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Alix Lynx

Cucked XXX - Alix Lynx - So You Like Watching Other People Fuck

File: 3m7pmnacuxxalilynhcfjcmelua.mp4
Size: 678.36 MB
Duration: 31:29
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alix finds out that her laptop has been taken over by malware and viruses. She knew instantly that her good for nothing husband was the culprit since he can't stop watching porn. If he likes watching other people fuck so much, it was about time to give him a show since he for sure isn't up to the task of fucking his wife good. Alix is so thankful that Jake saved the day, that she can't wait to get his big dick in her mouth. It's time for payback!

Girls Way - Alix Lynx & Alex Coal - A-freud Of The Truth

File: 7ffqgnagiwaalialeqa98higou8.mp4
Size: 285.82 MB
Duration: 37:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When Alex Coal arrives at her new therapist's office, she's relieved to finally be getting the help she needs to deal with her everyday stress. When she meets Dr. Alix Lynx, she seems like a confident, approachable woman, and Alex settles in to bare her soul. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they're NOT on the same wavelength...

As Alix questions her, especially about her dating life, Alex starts to get suspicious. It seems like everything Alix is asking is pointing towards her liking girls! When Alex calls Alix out on this, Alix doesn't seem bothered. In fact, she keeps pressing the issue, insisting that a lot of Alex's insecurity and stress comes from repressing her true sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth but Alex doesn't know how to convince Alix otherwise!

Finally, fed up and in denial, Alex insists that this professional relationship isn't going to work out. Even so, Alix still seems determined to get Alex to realize that she's a lesbian. As part of the therapy, she wants Alex to discover that side of her and embrace it by having sex with her! Although Alex is shocked, she gives in... just to prove to her therapist that she's NOT a lesbian!

But when Alix starts cupping her breasts and eating out her pussy, Alex finally has an exciting and erotic revelation maybe she IS lesbian after all!

She Will Cheat - Heather Vahn & Alix Lynx - Heather Vahn Fucks Alix Lynx In Front Of Her Worthless Husband

File: oh7mwnashwichheaalihpjffrokg1.mp4
Size: 226.64 MB
Duration: 27:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Heather is not satisfied with her husband and after a night of partying with Alix Lynx they get home and he goes straight to sleep leaving the girls to play. Alix Heather start to fool around when her hubby wakes up to find them but heather isnt putting up with it, she tells him to sit his useless ass down and watch how Alix can please her in ways he will never. Reluctantly he sits and watches Alix please his wife with screaming orgasms until they are both covered in each others cum.

Spizoo - Alix Lynx - Alix Lynx Up Close And Personal

File: staqvnaspialilynfurgnyptqh.mp4
Size: 555.24 MB
Duration: 29:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Get a whole new look at Alix Lynx. She started as a cam model then graduated to GirlGirl before deciding to show the world how much of a cock loving slut she is. This intellectual, fun-loving babe is a healthy, fit, athletic sex machine who enjoys being watched as shes pounded. She gets manhandled and loves every minute. Youll want to see this one. This beautiful blonde shows up a spectacular well-fit body wearing a seductive light red lingerie, she bends over the couch and exposes her ass and pussy from sight behind fingering her clit and said I am ready for Chad inviting him to join her, he immediately appears and gets her pussy licking while she moans and screams emotionated. After a while, she almost gets her climax and she gives to Chad a quick blowjob, then she poses on doggy position, and Chad takes advantage to give her a hard deeper punishment on her pink wet pussy. The action goes to fast and the position changes from time to time, missionary to cowgirl then blowjob to back riding his cock, for a moment to 69 till she is ready to receive his hot cum on her ass and back while she lain over the couch.

Spizoo - Abbie Maley & Alix Lynx - Abbie And Alix Sensual Lesbian Encounter

File: mfs3ynaspiabbali27zgosfdqy.mp4
Size: 121.87 MB
Duration: 14:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Enjoy a sexy lesbian encounter between the brunette Abbie Maley and the blonde Alix Lynx, they undress each other while they caress and kissing very smoothly, Alix begins the game sucking and licking Abbie's clitoris, then Abbie sucks Alix's pink clitoris and licks her sweet pussy, big titty Alix poses on a doggy position and Abbie insert her wet tongue in Alix's ass and with her hand rub Alix's pussy. These two sluts pose on 69 positions and suck they pussies each other until Alix has an orgasm then Alix continues sucking Abbie pussy until she had the orgasm, after that they place one next to the other and they begin to rub their pussies each to other harder as they can, with a pleasurable final take a breath and they look each other with satisfaction on their faces for this hot lesbian encounter.

Elegant Angel - Athena Faris & Alix Lynx - Teach Me 6

File: 7gqffnaelanathali3bzpaviw8o.mp4
Size: 297.41 MB
Duration: 25:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elegant Angel presents Teach Me Vol. 6 over 2 hours of lesbian loving! Teach Me 6 is a celebration of the beautiful exchanges between older and younger women. Watch these more experienced stars share themselves, and their sexual depth, nurturing a selection of young starlets who are fresh to the business. Teach Me is a very unique depiction of this olderyounger fantasy and captures incredibly passionate and powerful lesbian scenes that you will not forget. Starring Karma Rx, Gia Derza, Alexis Zara, Kenzie Reeves, Alix Lynx, Athena Faris, Maddy O'Reilly Honey Gold! Enjoy!

All Girl Massage - Alix Lynx & Silvia Saige - A Woman's Physique

File: prm5tnaalgimaalisilyxilgwg3bs.mp4
Size: 251.79 MB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige is new to the world of massage therapy. After a divorce, she embraced a career change, which led to her being a masseuse! Although she seems to be doing perfectly fine with her male clients, she's worried that her female clients aren't as satisfied. To figure out what she's doing wrong, she goes to her coworker, Alix Lynx.

When Alix learns about Silvia's issues, she kindly smiles. It seems as though Silvia's just not experienced enough with the female body and what techniques work better for their female clients. Since she has some time before her next client, she's happy to give Silvia a crash course by demonstrating certain techniques on her!

Silvia, eager to improve, easily agrees and removes her top, making herself comfortable on the massage table. Alix quickly gets to work, putting her hands to good use as she massages Silvia. As she gets in deep, she coos about the differences between men and women, and Silvia is absolutely in heaven! She can barely contain herself as Alix glides a hand over her pussy...

Alix pushes just a little further, commenting that some female clients like things to get a little... hot... during their massage as well! Although Silvia's surprised to learn that she's allowed to give happy endings at the parlor, she's not deterred. Caught up in the moment and eager to learn more, she readily accepts a sensual kiss that turns into something so much more.

Silvia is stunned as Alix eats out her pussy, although Silvia's quick to return the favor. As they grind their bodies together, fanning the heat between them more, Silvia's blown away. Now she knows for sure how to earn glowing reviews from her future clients!

Girls Way - Alix Lynx, Serena Blair, Angela White & Silvia Saige - Noise Complaint

File: ufkbynagiwaaliserangsildvnzpmczbh.mp4
Size: 505.32 MB
Duration: 34:11
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Officers Angela White and Silvia Saige arrive at a house to take care of a noise complaint. As soon as they approach the front door, they can already hear the music blasting loudly inside. It even takes a few times of knocking before it's finally answered by a woman... who doesn't look concerned at ALL to see them. In fact, she eagerly invites them in!

Angela and Silvia are confused as they are greeted by two brides-to-be, Serena Blair and Alix Lynx. As Serena and Alix get more excited and rowdy, Angela and Silvia step aside to talk about what's going on. Angela is delighted that the ladies think that they're strippers for the bachelorette party! Since it's the end of their shift, why not have a little fun and play along?

Angela grins as she begins unbuttoning her shirt and sauntering to the brides-to-be while giving them bedroom eyes. 'Who's been a BAD girl?' Angela announces as the party heats up. Angela and Silvia soon begin doing a striptease for them, making everyone all the more excited. When Angela and Silvia take it to the next level and give Serena and Alix a steamy lapdance, there's no turning back!

It becomes a free-for-all as Angela and Silvia give the blushing brides-to-be a night to remember! Every pussy gets a good fingering and licking as the ravishing ladies crawl all over each other. It seems no one can get enough, but how long will it be before Serena and Alix realize Angela and Silvia really AREN'T strippers??

Perv Mom - Alix Lynx - My Stepmom Let Me Eat Her Pussy

File: e6l7bnapemoalilynunnm82u3lc.mp4
Size: 582.36 MB
Duration: 42:44
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When busty blonde MILF Alix Lynx has a crazy night out, she is in the mood for some cock inside her wet slit. Luckily, her considerate stepson is here to take care of her. She teases his boner until he shoots a load all over himself. A couple days later, Alixs stepson walks in on her pleasuring herself in her room. But instead of making him leave, the horny MILF lets him watch her masturbate seductively. Later, Alix is in the kitchen when her stepson catches a glimpse of her tantalizing MILF twat. He eats her out and stuffs his dick inside, showing her he can fuck way better than his dad!

Spizoo - Alix Lynx - Hot Threesome With Blonde Alix Lynx

File: zffcvnaspialilynic5p9jeblt.mp4
Size: 301.15 MB
Duration: 36:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alix Lynx is a beautiful, fit, blonde-haired, blue eyes slut who is ready to take two cocks at the same time. Enjoy watching this wonderful babe suck and fuck and orgasm over and over. This cock hungry slut gags on these dicks as she double stuffs her mouth then keeps her legs open to get her pussy pounded. Dont miss this amazing whore do what she does best. This beautiful blonde appears wearing a light rose lingerie showing her big tits, her shave pussy, and her round big ass. She is ready for you to touch and caress her ass and pussy, then she is fingering her pussy herself and take your cock inside her mouth to suck and swallow deeper on her throat, now she has two cocks one in her mouth and one in her pussy and they change position time to time, then she places on her knees sucks these two cocks, then she rides like cowgirl one and other dicks forward and backward, while sucks the other cock, she changes the positions time to time to attend these hard cocks before she is ready to receive over her face and inside your mouth two big portions of jizz, That was a hot threesome.

Look At Her Now - Alix Lynx - Alix For Student Council President

File: wdfstnaloathenoalilyn9g98tjx8pd.mp4
Size: 560.72 MB
Duration: 42:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Bouncy blonde prep Alix Lynx is running for student council president in her crisp uniform, while also showing you her secret slutty side as she bounces on Quinton James's big dick. Alix promises plenty of fun dress-up days as she dresses up in hot lingerie outfits, mandatory college prep classes as Quinton preps her pussy with his fingers, and a fall formal that definitely won't suck... but she sure will! And you can watch her deepthroat that cock. As student council prez this blonde teen is perfectly neat and put together, but Alix sure loves a hot messy fuck. Give her your vote now!

Rk Prime - Alix Lynx - Asmrk 3

File: sfhnjnarkpralilynt1cqyfvqab.mp4
Size: 612.56 MB
Duration: 01:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hello again, loyal ASMRK listeners Our seductive audio play today features something, and someone, a bit more sloppy. Alix Lynx is a treat for the eyes and ears as she plays with some oil, foam, slime, and other substances. Squishing, slapping, stretching, squeezing. And that's all before she starts using her lithe and perky body! As always, you're going to want a pair of nice stereo headphones as Alix takes you on a sensual sensory journey. Sit back, relax, and let her sounds and sights get you to the edge of ecstasy.

Raw Attack - Alix Lynx - Episode 2

File: 61bfonaraatalilynjoycpr6gl9.mp4
Size: 576.08 MB
Duration: 30:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alix Lynx is a petite blonde with big tits, blue eyes and a gorgeous facewhat more could you ask for?! Oh yeah and she loves to fuck. Ill be honest, today we didnt do much talking, it was a pretty brief time before she outright said I want to fuck you. I guess getting sex is just that simple when youre a hot girl. She got exactly what she asked for.

Milfty - Alix Lynx - MILF Seduction Secrets

File: emdhxnamilalilynbtt1lerhqm.mp4
Size: 710.34 MB
Duration: 35:29
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful blonde MILF Alix Lynx has a heart of gold, so when her stepdaughters boyfriend shows up to collect his things from her house, she feels sorry for him. To make him feel better, she plans a whole day of secret seduction. She lets him stumble upon her perfect ass as she bends over in a revealing thong. Then, she comes downstairs wearing a stunning black one piece that makes his cock hard as a rock. Soon, this enticing MILF has the lucky guys cock balls deep in her mouth. She hops on top and goes for a wild dick ride that ends in a hot stream of cum all over her ass. Heres to you, Misses Lynx!

Family Strokes - Alix Lynx & Aften Opal - Family Friendly Thanksgiving Fuck Fest

File: mnrkenafastaliaftbpvtjwds66.mp4
Size: 444.62 MB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Every Thanksgiving, MILF Alix Lynx needs to make sure that everything is perfect for her loving family. But when she asks her stepdaughter, Aften Opal, to watch the turkey, the bratty babe lets the bird burn! Lucky for everyone, Alix is resourceful. She ties up her stepdaughter and lays her out on the table for the family to feast on. Soon, the sexy babes are getting their tight pussies stuffed by the lucky men in their lives. Aften slurps her hung stepdads johnson, and Alix gobbles down her stepsons giant dick. Then, they all indulge in some sizzling snatch penetration! This family friendly orgy has everyone feeling extra thankful.

Spizoo - Alix Lynx & Kate Kennedy - Lesbian Yoga Training With Kate And Alix Lynx

File: wwx29naspialikatdk4ybscsqi.mp4
Size: 393.60 MB
Duration: 20:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde Babe Kate Kennedy is fighting with her girlfriend, it was a strong ending and she gets upset. When she finishes, Kate realizes that she needs to relax so Alix Linx is her best solution, her yoga coach. After a moment Alix appears in Kate's house, afterward a short talk, they begin the relaxation session, but Kate can't. Then several attempts she succeeds, but suddenly she changes her attitude and these blondes start to caress and kiss each other, begin to undress, stroke and kiss her breasts, to lick their pussies, first does Alix and then they settle in 69 sex position to lick each other's cunt, after a while, they change to scissoring until Kate gets her first orgasm. She wants Alix to get sex climax too, so she is placed in a doggy position and Kate licks Alix's ass and pussy till She gets it. This was a very relaxing and valuable yoga training.

Dyked - Jessie Saint & Alix Lynx - A Snatch Licking Solution

File: kbuolnadykjesali9etjnbsp6c.mp4
Size: 273.41 MB
Duration: 33:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Platinum blonde princess Jessie Saint has been devastated ever since the guy she likes ghosted her. Today, she shows up at his door demanding answers. He cannot just fuck her and then act like nothing ever happened! But when his mom, Alix Lynx, answers the door instead, Jessie is shocked. She cannot believe how beautiful this MILF is. They sit down inside and soon Alix is caressing Jessies sweet, inexperienced body. She eats the pretty babes tight, pink pussy, slipping her tongue in and out of her wet slit as she moans. Then, she fucks the sexy girl with a strap on, making her cum multiple times on the toy! This MILF definitely knows best...

Bang Trickery - Alix Lynx - Alix Lynx Can't Wait For The Mailman To Fuck Her So She Fucks The Gardener

File: bvyy7nabatralilynyfsmd7ohxi.mp4
Size: 721.24 MB
Duration: 34:51
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alix Lynx is waiting to be fucked by the mail guy and he is late to service her! Instead she finds the gardener about back and invites him to show her his handyman skills! She takes off her panties and lets him slobber all over her pussy before stuffing her tight pussy with his big dick! She screams in pleasure begging for more of his big dick!

Spizoo - Alix Lynx, Elle Venova & Lexi Lore - Two Blondes One Brunette Lesbian Dream

File: 1orjtnaspialielllexmpxxdux1ar.mp4
Size: 242.18 MB
Duration: 28:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two blondes Alix Lynx and Lexi Lore with petite brunette Elle Venova in pink lingerie have sensual lesbian encounter, strip down to their skin and touching each other in sexual interaction where only women are allowed. They eat pussy and lick ass and their sex fluids to orgasm. Enjoy this threesome soft lesbian scene with these beautiful petite pornstars while these hot pornstars look into your eyes, amazing Lesbian POV action you will never forget.

Spizoo - Alix Lynx & Jessica Jaymes - Alix Gets Down With Jessica

File: e4ufjnaspialijesknskgdpubx.mp4
Size: 348.23 MB
Duration: 18:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: With the body and face of a sexy, sensual, feminine woman but the mind of a tomboy Alix is a n aggressive woman. With a beer in hand and a game on the television she is most happy. And just like a man, she has a deep appreciation for woman. While watching the game she is interrupted by Jessica, saddened about problems she is having in her dating life. Alix is happy to console her. In the heat of Jessica's vulnerability the two of them get closer than they have ever been. They passionately touch, kiss, lick and grind. Watch as they explore each others bodies for the first time. Extremely turned on using their large breasts and dirty minds they bring eachother over the edge again and again. Don't miss this hot lesbian action.

Mylfed - Izzy Lush & Alix Lynx - Nude Models Anonymous

File: 5fynxnamylizzalidplxaoupay.mp4
Size: 319.46 MB
Duration: 39:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Izzy Lush is desperate for money, and she does not know who to turn to. That is when she gets the idea to do some nude modeling. She knows her moms best friend, Alix Lynx, has been doing it for years, so she asks for help getting started. Alix is unsure if she should help the hot young girl out, but feels super turned on by the idea of seeing her naked. When she finally agrees to help Izzy, the two babes head up to the bedroom so Alix can teach her a thing or two. Izzy strips, and soon Alix is licking her sweet, young pussy. She loves the taste, and runs her tongue over her pink clit. And as they both cum, it seems that Izzys future has never been brighter. See full video here