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Amirah Adara

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Berenice - Stay With Me

File: dacprnavithamiberwqarfrbnrn.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 30:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Amirah Adara is looking for a new place to live, as Sandra Shines erotic lesbian movie Stay With Me begins. She makes an appointment to see Berenice, who tidies her apartment and puts on a pretty dress in preparation. The two beauties have instant sexual chemistry, and they open a bottle of wine to celebrate becoming roommates. Amirah takes the initiative, pushing Berenice against the wall and kissing her, getting a passionate response. She undresses the pretty brunette and sucks her stiff nipples attentively, then kisses a trail down between her thighs to her shaved pussy. Berenice coos and giggles with pleasure as Amirah licks her skilfully, then turns over so she can get eaten from behind. Amirah uses her fingers to drive Berenice to an intense orgasm then she sits with thighs parted to expose her pussy to her new friend. Berenice nuzzles Amirahs neat bush as she licks her avidly, adding her fingers to give her a powerful orgasm.

Girls Only Porn - Amira Adara, Tiffany Tatum & Veronica Leal - What Do We Need Dicks For

File: rpnrdnagionpoamitifverodkiuhpa41.mp4
Size: 2.27 GB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's a girls only weekend with Amira Adara, Tiffany Tate, and Veronica Leal. These European chicks can't wait to let loose with a bit of booze and some friendly fun. Tiffany has lost the charging cable for her phone, so while Amira is off getting tequila for the trio, Veronica suggests that Tiffany grab the charging cable from Amira's luggage. Imagine their surprise when they discover that Amira has packed a bag full of big dildos.

Amira isn't ashamed of what her BFFs have found. She brought the toys for a reason she thinks they can all choose one and have a good time together. Tiffany and Veronica aren't about to turn down a fun time like that, so Tiffany grabs the Hitachi vibrator and Veronica and Amira each pick out a big dildo. The toys do look fun, but it's not long before the girls realize that they'll have an even better time if they help each other out with their playthings.

Sine Tiffany claims that she only has experience with the wand vibrator, she gets the first indulgence as Amira and Veronica peel her out of her shirt and shots. Once Tiffany is down to her sheer thong, her girlfriends push her down onto the couch. Veronica settles between Tiffany's thighs and tugs her undies aside so she can tease Tiffany's meaty twat with a dildo.

Once Tiffany has had a taste of the goods, she's totally sold. She finds herself still on her back with Veronica eating her out. Meanwhile, Amira comes up behind Veronica and feasts on her girlfriend's lusty puss. Once Amira has gotten Veronica nice and dripping wet, she shoves a toy deep inside her tanned lover's greedy puss.

Amira gets her turn with the toys when she finds herself cradled in Tiffany's arms with Veronica between her thighs. Since Amira brought the party, she gets to enjoy double the fun. Tiffany takes the Hitachi wand and Veronica takes the dildo, with both of them working Amira's twat until Amira's fuck hole is twitching with delight. Amira remains in the middle on her knees as Tiffany fucks her in doggy with a dildo. Even as her pussy is being pounded, Amira delivers the same treatment to Veronica, who throws her head back and moans in delight.

Tiffany once again finds herself between Amira and Veronica as the girls roll her onto her back with her snatch up in the air. That opens Tiffany up perfectly for a double pussy feast! Amira and Veronica work together to bring Tiffany off one last time, then collapse into a pile of cuddles that leaves the trio giggling and agreeing that they should have girls only weekends more often.

Cumlouder - Amirah Adara - Anal Discipline

File: dv1xdnacumamiadamnvlewzbkc.mp4
Size: 885.75 MB
Duration: 46:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amirah Adara is crazy about discipline. She loves feeling desired by a man who puts her in line. She likes to wear leather clothes to show off her stunning ass, and getting blindfolded makes her extra horny. Pablo Ferrari knows how to boss her around and get some respect by pounding her amazing ass.

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Sarah Cute - Amirah's Sex Tutorial

File: itne9navithamisar3tvkxiwavz.mp4
Size: 1.99 GB
Duration: 35:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara welcomes you to the new episode of Amirahs Sex Tutorial, directed by Sandra Shine. This time the topic is anal sex, and she demonstrates how to make it pleasurable with the help of her stunning girlfriend, Sarah Cute. They start with plenty of foreplay, kissing passionately. Amirah sucks Sarahs beautiful breasts, then lies back as Sarah devotes attention to her diamond-hard nipples. When shes squirming with arousal, Sarah peels off her damp panties and starts to lick her pussy, rubbing and sucking her clit skilfully. Amirah turns onto her side and Sarah spreads her curvy cheeks and licks her asshole, making her moan with bliss...

As Amirahs tight ring relaxes, Sarah eases a finger inside, fucking her in both holes at once to drive her wild. Amirah goes face down ass up, and Sarah slides a glass buttplug into her ass, stretching her open with it. With the plug inserted all the way, she eats Amirahs pussy to an intense climax. Now Sarah dons a big strap-on, and Amirah impales her ass, riding the mock cock to a mindblowing anal orgasm. She licks Sarah to a rapid climax by way of thanks.

Girls Only Porn - Amirah Adara & Sarah Cute - Tied And Teased

File: hpuidnagionpoamisarpfkulakrin.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 24:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's nothing wrong with finding some spice in the bedroom, as Sarah Cute and Amira Adara are happy to show off. Decked out in a pink bra and panties, Sarah lets herself be blindfolded and tied to the bed. Meanwhile, Amira slips into some naughty lacy lingerie to complete her seductive look. She takes her time before joining Sarah on the bed, running her palms all over her sensitive body in anticipation.

When Amira finally does approach the bed, she is eager to tease. She grabs a feathered wand and runs it lightly from Sarah's neck, down the curve of her breasts and belly, to tickle between Sarah's thighs. Letting her knees fall to the sides, Sarah gives Amira full access to the heart of her pleasure.

Amira covers Sarah's body with her own as she drops deep kisses on Sarah's lips. Lifting the blindfold, she locks eyes with her girlfriend and then kisses and licks her way down the trail that she previously blazed with the feather. Tugging Sarah's bra down, Amira gorges herself on puffy nipples and firm breasts. Then, with Sarah's help, Amira relieves her girlfriend of her panties.

Kneeling between Sarah's thighs, Amira licks a trail up her love's bald slit. She halts at Sarah's clit, taking her time to explore that tender nub with her lips and tongue. Licking and suckling, she makes sure that Sarah's juices are flowing before she rearranges her position. Amira climbs up the bed and settles herself atop Sarah's mouth where her girlfriend, still tied, obediently eats Amira out. Meanwhile, Amira goes back to work with the feature wand as she teases Sarah to keep her wet and ready.

When Amira releases the restraints that hold Sarah to the bed, Sarah cuddles nice and close with her head pillowed on Amira's breasts. That position makes it easy for Amira to lean forward and run her fingers across Sarah's clit. Grabbing a vibrator, she presses the toy to the heart of Sarah's pleasure and keeps it in place until Sarah's hips are bucking in orgasmic delight.

Temporarily sated, Sarah turns around in Amira's arms and does some tongue exploration of her own. It's not long before Sarah's tongue buries itself between Amira's thighs. Lapping away, Sarah keeps up the gentle pressure as Amira winds her fingers through her hair to help guide her movements even more intimately.

Pushing Sarah onto her back and climbing on top, Amira presses herself pussy to pussy with her lover. They writhe like that for a moment and then Amira grabs the vibrator and presses it to Sarah's clit. Her snatch is soon twitching as Amira brings her off one last time. Curling up, the girls spoon on the bed in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara, Ophelia Dust & Shona River - So Good To Be Bad

File: hiskenavithamiophshodd1aydwahv.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 26:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Amirah Adara arrives for a visit just as her ex, Ophelia Dust, finishes making love with her new girlfriend Shona River. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie So Good To Be Bad the sequel to Show Me You Love Me begins, sexy blonde Shona catches Amirahs eye. When Ophelia falls asleep, Shona sneaks upstairs to find Amirah and kisses her, both of them getting an illicit thrill from their bad behavior. Getting naked, Shona sucks Amirahs hard nipples eagerly, then straddles her face to get her pussy eaten...

The horny brunette licks her skilfully, making her moan and tremble. Shona dismounts and lavishes attention on Amirahs hot pussy, then straddles her again in a sixty-nine so they can pleasure each other simultaneously. Shona is first to orgasm, before going down to eat Amirah to a powerful orgasm. As Amirah sneaks back to her own room before they get caught, the blissfully sated Shona shows no remorse.

Viv Thomas - Alyssa Reece & Amirah Adara - Amirah's Sex Tutorial

File: ydovmnavithalyami88ktqvobhi.mp4
Size: 1.25 GB
Duration: 22:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Amirah Adara welcomes you back for a new episode of Amirahs Sex Tutorial. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie begins, the gorgeous brunette reveals this instalment will focus on one of her favorite things kissing. Her partner is cute Alyssa Reese, both of them looking irresistible in sexy lingerie as their lips meet gently. Alyssa kisses and licks Amirahs ear, neck and shoulder attentively, making her shiver with pleasure. Their kisses grow more and more passionate as Amirah straddles Alyssas lap, her nipples stiff with arousal...

Alyssa sucks them greedily, driving her wild, then licks her through her bodysuit until shes squirming with anticipation. Unfastening the flimsy lace, Alyssa eats Amirahs pussy skilfully, nuzzling her fluffy bush and licking between her smooth lips. Amirah grabs her lovers head, body trembling uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm sweeps through her. Now Alyssa tumbles off the bed as Amirah rips off her lingerie, her shaved pussy spread open, ready to get thoroughly teased and licked. Its not long before Amirahs talented tongue gives Alyssa an intense clima

Anal Just - Amirah Adara & Angel Emily - Slutty big booted Canela Skin gets the anal treatment

File: bsqmhnaanjuamiangk3sqz7yd3e.mp4
Size: 1.69 GB
Duration: 29:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amirah Adara loves her friends especially those who are hungry for sex at this time. The pandemic really brings the best of us and even at this time Amirah Adara and Mike Angelo find a way to satisfy a lucky man or woman. This time, it is this lucky curly-haired blonde Angel Emily. She and the other two found a way to get into a yacht and have fun by doing a threesome in the middle of nowhere. These three really impresses me as, despite the pandemic, they will do what they can do to get their orgasms.

You can see these two hotties Amirah Adara and Angel Emily on their swimsuits enjoying the yacht tour. Every man will enjoy the sex appeal of the Pornstreamlive resident brunette, Amirah Adara as well as this flexible bombshell Angel Emily. The latter doesnt have any idea what she is about to get until Mike Angelo shows up and helps them both as they are making out. Watch Amirah help Angel undresses as she shows off her perky tits and her hard, fresh nipples. She does that before fondling on her precious pussy.

As both are passionately making out and fondling their goodies under the heat of the sun, Amirah Adara starts to focus on Angel Emilys little trimmed pussy. It really deserves some finger fucking and pussy licking to be honest. That is why Amirah started to stimulate her flower while Mike Angelo is already showing his cock out, ready for her mouth. Watch how Angel immediately rushes to his manhood and starts sucking it like a wild bitch. You are going to love her effort, trying to deepthroat that big dick with her little mouth.

After stimulating her pussy and making Mike Angelos cock bigger she let him fuck her straight into her ass. Yes, you read that right, this sexy blonde is fond of anal sex and that makes Mike and Amirah Adara smile. They know they are going to have fun with this incredible threesome outdoors. Watch Angel Emilys asshole getting fuck hard and deep. That leads to her making her moans really loud.

From doggystyle they switch to reverse cowgirl and you will see how luscious her sexy, naked body is. This is also the time she is getting that asshole stretched wide. The camera starts closing in on that perfect shot. You will definitely love this moment especially if you are a big fan of anal sex. Amirah Adara did a great job leading these two to get Angels orgasms as much as possible. This blonde pauses and starts blowing again that cock. With that, she maintains it hard as a rock as she wanted to do it in a cowgirl position.

You will hear her moans turning into screams as she pumps her hips on this lucky guy, Mike Angelo. You gotta love seeing her getting that cock treatment in cowgirl too as much as the reverse. In fact, after this position, they go back in reverse and this time she gets it faster and harder. Even Amirah levels up the tempo with her fingering skills. That leads to this curly haired babe spreading her legs and rolling her eyes with her explosive orgasms.

Once they get in missionary, Amirah Adara licks her butthole first. Mike and Angel resume their anal session and this time Angel is shaking with the countless orgasms she went through. It was such a surreal experience for her and she rewarded Mike and Amirah. This time by swallowing a huge amount of load right after.

Viv Thomas - Ophelia Dust & Amirah Adara - Home Office

File: hqbivnavithophamiq4zenp7awd.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 20:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Amirah Adara is working while her cute girlfriend Ophelia Dust takes a shower, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Home Office begins. Walking into the living room, naughty Ophelia drops her towel to flash her gorgeous breasts, doing her best to distract Amirah during a call. When she starts to masturbate, Amirah ends the call hastily and kneels to eat her sweethearts hairy pussy. Ophelia moans with pleasure as Amirah pushes her onto the sofa and licks her skilfully, giving her a powerful orgasm. Now she straddles Ophelias face in a sixty-nine, panties tugged aside so her lover can spread her pussy open and lap at the succulent pink folds. Ophelia has to take a break from eating pussy as Amirah makes her climax again, but soon resumes, driving the beautiful brunette to a breathless orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Eveline Dellai & Amirah Adara - Locker Room Lust

File: 2t1fvnavitheveamixtasxihitq.mp4
Size: 623.81 MB
Duration: 21:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Amirah Adara and Eveline Dellai are playing basketball with their girlfriends Subil Arch and Sandra Shine the director in a cameo role as hot lesbian movie Locker Room Lust begins. The sporty beauties work up a sweat on the court in their skimpy bun-hugging shorts, stopping the game when Sandra twists her ankle and Subil takes her home. Alone in the locker room, Amirah and Eveline start to undress, each admiring the others sexy body as they head for the showers. When Amirah sees Eveline soaping up her perky breasts, she cant help watching and then touching, leaning in to kiss her and tease her stiff nipples...

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Hayli Sanders - Remember When

File: t2uconavithamihayhmwtojem87.mp4
Size: 739.12 MB
Duration: 25:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara is looking through old photos, while her cute girlfriend Hayli Sanders soaps up her perfect breasts in the bath. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Remember When begins, Hayli joins Amirah, laughing at the sweet memories the photos stir up. The lovers cuddle and kiss tenderly, Hayli letting her towel slip off so Amirah can suck her nipples attentively. Tugging her white panties aside, Amirah licks Haylis shaved pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. Amirah takes off her shorts and straddles Hayli in a sixty-nine, grinding on her pretty face as she eats her voraciously. Amirah orgasms breathlessly as Hayli pinches her nipples, trembling and moaning uncontrollably. She fingerbangs Haylis drenched pussy, giving her a powerful climax as they lie in each others arms.

Anal Introductions - Amirah Adara & Zazie Skymm - Amirah Adara, Unfaithful With The Handyman

File: eqpwbnaaninamizazkeflwxyi44.mp4
Size: 1.58 GB
Duration: 44:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Private Gold, Fuck Breakfast has a real treat in store for you today, kicking the action off on set with a phenomenal blowjob and facial from debutant Zazie Skymm right before Amirah Adara becomes the true star of the show as she fucks the maintenance man Antonio Ross at her husbands new mansion. After seeing the blonde beauty Zazie in action its time to watch the wild Amirah let loose on www.private.com as she shows off her deepthroat skills and fucks like youve never seen before, squirting, screaming, and taking it hard in ass all the way until an anal creampie.

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Lika Star - Amirah's Sex Tutorial

File: lhfcknavithamilikkfgiegiwuv.mp4
Size: 729.85 MB
Duration: 25:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Amirah Adara shares her tips for great lesbian encounters. As Sandra Shines hot movie Amirahs Sex Tutorial begins, the irresistible brunette demonstrates how to tease, running her hands over cute blonde Lika Stars gorgeous body. Lika writhes in pleasure as her seductress nuzzles her neck softly, then kisses her lips with growing passion. Amirah takes off Likas bra and caresses her perky breasts, licking and sucking her nipples attentively. Lika is at boiling point as Amirah kisses her way down, peeling off her frilly panties and drawing out the anticipation before beginning to eat her pussy. Lapping at Likas clit skilfully, she drives her wild, then turns her over to lick her tight asshole until she has a mind-blowing orgasm. Now Amirah gets her reward, lying back as Lika lavishes attention on her hot pussy, licking and fingering her to a powerful climax. Hide

Viv Thomas - Stella Flex & Amirah Adara - Totally Satisfied

File: xgdtcnavithsteamij1qhsj1rfm.mp4
Size: 194.62 MB
Duration: 24:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara is masturbating with her favorite vibrator, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Totally Satisfied begins. Her sexy girlfriend Stella Flex arrives home and catches her, watching her orgasm before interrupting. They kiss passionately and Stella strokes Amirahs pussy, enjoying how wet she is. She eases the toy into Amirahs slippery slot, licking her clit to drive her wild as she fucks her to one powerful climax after another. Now Stella takes off her white lace panties and Amirah lavishes attention on her perky breasts, then kisses her way down her slender body to her shaved pussy. She gazes up at Stella seductively as she eats her to a mind-blowing orgasm, before straddling her face to get licked some more. Amirah grinds on Stellas busy tongue, tipping forward into a sixty-nine and buzzing the vibrator against Stellas clit until they cum together, leaving them both utterly sated. Hide

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Veronica Leal - Getting Even

File: abxeknavithamihayverujj9yise3k.mp4
Size: 263.75 MB
Duration: 32:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When sexy brunette Amirah Adara discovers her cute wife Hayli Sanders is cheating on her, she has the perfect plan for Getting Even. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie begins, a series of events brings Amirah together with Haylis secret lover, stunning Veronica Leal, in a hotel room. The sight of Veronica in sexy lingerie and heels puts an erotic idea in Amirahs mind, and she rapidly seduces the irresistible redhead, kissing her passionately and pulling down her black lace bra to suck on her stiff nipples...

Viv Thomas - Amirah Adara & Cherry Kiss - Awakening Lust

File: dbfqrnavithamichenvxd53sl4x.mp4
Size: 225.79 MB
Duration: 28:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Amirah Adara gets her day off to the perfect start with her gorgeous girlfriend Cherry Kiss. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Awakening Lust begins, Amirah showers and puts on sexy lingerie and stockings. Waking up, beautiful blonde Cherry is so startled by the sight that she falls out of bed but she soon recovers and grabs her sweetheart, peppering kisses over her neck and shoulders. Amirah unclips her black mesh bra so Cherry can suck her diamond-hard nipples, making her moan with arousal...

Only 3X Girls - Amirah Adara & Tiffany Tatum - Amirah Adara punishes her slave Tiffany Tatum before making out

File: tqmelnaon3xgiamitifsrwe4z78df.mp4
Size: 305.96 MB
Duration: 37:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A submissive slave appears and she is wearing a skimpy, kinky leather outfit in the bedroom. The petite blonde Tiffany Tatum just finished preparing a tea and serve her master, the kinky Amirah Adara. She ties up a leash into her slave and leads her into the bedroom, their sacred place to perform Tiffanys duties. Amirah handcuffs both Tiffanys hands into the bed as she let her wait for a minute. She gave her a surprise as she finally sports her outfit as a real dominatrix with a whip on her hand.
Watch how Amirah starts using her favorite kinky toy, a whip to inflict pain all over Tiffanys body. She starts off by spanking her shaved pink pussy as well as her cute small tits and her luscious pinkish nipples. Amirah later then uses the whip all over her body and Tiffany loves the pain that she is getting. With all the punishment she is getting finally the master kiss her sensually for a job well done. This is definitely a surprise for Tiffany but she loves the transition from pain to pleasure. Watch the master stimulate her nips with her tongue before fingering her hairy cunt making her wet all of a sudden.

Amirah Adara also slaps Tiffany Tatums cute butt cheeks. The former wants her slave to eat her pussy by spreading her legs wide. She sits on her pretty face and the slave loves making her masters lovely pussy wet. She also loves hearing her masters moans as she starts licking her clit aggressively. You can see Amirahs tight pussy got really dripping wet as Tiffany keeps on doing it. She licks not only her pussyhole but as well as her asshole making her master gets her first orgasm.

With her efforts, she rewarded Tiffany by unleashing her. She removes her handcuffs and Tiffany bend over her petite, thin body She let Amirah lick her pussy in that position and even lets her slap her butt with a tease. Master gets aggressive as she starts fucking her with her fingers. You can see Tiffanys pink cunt getting wet and juicy with Amirahs raunchy, kinky moves. It is rare to see a master pleasuring her slave with pleasure. Usually, it is pain at first all throughout. Maybe Amirah is in a good mood that is why she never stops pleasuring Tiffanys delicious, pink pussy.

Amirah Adara is just halfway with the session as she spreads her legs wide and lets her slave lick again her cunt. She requested to even lick her backdoor as well and you can see Amirahs orgasmic faces. Her moans are getting loud and that prompts her blonde slave to keep doing what she is doing. Watch how her body reacts as she cums once again on Tiffanys tongue and mouth. Both get their orgasms after the session and Amirah didnt forget to handcuff her slave once again. Looks like they are going to do it again. This brunette let her slave rest for a while to have some energy later on.

Dorcel Club - Amirah Adara, Red Fox & Tiffany Tatum - Lesbian Orgy

File: 4lhkbnadoclamiredtiffffgt2re8o.mp4
Size: 231.61 MB
Duration: 28:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It is in the living room that four pretty lesbians, Red Fox, Amirah, Tiffany and Angelika, helped by a vibrator, mingle and intertwine in an unforgettable four-shot, under the camera of the director Herv Bodilis, still inked in a world of carnal lust.Show more