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Fake Hostel - Vera Jarw & Aaeysha - No One Would Ever Know

File: ag182nafahoveraaeqdpwyuyiop.mp4
Size: 328.05 MB
Duration: 26:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Backpacking through Europe, Aaeysha and Vera Jarw stop off for a night at the Fake Hostel. After paying the landlord, Aaeysha and Vera find a bunkbed to share, but in their excitement, fail to notice Nick Ross lying under the blankets of the third bed in the room. Nick passes wind, and when about to be discovered, dashes out the door. When he comes back in, Nick introduces himself to the ladies, and they start to hang out. When the ladies tell Nick they are bisexual, he asks them to prove it, and they kiss. Aroused, Nick takes out his hard cock, and Aaeysha and Vera give him a double blowjob. Aeeysha rides Nick as Vera worships her tits, then the Asian minx spanks the blonde's big ass as she takes Nick doggystyle. After both ladies have fucked and sucked to their heart's content, they let Nick cover them with a double facial!

Fake Hostel - Sofia Lee & Aaeysha - A Sneaky Rendezvous

File: c8do2nafahosofaaewyn3f8bnqp.mp4
Size: 352.74 MB
Duration: 26:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aaeysha and her boyfriend Cage rent a bed at the Fake Hostel, and they make a blanket fort of laundry to make sure they have privacy. With Aaeysha naked and cuffed in the bed, Cage hears his phone ring, and to the Asian starlet's immense surprise, he pauses their session to answer it. Aaeysha is left alone in the fort when Sofia Lee and Thomas J enter the room. Thomas checks out the fort and sees Aaeysha, who motions for him to keep her location private. When Sofia goes to shower, Thomas jumps into the fort, and Aaeysha begs for his dick. Thomas fucks the babe in her pussy and smacks her ass, but when Sofia comes back, she discovers them together! Aaeysha and Thomas pull Sofia's towel from her big natural tits, and they have a sex threesome until he cums all over their faces!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Aaeysha - Hot Masseuse Thrills Cute Asian

File: xtpq5namarosofaaec9ifnn1toy.mp4
Size: 206.17 MB
Duration: 25:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty Asian Aaeysha hired the busty Sofia Lee for a rubdown in the Massage Rooms. Sofia starts the session by asking Aaeysha to sit on the table, then begins to stretch and rub the pretty Asian's neck. Sofia pours oil on Aaeysha's chest, then massages her boobs, paying close attention to stimulating her nipples. Sofia then slides her hand down the front of Aaeysha's towel to tease her hairy pussy. The masseuse takes off her own tights too, and then puts her big, natural boobs into Aaeysha's mouth so she can suck them. Sofia eats Aaeysha out and makes the stunner cum, then they swap positions and Aaeysha brings Sofia to orgasm too!

Dane Jones - Aaeysha - Petite Asian Takes Older Lover

File: v6iornadajoaaeyuuwiwt2fqc.mp4
Size: 301.72 MB
Duration: 22:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Asian sweetheart Aaeysha is kneeling in bed facing her older lover, Lutro. The pair lean forward and kiss passionately, then Lutro takes off Aeeysha's shirt and bra so he can worship her perky tits. Lutro then helps Aaeysha slip out of her pants so he can lick and taste her pretty pussy. Turned on, Aaeysha strips her lover in turn, then gives him a sensual blowjob. Once Lutro's dick is hard and wet, Aeeysha climbs on and fucks him cowgirl style. The couple switches to doggystyle, and Lutro eats Aaeysha's ass and pussy before sticking his thick dick back in. After a romantic sexual adventure, Lutro cums on Aeeysha's boobs.

Fake Taxi - Aaeysha - Tights Ripped And Pussy Fucked

File: fnuzpnafataaaeycndcl1zxip.mp4
Size: 564.44 MB
Duration: 36:11
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: I saw a very nice girl named Aaeysha standing on the side of the road, so I asked her if she needed a ride. She got into the taxi and asked to go to the post office. As we drove, we got to chatting Aaeysha was from Asia, not a local. I asked if she realized she had got into a famous black taxi, more expensive than the usual yellow variety. Aaeysha didn't know what I meant, and did not have very much money. I told her she could flash me to get a discount, then asked her if she wanted to see my dick. It was bigger than any dick she had sucked before, so as I found us somewhere to park, she showed me her perky boobs. I got in the backseat, and she gave me a blowjob, then I tore her tight open and fucked her pink pussy. I spanked her ass as she rode my dick, then I fucked her missionary, finally pulling out to cum all over her body.

Dane Jones - Aaeysha - Real Romance With Pretty Pakistani

File: bgswmnadajoaaeycsdhlxkwlq.mp4
Size: 290.75 MB
Duration: 32:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a romantic night out, Aaeysha and her lover Michael Fly return to their dwelling for some naughty fun. Under the blue light, they make out as they make their way up the stairs. Michael sits on their bed as Aaeysha strips for him in a sultry seductive fashion, then she joins him on the mattress. Kissing her man, Aaeysha brings his hands to her big boobs, and Michael feels her up. Michael fingers Aaeysha's tight Pakistani pussy under her panties, then she climbs on top of him, takes his dick out, and gives him a blowjob. Aaeysha then sits on Michael's big dick and rides him cowgirl style, then he fucks her on her side. After some missionary and some reverse cowgirl, Michael pulls out, and Aaeysha wanks him off all over her stomach!

Fake Hostel - Leanne Lace & Aaeysha - Role Play Gone Wrong

File: kdmxpnafaholeaaae8ticqf7fne.mp4
Size: 396.89 MB
Duration: 31:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Raul Costa and Aaeysha have checked into the Fake Hostel for some naughty get-away fun. As things get more intimate, Aaeysha reveals to Raul that she has always wanted to try role play. She asks him to surprise her in their room, put his hand over her mouth, and takes her from behind. As Aaeysha gets ready, she fails to notice Leanne Lace resting in a bed across the room. Upon seeing Raul beginning to dominate Aaeysha, Leanne takes out her trusty taser and subdues Raul, only for Aaeysha to admonish her for the mistake. In order to make it up to the couple, Leanne offers them a three-way, and Raul comes to see both ladies giving him a blowjob. With four boobs, two asses, and two tight pussies to fuck, Raul is in heaven.

Public Agent - Aaeysha - Dumped But Fucked On Valentines Day

File: m3lntnapuagaaeybjisz7sal7.mp4
Size: 432.01 MB
Duration: 29:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I heard yelling, and turning to look, saw it was Aaeysha, sitting on a park bench, screaming into her phone. I overheard the conversation she was getting dumped on Valentine's day! I quickly grabbed some flowers, and walked up to her. I introduced myself, and told Aaeysha that I thought I could cheer her up! I took her out for dinner, and then got us a hotel room. Aaeysha was lying on the bed and enjoying the view when I asked her if she would accept 400 euro to let me eat her pussy. She was horny, and it was good money, so she took her pants off, and I got to taste her sweet juices. Having my tongue between her legs made Aaeysha horny, and soon she was asking to suck my dick. The horny babe gave me a blowjob, then I fucked her tight pussy doggystyle. She lay on her back and I banged her missionary style, then pulled out, and came on her stomach.