eye the whole time and tell me she's not hot! Oh, and Avery tweets AveryCristyXXX -- so go follow her!

Swallowed - Athena May & Avery Cristy - A Head Game With Avery And Athena

File: 4zzzvnaswaathaveinr28e5hyc.mp4
Size: 617.97 MB
Duration: 53:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Avery Cristy and Athena May make the perfect oral duo, and theyre looking to test their skills on a huge cock. They bring their A head game to give that dude a sloppy experience. Spit flies all around as they take a face fucking before licking up his cum.

ATK Girlfriends - Avery Cristy - Avery Comes Over And Takes Your Load In Her Pussy.

File: ebj83naatgiavecricvsiqerhza.mp4
Size: 892.33 MB
Duration: 48:37
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avery was around the house doing a solo shoot, and caught your eye. You invited her over to see how she is. She impresses you and you strip her down after a smoke. You get her her off and fuck her good and hard until she begs for you to creampie her.

La New Girl - Avery Cristy - 19 Years Old

File: vzrlvnalanegiavecrivyset3n6na.mp4
Size: 585.20 MB
Duration: 01:44:22
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: A super cute 19-year-old is featured this week. This girl has both the hot looks and the personality. Wait until you see how cool this chick is yes you will fall in love. Did we mention, she is a sex addict? She gets fucked and cums multiple times in this video, and cannot wait to make our Producers cock cum so she can swallow a big load. MUST SEE!!