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Alexis Crystal

Viv Thomas - Alexis Crystal & Lilu Moon - Sex Message V Part 3

File: u1lgjnavithalelile5bkyyenrh.mp4
Size: 197.80 MB
Duration: 24:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Alexis Crystal and stunning brunette Lilu Moon are sexting, as part three of Andrej Lupins hot lesbian series Sex Message V begins. Each girl touches herself as she gets turned on by the racy texts, until the power of their mutual desire brings them together. Lilu kisses her way up and down her girlfriends slender body, sucking her diamond-hard nipples as she strokes her pussy. She moves between Alexis thighs to lick her smooth slot, spreading her succulent lips like butterfly wings as she laps at her clit...

Simply Anal - Alexis Crystal & Lexi Dona - Anal Slave

File: np24ynasianalelexjvpb6d1kvy.mp4
Size: 308.91 MB
Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Crystal leads blindfolded babe Lexi Dona into the bedroom on a leash and the real fun begins. Lexi looks stunning in her barely there outfit and bends over on the bed like a good slave as she is flogged by Alexis. She lays down and this couple kiss, while Alexis touches Lexi's pussy through her lace crotch...

Doghouse Digital - Alexis Crystal - Creampie Cuties 10

File: d4qpwnadodialecrynj4dkfxrcp.mp4
Size: 292.93 MB
Duration: 24:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse proudly presents the 10th installment of Cream pie Cuties, it's time for these naughty cuties to get filled up with a cream pie ending! These babes are ready for cum. Watch as the cutest pussies get creampied like never before! This is a release you cannot miss!

Fakehub Originals - Alexis Crystal & May Thai - Ladies Club: Part 2

File: famyanafaoralemayj1vrwkr1po.mp4
Size: 447.71 MB
Duration: 35:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Previously in the Ladies Club, the group of girls had beaten down the bouncer to get to the men, and May Thai had scored herself a hot stud to fuck in the back room. Jealous, Alexis attacks her, and they exchange blows as the bouncer, Raul Costa, regains his senses. When he steps in front of the ladies, Raul soaks up a few blows of his own, but the ladies decide they'd rather be lovers instead of fighters, and push him against the wall. Alexis and May combine forces to give Raul a double blowjob, then they bend over on a nearby bench to show off their asses for the stud. Raul eats their pussies, then gives them rimjobs, before taking the time to fuck them both! After both ladies have cum, then get on their knees, and playing with their tits, suck Raul off until they're making out with his jizz.

Massage Rooms - Alexis Crystal & Tiny Tina - Lesbians Enjoy Sensual Pussy Eating

File: gtcplnamaroaletinp2oyqyzyye.mp4
Size: 168.02 MB
Duration: 20:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina hires Alexis Crystal for an oily massage in the Massage Rooms, and seated on the table wearing only a white towel, she gasps as Alexis pours oil on her shoulders. Turned on by the touch, Tina kisses Alexis, and the latter reaches between her charge's legs and starts to rub her pussy. The ladies take to removing Alexis' shirt, then Tiny oils up the dirty blonde's boobs, then rubs her pussy through her now see-through white tights. Tina bends Alexis over and fingers her doggystyle to orgasm, then has Alexis eat her pussy until she can cum too. The ladies take turns making each other climax, then kiss passionately to celebrate a session well done!

Dane Jones - Alexis Crystal - Make Up Sex Is The Best Sex

File: spyhrnadajoalecryvd9egh5qcw.mp4
Size: 241.03 MB
Duration: 21:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a lover's quarrel leaves her at odds with her boyfriend, John, Alexis Crystal lies on her bed melancholically. John comes into the room and sits sadly on the edge of the bed, apologizing to his girlfriend. Alexis forgives him, and engages John in make up sex. The couple kisses, then Alexis slips off her panties while John slides between her thighs. John kisses and licks Alexis' pussy, pleasing her immensely. Alexis then sucks John's dick, and next asks him to sit on her face so she can give him a rimjob while wanking him off. Flipping over, John fucks Alexis doggystyle and missionary and makes her cum, then sits on her face again, jerks himself off, and gives her a facial.

Massage Rooms - Alexis Crystal & Vanessa Decker - Incredible Natural Young Lesbians

File: sriq9namaroalevanlzaj8b49ua.mp4
Size: 174.84 MB
Duration: 21:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Crystal uses her employee discount to hire Vanessa Decker for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms! Alexis positions herself face down on the massage table, then Vanessa drizzles liberal amounts of oil onto her back, shoulders, and bum. Vanessa climbs on top of Alexis and kneels on her booty, then oils up her own huge tits to give her charge a body rub. Alexis moans with delight as Vanessa teases her with her nipples, then the masseuse strips naked and begins to stimulate Alexis' pussy. After making Alexis cum, Vanessa gets on all fours and sticks her booty out for Alexis to worship, then ladies take turns bringing each other to orgasm!

21 Naturals - Alexis Crystal - Living Her Best Life

File: qkyuena21naalecrygl8leg1prr.mp4
Size: 177.37 MB
Duration: 23:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful starlet Alexis Crystal is waking up feeling hornier than ever. She goes outside to enjoy nature. Thomas goes out to join her. He immediately starts to undress her as she gets on her knees to swallow his throbbing cock. He reciprocates by licking her wet pussy before going balls deep inside her.

Asshole Fever - Alexis Crystal - After Work Stress Relief

File: s6ccynaasfealecryjtwdrm7nhj.mp4
Size: 428.83 MB
Duration: 28:42
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: After a stressful day at work, Alexis Crystal feels like she needs to relax. She goes into the gym for a workout when she finds David Perry doing the same. David can't help but be drawn to her from across the gym. He drills his cock deep into her throat. Then bends over Alexis and pounds her tight asshole with his hard cock, before giving her a messy facial. She loves every second and eagerly eats up his cum.

Killergram - Alexis Crystal - She Loves A DP Fuck

File: 2uqn8nakilalecryua6w4fufmz.mp4
Size: 201.07 MB
Duration: 24:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tight body sexy Euro pornstar Alexis Crystal is one true hardcore porn babe. She takes on two big cocks as she gives a double blowjob and then gets all her holes used. She is fucked hard in the pussy and ass then takes some serious deep double penetration. A true lover of cock.

Vixen - Lexi Dona & Alexis Crystal - Are You Enjoying The View

File: kw1vvnavixlexaleo5rdcyfxwn.mp4
Size: 584.50 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi and Alexis are on vacation and living life. They're best friends and a little more, welcoming anything that might spark their collective interests along the way. One guest, in particular, catches their attention and they revel in teasing him until he can't take anymore.

Teens Love Anal - Alexis Crystal - Lusty Anal Lessons

File: ihpyqnateloanalecryb6o4exs4br.mp4
Size: 543.72 MB
Duration: 39:53
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful blonde Alexis Crystal is sharp, but she just is not that good at school. That is why she has been getting tutored by her stern instructor for so long. But when he finds out that she made mistakes on every single question she was presented with, he is fed up. The only way to teach this gorgeous girl how to properly integrate information is by pounding it into her with his ruler dick. He spreads her ass cheeks and penetrates her sweet hole while she moans sensually. Alexis gobbles his dick, licking the tip to make sure her instructor enjoys every second of their sex session. Then, she takes a load of cum on her hungry tongue. All Alexis needs is a little motivation...

Lesbea - Adel Morel & Alexis Crystal - Hot girls anal play and oral orgasm

File: 5s6evnalesalecryfv9xnuwqek.mp4
Size: 185.59 MB
Duration: 25:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Crystal is feeling herself, so she lies down and starts rubbing her nipples. Alexis starts to touch herself and then really gets to masturbating. Taking out her favorite dildo, Alexis uses it on her pussy and ass, and plays with her tits all the while. Adel Morel finds her vulnerable, and comes over to join her lover for some fun! Adel and Alexis make out and pleasure each other, and Adel even uses the toy on Alexis' tight holes. Alexis tastes Adel's sweet juices, and they bring each other to climax.

Nubiles Porn - Alexis Crystal - Family Secrets

File: hogyvnanubalecrysqrwapxis5.mp4
Size: 342.20 MB
Duration: 29:48
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Euro babe Alexis Crystal is on her way on the store when she literally bumps into Ricky Rascal, who has traveled abroad to learn more about a distant relative. The two hit it off right away and joke about how funny it would be if they were related. Alexis lets him into the building, then invites him in for tea so he can tell her about his family. Since Ricky has been so open with her, Alexis shares that everyone in her family has a v-shaped birthmark on her butt. She agrees to show it to Ricky.

Pulling down her jeans, Alexis shows off her birthmark as well as her juicy delight of her pussy. Ricky asks to take a picture and Alexis allows it as long as its just of her birthmark. Ricky secretly takes a bunch of other pics, too. When Alexis turns around, she sees that Ricky has also pulled his hardon out of his pants. He admits its bad, but she makes him horny. Alexis likes bad and she likes the look of Rickys dick. Dropping to the ground with her pants still around her knees, Alexis takes the large fuck rod in hand and mouth to explore it further. Her mouth slides along the shaft and engulfs Rickys balls before she starts a full-on, deep throat BJ.

Climbing onto Rickys lap, Alexis takes him for a spin as she rides him in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Then she lets her new lover bend her over the table and dominate her greedy snatch from behind. Loving every moment of it, Alexis hops onto the table so Ricky can feast on her landing strip twat before he shoves himself back inside. When Ricky pulls out and covers Alexiss belly with jizz, Alexis grabs a biscuit and enjoys it topped with her salty treat. Its only when Ricky is on his way out the door to clean up that Alexis realizes that her new lover has aa v-shaped birthmark on his butt, too, marking him as a distant relative.

Fake Driving School - Alexis Crystal - Alexis Crystal desires drivers cock

File: 3tqsnnafadrscalecrywxhjibhcie.mp4
Size: 670.26 MB
Duration: 36:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We had just finished our fifth lesson together, and a burning question for Alexis Crystal wouldn't leave the tip of my tongue. My student had paid for 50 lessons in advance, and I just needed to know how a student at the university could afford such a sum! Alexis told me she had a sugar daddy, and slept with him once a month in exchange for cash, but that she was not satisfied with the sex they were having. She wanted good dick, and before I knew it, she had taken out my cock. She started to wank me while playing with her tits, so I told her we should go somewhere more private. As I drove, Alexis sucked my cock, and when we parked, she got out of the car, hopped onto the hood, and encouraged me to eat her pussy! We had hot and steamy sex, then while fucking her piledriver under the front seat, I pulled out just in time to cum on her pussy!

Fake Hostel - Alexis Crystal & Kittina Clairette - A Deep Inspection

File: vz7kknafahoalekitpenjinqjy7.mp4
Size: 438.79 MB
Duration: 32:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Crystal and Kittina Clairette, along with their boss Lutro Steel, have a mission go undercover to inspect the Fake Hostel! Posing as guests, the threesome knocks on the door of the hostel, but nobody answers their summons. Lutro and co. let themselves into the Hostel, and are shocked to discover it's a mess! Clothing lines the floor, washing powder clings to every surface, and worst of all, Lutro discovers exposed wires with electricity flowing through them. In his bid to fix the wires, Lutro gets a shocking surprise that leaves his hair a mess and his cock standing straight at attention! Seeing their boss' hard cock poking through his shorts turns Alexis and Kittina on, and the babes drop to their knees to give him a double blowjob. Lutro returns the favor by eating both their pussies and their assholes, then they take turns riding his cock until he pops on them with a double facial!