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Abigail Mac

Rk Prime - Abigail Mac - One Hot Piece

File: pimxmnarkprabimaczcbifylpnu.mp4
Size: 733.22 MB
Duration: 39:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Porn star Abigail Mac wears the most flattering swimsuit for this hot pool scene. The white piece of fabric reveals her big boobs and her hot pussy lips when wet. After a quick dip in the water, she oils herself up in the living room. Robbie Echo joins her and drizzles the oil all over her body. He generously rubs her clit with the lube, preparing her for what's to come. Robbie's fingers and tongue slide gracefully inside Abigail, reaching for all the spots that drive her crazy. When Robbie finally facefucks the woman, her throat his ready and eager for the guy's meat. She swallows it whole, sucks on the balls madly. Echo's aroused to the point where he has to rip Mac's swimsuit and slide his dick between her tits. All this foreplay leads to a wild pounding session. Robby bangs Abigail so hard, even the potted plants tumble over. Abigail jumps in Echo's arms, he holds her up while his cock gets deeper inside her. An athletic reverse cowgirl shows Mac in all her glory, moaning, panting and sweating as she's filled with pleasure. Her tongue is out and ready when Robby finally cums in her face. He can trust the insatiable girl to drink up the cum to its very last drop.

Brazzers - Abigail Mac & Kendra Spade - Unmasking The Mistress

File: szkfinabraabikenhxhovynixm.mp4
Size: 853.62 MB
Duration: 41:52
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Even if voluptuous Abigail Mac is one of the hottest babes in the area, her unfaithful husband is actively trying to cheat on her. The joke is on him though, as Mrs. Mac sees through his web of lies. The man is about to have a lusty date with petite black haired Kendra Spade. Abi has other plans for him and spikes her hubby's favorite tea with a little something that will put him to sleep for some time. Alone and aroused in her bedroom, Kendra blindfolds herself. She's pleased when she starts feeling hands all over her body. She lets her mysterious guest choke and finger her. What a surprise when she discovers that the cheated wife herself took over the husband's job. The scandal brings Abigail and Kendra closer, much closer. The ensuing sex is as wild as it gets.

Episodes - Alina Lopez & Abigail Mac - Blindsided: Episode 3

File: lnswwnaepialiabi4uvpudqexc.mp4
Size: 667.46 MB
Duration: 35:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Years after a fatal car accident leaves Abigail Mac widowed and blind, she lives in isolation, forever mourning the loss of her husband. The mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband's death, however, will finally come to light when two strangers, Alina Lopez and Zac Wild, break into Abigail's home.

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Mary Moody - Can't Resist Creeping

File: ypjpdnagiwaabimarpbmhtgphcz.mp4
Size: 421.62 MB
Duration: 34:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends Mary Moody and Abigail Mac are lying on a bed together. An empty ice-cream tub with two spoons sits on the bed along with crumpled up tissue. Mary comforts Abigail, who is upset because she has just broken up with her girlfriend. Mary suggests that they watch a movie.

A short time later, Abigail has dozed off as they watch the movie on a laptop. Mary notices that Abigail has dozed off and softly closes the laptop. Mary gets up to leave, but Abigail stirs, asking her to stay with her for a bit. Mary agrees, smiling sympathetically. Mary slides into bed and cuddles up to Abigail, looking slightly flustered by her proximity to Abigail's body for a brief moment.

A little while later, Mary and Abigail are both dozing. Mary stirs, opening her eyes. She slides quietly out of the bed, careful not to disturb Abigail. She is about to leave the room, but she stops in her tracks, her eyes widening. The bed sheet has fallen down and Mary can see Abigail's ass.

Mary gulps, unable to tear herself away from the sight of Abigail's butt. She stares at Abigail and finally, becoming overwhelmed with horniness, begins to slide her hand down her own pants. She gently fingers herself to the sight of her undisturbed friend.

Eventually, Mary accidentally lets out a soft gasp of pleasure, which rouses Abigail, her eyes fluttering open.

Before Mary can leave, Abigail looks over at her in confusion. Abigail demands to know if Mary was doing what it appeared she was doing. Mary tries to stammer excuses, but quickly gives up with a sigh. Mary explains that she was staring at Abigail because she's attracted to her. Mary is shocked when Abigail admits that she feels the same way, leaning in for a deep, intense kiss.

Mary just couldn't resist creeping...luckily for them both!

Episodes - Abigail Mac - Blindsided: Episode 2

File: o8jhnnaepiabimacq9a7nsvpao.mp4
Size: 711.83 MB
Duration: 38:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Years after a fatal car accident leaves Abigail Mac widowed and blind, she lives in isolation, forever mourning the loss of her husband. The mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband's death, however, will finally come to light when two strangers, Alina Lopez and Zac Wild, break into Abigail's home.

Teamskeet X Baeb - Abigail Mac - Maneater

File: h39atnatexbaabimactjweyyue4q.mp4
Size: 402.04 MB
Duration: 28:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brunette hottie Abigail Mac has had her eyes on this stud for a while, and shes willing to do whatever it takes to win him over. She doesnt care that he has a girlfriend shes willing to fight tooth and nail. All she has to do is show off her tantalizing body and then throw herself on his bed, and hell finally give her the pounding shes been waiting for. Looks like Rickys girlfriend finally has a reason to hate Abigail after all

Bellesa Films - Abigail Mac - Crossing A Line

File: wott1nabefiabimacc6p5gnv2y3.mp4
Size: 970.52 MB
Duration: 32:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This will be the last time, Abigail and Quinton promise each other, yet again, as they find themselves together at the end of another night, out of breath, craving each other, unable to hold back. Go home to your wife, Abigail whispers to him, as she breathes him in and he unwraps her like a gift he's been waiting his whole damn life to open.

Dirty Masseur - Abigail Mac - The Hammer Down Rubdown

File: avhfrnadimaabimacsqjvhgaarv.mp4
Size: 702.83 MB
Duration: 32:47
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Abigail Mac is a badass brunette babe with big tits and a body that won't quit. When she arrives at Scott Nails' massage studio she's just looking for a rubdown... until she discovers his sexy hog! Now Abigail's looking for the full ride and she convinces Scott to massage her while she mounts the bike. Scott oils her tits up good but her pesky pants are in the way. She begs Scott to rip them off. Scott can't help but get a raging boner as he rubs her hot bod all over his big beast. Turns out, he's got another big beast in his pants, and Abigail can't wait to take it for a spin. Scott rubs her pussy the right way all over his bike. And It's so good, she begs for anal! That's just the kind of massage that Abigail needed.

Deviant Hardcore - Abigail Mac & Maddy Oreilly - Sexy Domme Abigail Mac Uses Her Good Submissive Maddy O’reilly

File: 9wqdmnadehaabimadiginu2rptk.mp4
Size: 259.10 MB
Duration: 32:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Maddy OReilly is such a good submissive for her mistress Abigail Mac. She stays bound up for her and loves to let Abigail do whatever she likes. Abigail loves to tease her and spends plenty of time playing with her body but never giving her exactly what she wants. After Abigail unties her she gives her a nice spanking until Maddys sexy ass is cherry red. Next Abigail sits her pussy down right on Maddys pretty face and grinds. She decides to reward Maddy for being a good girl and fingers and licks her pussy before finally having Maddy finish her off.

Girl Girl - Abigail Mac & Christiana Cinn - Lesbian Cheating Wives 2

File: up3utnagirabichrhmt2os96se.mp4
Size: 491.43 MB
Duration: 41:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax is spying on her husband, trying to get even after their divorce. When she overhears him and his new wife, Darcie Dolce, talk about a threesome, Penny comes up with a plan.When Karla Kush married her husband who's forty years older than she is, she knew at some point she would be a widow, just not so soon. Her girlfriend Gia stops by to comfort her as the media questions what really happened.Abigail thinks that her wife Christiana is cheating on her with the contractor, so today she decided to skip work and spy on her. When Abigail sees her in a very suggestive position in front of the contractor, she storms in to punish Christiana.Laney Grey is home from college and up to her usual antics, sunbathing naked in her neighbors' backyard. When Aidra catches her, Laney comes onto her, then her wife Kenzie walks in on them. Kenzie is not happy about this.

Brazzers Exxtra - Abigail Mac & Azul Hermosa - A Mistress For All Seasons

File: tuktjnabrexabiazudwxr3toxky.mp4
Size: 406.73 MB
Duration: 38:09
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Abigail Mac discovers her husband, Xander Corvus, is having an affair with Azul Hermosa, she takes drastic measures, breaking into Azuls house, seemingly planning something sinister. Once she lays her eyes on the stunning Azul, however, Abigail cant help but peep on her while she strips naked and gets wet in the shower, where suddenly Abigail is as aroused as she is furious. Azul catches the jealous wife peeping and the dramatic confrontation ends with the envious Abigail confessing she wants to feel desired, leading to hot lesbian sex. Once Xander arrives Abigail is so turned on and caught up in the moment she pulls her cheating husband in for an explosive threesome!

Sweetheart Video - Abigail Mac & Lena Paul - Undercover

File: z3xbwnaswviabilenn6wdneqiyj.mp4
Size: 301.75 MB
Duration: 37:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mary Abigail Mac is preparing her next class when Ana Lena Paul comes in. She smiles at Mary and moves closer to her. Ana starts touching Mary and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. Mary pushes her back gently, she's shy and doesn't want to get caught. She's a substitute teacher and she doesn't want anybody to know that she fell for one of her colleagues. The two lovers continue flirting for a few more minutes and decide to continue this lovely moment later tonight. Ana smiles and is about to leave her partner when she gets an SMS. Lucky for her, the school is closed for the rest of the day, so Ana can do everything she wants to Mary nobody will stop them. Ana slides her juicy tongue inside Mary's mouth and both of their tongues dance like there is no tomorrow.

When Girls Play - Abigail Mac & Romi Rain - Girl Crush: Abigail & Romi

File: hxlo3nawhgiplabirompcbjz1vwuk.mp4
Size: 252.78 MB
Duration: 31:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when a major studio acts like a match-maker to bring two insanely hot women together to explore the reaches of their crushes and bring each other to levels of pleasure that only another woman can provide? Find out by watching Girl Crush brought to you by Twistys. This scene features the sultry and gorgeous Abigail Mac and the jaw-droppingly sexy Romi Rain. Enjoy!

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Reagan Foxx - The Oral Experiment

File: xnj6fnagiwaabirea6fdqvdv8se.mp4
Size: 331.43 MB
Duration: 40:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx and Abigail Mac are two of the sexiest, most dominant women I've ever worked with. Whenever you see one of these lovely ladies in a scene, you KNOW it's going to be scorching... so I couldn't wait to feel the heat of having them BOTH together in the same place!

We brought Reagan and Abigail in today to have them share their thoughts on the joys of giving and receiving oral. We started with an easy question whether they're givers or receivers. Of course, it surprised no one to learn that they both love giving pleasure! What WAS surprising was hearing Abigail admit that she wanted to submit to Reagan and lose control. Reagan countered that she loves that push and pull, that shift in power dynamics during a steamy encounter, so I knew it was going to get VERY interesting watching them duke it out in the bedroom.

The interview only got hotter when we asked Reagan and Abigail what their favorite part is about giving oral. Abigail dove into erotic details that would drive anyone wild... including you! Meanwhile, for Reagan, it's all about that intimate connection with your partner in the heat of the moment. She revealed that she loves looking her partners in the eye as she makes them give way under her skilled tongue...

As you can see, we really have something special in store for you today! Now just kick back and get ready to lose yourself as these beautiful ladies show us exactly how lesbian oral sex is done!

All Her Luv - Abigail Mac & Ana Foxxx - Pledge Night

File: cleoenaalheabiana7xgsas612y.mp4
Size: 461.71 MB
Duration: 39:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My name is Ana and my whole life I have never quite fit in, everything about me isolates me from other girls. It's not that I'm a geek, a lot of people think I'm pretty, but I'm shy, painfully shy. When the most popular girl in college, Abigail Mac, came up and asked me to join her sorority my heart dropped. This is my chance to finally fit in, to be a part of a family, and it doesn't hurt that I get to stay there free of charge!

Abigail and the sorority girls were throwing a party for me. There was a game, Spin the Bottle, and well-- long story short I ended up in a bed with the gorgeous Abigail playing one more game. She wanted me to write a secret on her chest with pink lipstick. I wrote, I'm afraid I'll never fit in, she wrote a secret of her own on my chest, I'm afraid I'm bad. I found out why she's afraid she's bad when she kissed me. She kissed me with force and sensuality, it felt confusing and marvelous. I felt wetness trickle down inside my panties, and I was ashamed, but Abigail's kind eyes somehow made it all feel alright. She made love to me, just as if she was a man. I was trying to catch my breath when I heard a knock on the door. The House Mother, Julia Ann, walked in. Julia thanked Abigail for finding me. I began to understand that I was chosen, not for the sorority, or because of my intellectual qualities, but I was chosen just for her.

Bellesa Films - Abigail Mac - Unfaithful Betrayal

File: stotpnabefiabimacilpsm2irrw.mp4
Size: 321.85 MB
Duration: 32:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Fully convinced that shes cursed when it comes to sex with the men she dates, Lena confides in Seth that she hasnt had an orgasm in months. Seth has a calm, cool and collected kind of confidence and tells her that he can make her orgasm. Confident in her own right, Lena challenges Seth to break the curse. Abigail and Quinton promise each other yet again this will be the last time, as they find themselves together at the end of another night, out of breath, craving each other and unable to hold back. Go home to your wife Abigail whispers, as she breathes him in, and he unwraps her like a gift hes been waiting his whole damn life to open. After originally standing him up out of a mixture of nerves and guilt, Maya finally shows up at Jakes hotel room. Flustered, she finds herself paralyzed. Unable to go for it, but unable to forget him. They agree on a kiss, just a kiss, to decipher if there really is something there between them. Kendra is taking a moment upstairs, bored of the people invited to the big party happening outside. Mick goes looking for her, and lets just say shes happy he found her in the bedroom. Shes totally been crushing on Mick, who is also her sisters husband, but hes clearly been harbouring some deep feelings for her too.

Brazzers Exxtra - Abigail Mac - Body Swap

File: n5n4mnabrexabimacuivlopo4cv.mp4
Size: 430.36 MB
Duration: 34:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Prissy influencer Abigail Mac and sloppy gamer Xander Corvus are two roommates who just cant get along. When the two get into a heated argument over some almond milk, they trigger a curse that makes them swap bodies overnight. After a rude awakening the following morning, they decide that the only way to reverse the curse is of course to bang it out. Watch these two learn the innerworkings of being the opposite sex, seeing themselves from a hot new perspective.

Manuelferrara - Abigail Mac - Big Tit Slut Abigail Mac Finishes Off Manuel

File: lq3wxnamanabimachpujjrgkk2.mp4
Size: 620.10 MB
Duration: 39:39
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: If you like tight bods and tease, Abigail Mac will please in this scene from Manuel Ferrara's Pretty Little Sluts 3. The scene begins with a long tease poolside. Abigail is a beauty in the bright sun, seductively writhing while displaying her grade A ass and puss combo. She winds up on a large inflatable, floating around and spreading her legs...Eventually Manuel enters the picture and he's lucky to be the one to fuck the Miss Mac stack. Abigail directs Manuel to taste the inside of her pussy and Manuel follows the order. He soon crams his cock in her cunt and fucks her. Mac drops to her knees and performs an ass and jack. She then sniffs Manuel's cock and decries, smells like my cunt. What a filthy beast she is! After a wild cowgirl ride Ferrara has Abigail fold her legs over to the side, hanging her ass on the edge of the sofa. He furiously whomps her bubble booty, transitioning to doggie. Miss Mac's arched back causes Ferrara to cum on her round ass early. Ferrara has more in the tank and repeats the performance until Mac is back on her knees, eyes wide, feeding on more cum like a little nested birdie.

Rk Prime - Abigail Mac - I Fucked My Bnb Host

File: hlppmnarkprabimac1k7nmjo14p.mp4
Size: 347.30 MB
Duration: 34:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curvy brunette model icon Abigail Mac is vlogging her BnB experience with her videographer boyfriend when stern host Isiah Maxwell prohibits them from shooting at his place. Luckily, our big tit influencer has found a compromise! Spotted creeping on her in the bedroom, Abigail ropes voyeur Isiah into a sexy amateur video while her boyfriend records her getting fucked.

Monsters of Cock - Abigail Mac - Abigail Needs Dick

File: ytt7mnamoofcoabimacsu43pzwsnj.mp4
Size: 598.15 MB
Duration: 53:36
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The beautiful Abigail Mac is with Bang Bros today! She knows she can count on us to give her the amazing dick she deserves. She came to set horny and ready to fuck. She flaunts her amazing body to our camera and her beautiful pussy. she plays with herself a little bit before Isiah Maxwell comes to the rescue to bless her with some MONSTER COCK. They fuck in multiple positions and he lets out an amazing cumshot all over her beautiful face.

Pornstars Like it Big - Abigail Mac - Anatomy Of A Sex Scene 2

File: d36ztnapoliitbiabimac8gzhdta4lx.mp4
Size: 529.75 MB
Duration: 37:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: No area in a house plays a more important role in a Brazzers scene than the shower, so who better than Abigail Mac to guide you through the multi-faceted uses of this seemingly one-noted part of a standard bathroom? From the classic husband-on-the-verge-of-being-late-for-work argument to multiple near-caught scenarios using the shower curtain, Abigail orchestrates the perfect cucking as morning routine scenario with Small Hands, who has managed to sneak into the house by Well, does it really matter?

Girl Girl - Adria Rae & Abigail Mac - She's My Daddy

File: jkr9lnagigiadrabiyuny5qxfof.mp4
Size: 499.85 MB
Duration: 43:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Adria Rae gets whatever she wants from her sugar daddy Abigail. From purses, cars and shoes to luxurious vacations, she gets it all. They're just getting back from a trip and Adria feels now is the right time to thank Abigail for everything.

Sneaky Sex - Abigail Mac - Squatter's Rights

File: 5ptk5nasnseabimacuy1hjvgvsc.mp4
Size: 412.92 MB
Duration: 33:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Abigail Mac knows how to work people from men, to women, from fucking, to showing off a house to potential buyers. In sky-high heels and a tiny little skirt, she struts around a big mansion as if she owns the place, showing it off as well as she shows off her long, beautiful legs. Shes absolutely killing it, but an unexpected squatter, Xander Corvus, has made a home of the house Abigail is trying to sell. And she is not going to let some hippie ruin her sale! No matter how attractive he is When Xander Corvus requests a shower before he goes, Abigail agrees, but she has more than a shower in mind. She whips out his huge hard cock and sucks him off under the running water, with the buyers right around the corner! The fuck in the shower before moving on to the bedroom, where he cums all over her pussy and stomach. The only thing thats left to ask is will Abigail make the sale? Spoiler, she does!

Brazzers Exxtra - Abigail Mac & Amber Jade - Amber In The Hills: Part 2

File: sriavnabrexabiamb8kqlp7qkdp.mp4
Size: 474.12 MB
Duration: 36:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After getting a hold of his address, Amber Jade breaks into Manuels house. She spends some time snooping around and stealing his most personal possessions, but within minutes Manuels fianc, Abigail Mac, comes home with another man, Keiran Lee. Amber spies on the two fucking from a closet and likes what she sees. When Abigail goes to take a call from Manuel, Amber swoops in for the kill and starts fucking a confused, but totally turned on, Keiran. Abigail returns to find Amber fucking her man and is more than willing to fight for him.

Digital Playground - Abigail Mac & Demi Sutra - Sleepless Nights: Scene 2

File: v6aebnadiplabidemwbc25cuw6a.mp4
Size: 267.35 MB
Duration: 33:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Over the course of one sexually awakening weekend we follow a group of three women a seemingly subdued wedding planner with a wild side, Lena Paul, a young woman struggling with her sexuality Demi Sutra, and a sex therapist going through a dry spell Abigail Mac. While they each deal with the personal issues that inhibit their happiness, their lives collide during their search for a resolution.

Digital Playground - Abigail Mac & Lena Paul - Sleepless Nights: Scene 3

File: hoharnadiplabilendkgyramokw.mp4
Size: 471.43 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Over the course of one sexually awakening weekend we follow a group of three women a seemingly subdued wedding planner with a wild side, Lena Paul, a young woman struggling with her sexuality Demi Sutra, and a sex therapist going through a dry spell Abigail Mac. While they each deal with the personal issues that inhibit their happiness, their lives collide during their search for a resolution.

Adam And Eve - Abigail Mac - Lola and Maxie Get Off

File: zimpunaadanevabimacpqobpchskk.mp4
Size: 302.59 MB
Duration: 25:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lola Charlotte Stokely and Maxie Abigail Mac are two of the hottest dancers at their local strip club. But they get even hotter after they find themselves in jail together. Both are accused of killing their own husbands Jack Jay Smooth and Joe Calvin Hardy and are desperate to do anything, and anyone to get out. When they discover that the circumstances of their husbands' murders give them they perfect alibis, they lay it all on the line. Can Lola and Maxie get it on...to get off?

Sweetheart Video - Abigail Mac & Ashlee Juliet - Fate Suggests

File: lwrnlnaswviabiashpvjmfsx57z.mp4
Size: 304.94 MB
Duration: 37:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Its the night before pledging and Lucy Ashlee Juliet is nervous. Julia Abigail Mac suggests they invoke the spirits using an Ouija board to see what fate has in store. The spirits though, seem to care more about lust than school, and in an effort to keep them happy Julia and Lucy kiss leading to much more!

Deviant Hardcore - Abigail Mac & Gabbie Carter - Hot Dominatrix Abigail Mac spanks and dominates busty Gabbie Carter

File: sxfhbnadehaabigabfozhamqiqt.mp4
Size: 513.40 MB
Duration: 30:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Busty babe Gabbie Carter is ready to take anything that her mistress Abigail Mac dishes out. Shes blindfolded and horny when she arrives and takes her spankings like a good girl. Abigail decides to gag her and continue to touch her how she pleases, and it only gets Gabbie wetter and more turned on with every touch. After she smothers Gabbie with her pussy, she turns the tables and has Gabbie please her, and she does so eagerly. Devouring her pussy and eating her ass until shes had enough.

Rk Prime - Abigail Mac - Sand Dune Siren

File: wjwssnarkprabimaczkpvyluw26.mp4
Size: 309.76 MB
Duration: 31:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Abigail Mac hangs out at the beach on a sunny day, and its only fair to assume that all eyes are on her. In that bright yellow bikini, against her toned and tanned body, she looks too good to be true. She shows of her strength with some seriously gorgeous workout positions, and soon enough she catches the attention of Stirling Cooper, and lucky for him, this beach goddess is ready to play. They find somewhere a little more private, and Stirling sucks and worships Abigails big tits, before she sucks his hard cock. They fuck in a living room, and Abigail lets Stirling cum all over her face. Gotta love the beach!