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Analized - Taylor Sands - Gives Up The Ass For BBC

File: k52renaanataysanfnkwmdiatg.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 36:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Taylor Sands is here to get some tender loving BBC to get her gears running. Big dicks like these are pretty rare and Taylor has wanted to get that thing to mess up her insides. There are spots inside her that only a cock this big can reach so its really her lucky day.Taylor enters the room already in her fuck apparel and the guy slowly gives in to her efforts. They started kissing and gets undressed to reveal some seriously nice bits of Taylor. She works her way down until she reaches the BBC shes been wanting all along...

Taylor started slurping the tip as she want to make this slow. She slowly stick the whole thing inside her mouth and making her gag on it eventually. Taylor then lies down and spreads her legs wide open. The guy gives her some loving by eating her out for a while. Its a matter of give and take. He goes at it for a while until he cant resist on fucking her any longer. He stands up and starts pounding on her cunt. As he digs in deep in her pussy, the only thing she can do is grab his arm and moan load with a mixture of pain and pleasure. After that little introduction, the guy then proceeds to fuck her ass hole. Taylors moans echoes the room completely. After this, Taylor starts taking the dick all the way when she stands up and starts riding the guys dick. It was a nice portrait to see overall. The guy then dragged her to go on all fours and continues fucking her from behind. They went back and forth from these positions and at some point, Taylor gave that big dick a good titty fucking.It took some time but he was able to reward Taylor for her efforts. He rewarded this slut with a huge load of cum all over her

Analized - Riley Reyes - Riley Reyes: Anal Fun At Home

File: 5eikfnaanarilreyrq6oy2av7h.mp4
Size: 2.18 GB
Duration: 59:55
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Athletic blonde Riley Reyes comes home to her boyfriend hanging out on the couch as she sees him there in just his underwear she sneaks off into the other room so she can get completely naked. You see this is her perfect opportunity to give her boyfriend something that she knows he has been dying for. Her anal virginity she has realized this is the perfect time to be a good anal slut. So Riley walks over to him and right away begins to suck on his hard cock on the couch and he is excited to see her tight body sitting naked her petite perky boobs have him rock solid as she slobs all over his cock.

finally she whispers in his ear the wonderful news and begins to ride his cock on the couch straight into her asshole and he is loving and so is she! Riley is in love with the feeling of having her asshole stretched out by his big black cock. Riley drops down and begins to suck on his cock and gets some ass to mouth action going which she absolutely loves .Riley then is laid on the couch as he steps in behind her and begins ramming into her asshole again before he picks her up to fuck her from behind as she stands taking in his entire cock deep into her asshole. Riley continues to have anal punishment as she begs for him to continue ramming deep into her and she loves it so much she shake as she cums she had no idea she could orgasm off of anal and is happily surprised. He keeps pumping until he finally blows his load all into her asshole leaving her with a wonderful anal cream pie and she licks up what leaked out right out of her hand in pleasure.

Analized - Apolonia Lapiedra - Apolonia: Soaking Wet Car Wash

File: spdkvnaanaapolap7dymfjpohv.mp4
Size: 1.73 GB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: All-natural teen Apolonia loves classic cars and huge cocks. Apolonia is busy washing her classic car. The sensation of cleaning the car, in combination with the summer heat, made this petite babe extremely horny. Apolonia stars using the soap on her body. She tries to quench her lust by cooling down with soap and water. The sight of her naked body against a muscle car attracts her man. He immediately approaches her slutty girlfriend and dives straight to her pussy. Apolonia lies on the hood of the car while her boyfriend hungrily devours her freshly-washed cunt. The guy carries her tiny body towards the patio. Apolonia helps him take off all his clothes before sucking his huge cock...

Apolonia bends down on the couch and lets her boyfriend shove his hard cock into her teen pussy. The guy grabs her hair and fucks her doggy style. The two shift their position to spoon. He continues to fuck her pussy until she creams all over her cock. The guy then forces his cock into her tight asshole. Apolonia can feel his cock stirring the insides of her anus. The couple does not care that they are outside. Apolonia moans on top of her lungs as her boyfriend ravages her tiny ass. They change their position again to reverse cowgirl. Apolonia starts playing with her pussy while the cock in her ass goes deeper and deeper. Apolonia turns around in a reverse cowgirl. She continues to hump on his dick until the guy feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his penis from her tight ass and unloads his warm cum on her teen face. Apolonia plays with the white cream before swallowing every single drop. This slutty teen is satisfied once again. She can't wait for the next car wash so that she can experience the same thing again.

Analized - Kristina Rose - Anal Initiation

File: dw54pnaanakrirosose8dmxl5s.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 45:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Kristina Rose opens this scene wearing a sexy white fur coat and black bra and panties dancing around showing off just how sexy her body is. When this sexy guy walks over and begins to seduce her. Right away Kristina drops to her knees and begins to undo his pants and gives him a sloppy blowjob taking his whole cock down her throat. He quickly moves her to a couch by the fire place and lays Kristina down revealing her dripping wet pussy and begins to insert his fingers into her. Kristina moans in pleasure as she gets fingered and he makes his way down and begins to eat her pussy. Kristina has a butt plug inserted into her tight asshole stretching her out as he continues to eat her pussy out...

Analized - Dana DeArmond - Master Of Gape

File: 9s2vwnaanadandea22w6g3n4dq.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 32:27
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dana Dearmond is the Milf slut of your dreams! Dana has been an expert in making men cum for years and she is even hornier now than ever.She enters the room already naked and ready to be fucked. Her nice tits and ass give the guy some good inspiration to totally get hard and ready for her. Dana comes over and immediately goes straight to his pants. She releases his big dick and starts slurping on it. Dana even took on the challenge on taking the whole thing into her mouth which made her gag a few times. The guy gets inspired and gets up to face fuck Dana for a while. After that, Dana now lies down on the couch and spreads her legs wide open for him...

Analized - Mira Sunset & Tiffany Doll - Mira Sunset Tiffany Doll: Threesome Of The Century

File: 1y6arnaanamirtifmfejagyvv4.mp4
Size: 1.22 GB
Duration: 33:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hot friends Mira Sunset and Tiffany Doll are walking on the streets when a casting agent suddenly approaches them. The agent gives the girls an offer that they can't possibly resist. The two friends accompany the agent to his office. He explains the details of what they are about to do. Mira and Tiffany are not surprised by the offer and willingly accept the job. The girls start flaunting their irresistible body. Tiffany looks astonishing in a pink tank top and jeans while Tiffany looks marvelous in a peach tank top and jeans...

Analized - Anissa Kate & Sharon Lee - Best Friends Share Cocks

File: oxykbnaanaanishanopn1ybdqx.mp4
Size: 746.31 MB
Duration: 20:06
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: You see two smoking hot lesbians getting it on poolside what do you do? A pool boy sees Anissa Kate and Sharon lee, both in blue swimsuit, kissing and touching each other in good places. He continues watching and starts taking some pictures. Things then go south when he gets caught. Anissa and Sharon then come over and apprehend him and begins to inspect what he has been doing. Anissa and Sharon starts inspecting what he recorded. Normally, few moments after being caught like this is you getting escorted out by the security but this particular pool boy somehow made it work and got the two ladies working for his dick...

Analized - Samantha Bentley - Tear My Ass Up

File: 66ldtnaanasambenkcwvmcup9a.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Irresistible English babe Samantha Bentley is walking down the street on a one fine day when two gentlemen suddenly approached her. Samantha is visibly confused by the unexpected confrontation. The gentlemen introduced themselves as talent agents. They admit to the stunning babe that they were utterly taken aback by her beauty and grace. The gentlemen invited the beautiful girl back to their place. Samantha is a little bit reluctant but accepted the offer nonetheless. Once the three are in the agent's lair, the gentlemen reveal their true motive. The innocent babe turns out to be a slutty whore. Samantha perfectly knows what the two guys want to do with her...

Analized - Kenna James - Finally Ready To Be An Anal Slut

File: pq1mnnaanakenjam7nykli3vgp.mp4
Size: 1004.65 MB
Duration: 44:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James is a blonde all natural babe. Her porn career has flourished over the years. She was the penthouse pet of the year within her first few years of joining the adult industry. This popular beauty has been type cast in the glamour and high end pretty side of pornography. But Kenna James is secretly a dirty slut. She craves to be tossed around and fucked like the whore she always wanted to be. Today is her day. Kenna James is making her debut on ANALIZED.com! Kenna starts off by strutting her stuff...

Analized - Florane Russell - How Much Can She Take?

File: abefanaanaflorusbzpxscb2l3.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 36:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Busty blonde babe Floranne Russell is lost in a big city. She does not know where she is and what to do. Thankfully for her, there are still some men willing to help her out, but for a prize of course. Floranne is a naive girl who is too trusting. She does not even have the slightest doubt when three men suddenly ask her to come with them. The curious blonde accompanies the four guys to their apartment. Floranne now has a slight idea of what is about to come down. The guys let her sit on the couch before surrounding her...

Analized - Baby Sid - Anal Toy For Boyfriend

File: wdctwnaanababsidmmvuucvm5y.mp4
Size: 896.38 MB
Duration: 40:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Goth goddess Baby Sid is a horny anal slut who loves having a big cock deep inside her asshole. The blonde inked-up babe is chilling in her room when her tattooed boyfriend enters. Baby Sid is wearing a black shirt and black panties. The horny emo girl knows why her boyfriend suddenly barges into the room. She lets his naughty hands touch her bubble butt. Baby Sid lets out a sweet moan as the guy inserts his fingers inside the blonde whore's tight pussy and asshole. The guy can't control himself any longer.

The sight of Baby Sid's pink pussy can make any man lose himself. The boyfriend dives face-first to Baby Sid's wet twat. His playful tongue explores every nook and crannies of Baby Sid's sweet pussy. Baby Sid can't help but arch her back with every touch of his tongue. The emo slut wants to return the favor. She believes that passionate pussy licking should be reciprocated with a sensual blowjob. She gets down to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Baby Sid lies down on the bed and offers her mouth to her boyfriend. The hot stud rams his cock into her throat. After the rough throatfucking, the guy lets Baby Sid get on top of him. The pretty blonde rides his cock in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. The sight of her stretched out pink pussy only made her boyfriend hornier. After making sure that her pussy is lubed up with her love juice, Baby Sid preps her tight asshole. She lies on her back with legs wide apart. The guy then jams his big cock into Baby Sid's tight asshole. He aggressively slides his junk in and out of her junk. Baby Sid can feel the long shaft digging deeper and deeper into her anal cavities. The couple continues their anal sex adventure, trying out different positions, including missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. the guy keeps fucking her pussy and ass until he can't hold himself any longer. He unloads his thick cream deep inside Baby Sid's asshole. The emo slut then shows off her dripping anal creampie to the camera.

Analized - Emily Willis - Emily Willis: Destroy My Whore Holes

File: uufglnaanaemiwilbqdhywjdgm.mp4
Size: 988.86 MB
Duration: 43:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Everything about Emily Willis is cute as fuck her cute face her cute little tits her cute small butt everything about her is cute. However, the way that she is going to get fucked is not cute, unless you consider total and utter destruction of her cute tiny asshole cute, then by all means this will be a cute experience for you.

Emily walks in with a very sexy set of red lingerie with black stockings, she sits on a chair and shows off her cute little butt, then pulls down her brassiere to show off her small tits, and pinches her even tinier nipples. Emily rubs her cunt and pinches her phat pussy together before bending over and showing us her ever-tight whore holes. A strapping young man walks in to the screen and Emily is overjoyed, she pulls down his pants to bring out his big cock and begins to suck and lick it up and down. He grabs her by the back of the head and further guides her head down his shaft, Emily choking and gasping, she starts to lick and gargle his balls and more deepthroat, she loves the violation. The man sits her on the chair and begins to eat out her pussy and her ass, after sufficient spit has covered her little asshole, he grabs hold of his cock and inserts it into her anus, Emily gasps at his entry. Once acclimated, he fucks her harder and chokes Emily, she smiles and moans at his big cock stretching her out. He fucks her fast and hard in whichever position he can on the chair, and Emily loves this, so much imagination and pleasure. He then rams his cock down her throat and face fucks her while slobber builds up in her mouth and runs down her cheeks. He takes Emily to the couch and fucks her ass doggystyle, she smiles slyly and moans louder with his every thrust. With every passing second it seems that his cock gets thicker and her asshole gets wider, Emily is perplexed at this but she does not care it just feels so fucking good. He puts her in the chair once again for one final fuck in the ass, and then he jizzes on her face and the chair, and Emily being the good little slut she is licks every last drop off the chair and his cock.

Analized - Casey Calvert - Show Me Rough

File: zbj4ynaanacascalh953qxan2q.mp4
Size: 424.18 MB
Duration: 50:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Au-natural babe, Casey Calvert, is a true porn connoisseur and she knows exactly what she wants to watch and what she wants from her porn experience, and she feels that she can make something hardcore and rough that everyone can truly enjoy she teams up with James Deen and set out to make that porn happen! Casey Calvert and James Deen sit on a couch watching and critiquing porn. Casey wears a black camisole and some sparkly purplemaroon tights and black long socks, but everything soon comes off. Casey takes off the bottom half of her clothes and reveals her nice ass and her whore holes her holes beg to be stretched wide open. She makes him sit on the couch an she kneels before him and begins to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans to unleash his cock...

Analized - Anna De Ville - Anna Deville: Gape Queen's Bbc Obession

File: erubtnaanaanndeviltbeqn2dapo.mp4
Size: 776.60 MB
Duration: 34:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Anna De Ville is a little anal slut who is no stranger to having her ass fucked or even gaped for that matter, however, she has not taken a big thick black cock that can really push her ass to its limits.

We get a glimpse of her cut ass in some red undies, but she quickly pulls those down to reveal her holes, her asshole especially is primed to be destroyed. Her tits are natural and supple and just really amazing, they invite you to squeeze them and suck on them. Her pussy is shaved and smooth and ready to take any cock. On the couch she notices Prince Yahshua and his massive cock, she walks over and automatically gets on her knees to fill her mouth with him. Anna wholeheartedly tries to fit him in her mouth but it is almost impossible because he is just too thick. She licks him up and down, leaving him drenched in her spit, which makes for the perfect lube. She climbs on top of him and leads his big dick towards her ass, slowly his cock disappears inside of her and she moans and gasps as it slowly fills up her asshole. Anna rides him and grinds him, moans released with every thrust, but she cant take him for too long and switches holes and fills her pussy up with his BBC. She sucks his cock to lick every bit of her juices off of him. Anna turns and rides him in reverse anal cowgirl position, further stretching out her ass. He takes his cock out of her and her asshole is fully gaped as Princes BBC has stretched her out. He continues to fuck her ass and continuously stretch out Anna further and further, every time his cock comes out her ass just stays a black hole. There is further rough fucking, he fucks her asshole and pussy, leaving both wide open. Finally, as he fucks her pussy fast and rough, he creams inside of her, leaving a wonderful creampie. Anna licks the cum dripping from her pussy onto his abs and then shows off her demolished holes.

Analized - Emily Mayers - Emily Mayers Takes Them Two At A Time

File: xequdnaanaemimayxjxthczckt.mp4
Size: 744.93 MB
Duration: 33:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This brunette petite babe, Emily Mayers, gets quite bored at home and wishes she had a nice big cock to play with, but where could she get one at this time? She lounges topless on her blue-grey bed and starts to touch and feel herself, removing her panties and inserting her little vibrator into herself, lightly moaning. Emily crouches and shows off her very nice ass and to her surprise to big cocks show up just for her. She kneels on the floor and takes both cocks in hand and puts each one in her mouth, one at a time, but continuously jerking both off as each cock takes a turn in her mouth...