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50 Plus Milfs

50 Plus Milfs - Payton Hall - Fucking At Home

File: d9yr5na50plmipayhalixp3w1q7xv.mp4
Size: 138.96 MB
Duration: 17:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: What are people doing these days while sheltering at home?

A lot of them are fucking. We'd be willing to wager that about eight or nine months from now, there's going to be a major baby boom probably a lot of divorces, too.

Payton Hall, a 58-year-old mother and grandmother, is one of those people who's stuck at home and horny. She also needs to get in some exercise, so she might as well kill the proverbial two birds with one stone, right? So she hops on top of a bouncy exercise ball that has a dildo sticking out of it and pleasures her pussy. Bounce, bounce, bounce! Then her man shows up and she decides she'd rather have the real thing...

50 Plus Milfs - Luna Azul - First Fuck Video

File: uycogna50plmilunazun8ghon6ln6.mp4
Size: 160.11 MB
Duration: 19:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When this scene was shot, Luna Azul was 57 years old. It was her first time fucking on-camera, and she was looking forward to seeing, in her own words, how a big cock looks in my mouth and pussy. Which, for us, begged the question, Haven't you ever seen yourself having sex in a mirror? Luna thought about that for a second, nodded as if in agreement, then said, No, this is different. When I see myself in a mirror having sex, I have to look up and it distracts me from what I'm doing. This I can just watch. And I'm going to take out the biggest dildo I have and fuck myself with it.

Imagine that.

This scene originally appeared on 40SomethingMag.com. We remastered it in full HD for its first-ever showing on 50PlusMILFs.com. It's part of our goal to give you more, more, more while you're stuck inside. This week five videos starting yesterday with Babe Morgan's solo act.

Luna is 5'4, 127 pounds, and although she's fucking and sucking a much younger guy in this

50 Plus Milfs - Sally Dangelo - Two Young Cocks For Sally

File: oymrlna50psaldanqkftmkerqg.mp4
Size: 167.82 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Businesswoman Sally D'Angelo landed a big deal and wants to celebrate. Her husband is out of town, but he left her something to celebrate with. Actually, two somethings young studs Levi and Rocky.

Most ladies would like to have a massage or a hot bath, Sally says, but not me. I'd rather have a couple of hot, juicy cocks.

The two young dudes take turns fucking this big-titted granny's tight cunt and dick-hungry mouth until they spray her face with nut-butter.

I cum a lot when I have sex, said Sally, who's from Indianapolis and lives in Florida. If the guy is good, or the girl is good, I'll cum hard. I can cum just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it. I love being fucked. The louder I'm moaning, the harder I'm getting fucked.

50Plus MILFs Do you ever get recognized when you're out?

50 Plus Milfs - Rita Daniels - Rita, Leilani and a big, black cock

File: usjpkna50plmiritdanf2hcw494hz.mp4
Size: 190.60 MB
Duration: 23:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today, we have our first-ever meeting of a great 50PlusMILF and a great 60PlusMILF 55-year-old Leilani Lei and 69-year-old Rita Daniels. Physically, these women couldn't be more different. Silver-haired Leilani is 5'1, weighs 108 pounds soaking wet and has pretty, tiny little titties. Statuesque, dark-haired Rita is 5'7, 128 pounds with big, firm tits. But they're bosom buddies who are alike in a very important way They both love pussy and cock.

I think we're gonna get lucky tonight, Rita says to Leilani as they sit at a club, enjoying a glass of wine, checking out the young guys who have been checking them out.

No doubt about that. Leilani phones a friend fuck-buddy Ludus, who's only 33 years old. They take him back to Leilani's place, and it's game on!

Among the many highlights of this epic scene

Rita 69ing with Ludus while Leilani sucks his balls.

Leilani sitting on Ludus' face while Rita sucks his big, black cock.

Ludus fucking Rita in the missionary

50 Plus Milfs - Brenda Douglas - Brenda Gets Dp'd In Her Second Scene Ever!

File: mwx1hna50plmibredouiaxi9tnky7.mp4
Size: 182.20 MB
Duration: 22:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: If you've been following Brenda Douglas here at 60PlusMILFs.com, you might recall what she said about anal sex It's fantastic, and double penetration is the icing on the cake!

Today, in only her second fuck scene ever, this 67-year-old divorcee from Oregon is going to get her ass fucked by two hung studs and then they're going to DP her. Get ready for the icing, Brenda!

Brenda, wearing a sexy top, a short, tight skirt and heels, has her eyes on the guys working on her house.

They're so young and fit and handsome, she thinks. I wonder if they've ever been with an older woman? It would be fun for me!

Oh, Brenda, you can't fuck your construction workers. Or can you? she says.

Yes, you can, Brenda.

Brenda's seduction takes no time at all. Hey, when you have a body like Brenda's, all it takes is a little suggestion. Before long, she's sucking their cocks, then the guys--both of whom are almost young enough to be her grandsons--are taking turns on her pussy. But what Read More

50 Plus Milfs - Minka - Minka's first 50PlusMILFs.com video

File: myiibna50plmiminknmmgvp4juf.mp4
Size: 187.85 MB
Duration: 23:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Now for a lady whose appearance here is long overdue Minka, the world's bustiest Asian, one of the greatest big-boob models of all-time, makes her 50PlusMILFs.com debut. She hears a knock on the door, so she answers it. It's her daughter's boyfriend, Jason, who's looking for his girlfriend, who happens to be Minka's daughter

But Minka's daughter isn't home, so she leads Jason to the couch to wait for her. Before long, her hands are wandering over his crotch and his hands are all over her tits. WARNING TO DAUGHTERS OF BIG-TITTED MOMS Do not leave your boyfriend alone with your mom!

50 Plus Milfs - Alby Daor & Jynn - A Threesome With Her Best Friend

File: fkcczna50plmialbjyn2uieik1s9q.mp4
Size: 287.80 MB
Duration: 35:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jynn is 50 years old. She's married and has kids. She's from Michigan. She's never had sex on-camera.

Alby Daor is also 50 years old. She's also a wife and mom. She's also from Michigan. And she has had sex on-camera...numerous times, in fact, at 40SomethingMag.com. The last time we saw her, she was getting DP'd.

Alby and Jynn are best friends. They met in seventh grade, and they're as close as can be.

Today, Alby and Jynn are on the set of 50PlusMILFs.com, and Jynn is a little nervous.

Maybe this isn't for me, Jynn says.

Alby reassures her.

I'll be having sex on-camera. Isn't that weird? Jynn says.

Honey, that's the best part, Alby says.

50 Plus Milfs - Lacy - Ass-Fucked By Her Daughters Fiancee

File: ssa8qna50plmilacy5ziizs93dn.mp4
Size: 224.54 MB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I have three kids and two grandkids, said Lacy Cummings, a 52-year-old divorcee with a tight, slim body and long, beautiful, blond hair.

Lacy has kids, alright! For example, in this scene, she has a daughter. We don't see the daughter, but we do see her daughter's fiancee...Lacy's future son-in-law. He's sitting on the staircase in Lacy's house, thinking he's all alone. So he whips out his smartphone and starts watching a video. The video is of Lacy, his future mother-in-law, fucking at 50PlusMILFs.com.

Now that's the kind of thing that doesn't happen every day. And the thing is, Connor, the future son-in-law, isn't all alone. Because while he's intently watching the video, Lacy comes down the steps behind him and whispers in his ear, I guess you found out my dirty little secret.

What happens next is the stuff of fantasy Lacy sucks Connor's cock. They 69. Connor fucks his future mother-in-law's pussy. And then he fucks her ass!

50 Plus Milfs - Kenzi Foxx - Kenzi doubles her fun

File: gcitdna50plmikenfoxkuycgkvxob.mp4
Size: 171.77 MB
Duration: 21:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In her first video at 50PlusMILFs.com, 50-year-old wife and mother of three Kenzi Foxx gives us a sex lesson and fucks her pussy and ass with toys. She's wearing crotchless panties for easy access, and she's definitely very good and very experienced with those toys.

I love being nude whenever I can, Mrs. Foxx said. I became more comfortable with my body when I became a swinger the last two years.

As for her masturbation routine, she said, I usually watch porn and fuck myself with a dildo while I rub my clit.

Interesting Some women use their fingers. Some women use the shower head. Kenzi loves cock, so she uses the best simulation she can get. And when we asked her what sexually satisfies her best, she said, My ass getting fucked while I use toys on my clit.

50 Plus Milfs - Lacy - Lacy and the pool boy

File: i6dmgna50plmilacy9iympiiwao.mp4
Size: 183.76 MB
Duration: 22:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy B. Cummings is sunning herself by the pool on a gorgeous, sunny day in Southern California. But the beauty of the day pales in comparison to Lacy, whose smokin'-hot, 52-year-old body looks incredible in her tiny bikini.

I actually have a new pool boy today, this blonde hottie tells her girlfriend over the phone. He's super-hot. Really young, just like we like them. I'll take some photos and send them to you. No, we haven't done anything yet.


Oh, and I think I noticed his cock getting hard, too. He has a big cock. I can't wait to see it.

The pool boy shows up. He's brought her water. He's also not wearing a shirt. Is this guy a pool boy or Lacy's personal servant? We're about to find out.

After Lacy asks him to make her something stronger--an adult beverage, if you will--she follows him inside.

I want something stronger than that, she says. How about your nice, hard cock?

Well, like we said, this supposed pool boy doesn't seem to have brought along

50 Plus Milfs - Amanda Ryder - Her daughter's boyfriend fucks her old ass!

File: vd5gdna50plmiamarydvun9otkxqc.mp4
Size: 244.96 MB
Duration: 30:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and mom from San Francisco, is in her bedroom, trying on some lingerie. Her hubby hasn't been getting it up these days, and Amanda wants cock, so she figures the best way to get a rise out of him is to dress her sexy body big tits and all in the sexiest lingerie she could find. So she tries on one piece of lingerie after another, but what she doesn't know is that she's putting on a show for her daughter's 24-year-old boyfriend.

His name is Connor, and he's standing in the doorway to her bedroom, jacking off. The boy HAS HIS COCK IN HIS HANDS and his girlfriend's mom is standing just a few feet away, trying on a tight, sheer, sexy number that really shows off those tits.

And then...Mrs. Ryder looks up.

Connor, what are you doing here? she says.

Well, Amanda, he's jacking off, obviously.

Get in here! Why are you here? And your dick's hanging out!

Well, her pussy is out, too, but it is her house.

Yeah. I'm sorry, Connor stammers. Freak

50 Plus Milfs - Charli Adams - Charli is on the BBC

File: ofr5xna50plmichaadac5gagtmo7r.mp4
Size: 195.03 MB
Duration: 24:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Charli Adams is a mother. She's a grandmother. She's a 56-year-old woman whose previous marriages were so unsatisfying sexually, she had no idea where to turn. Then she got divorced and started discovering her sexuality. Started swinging. Started having sex with multiple partners. Met a man who encouraged her to be sexually free. Married that guy and became a cam model. Then came to us and had sex on-camera for the first time.

This is her second scene. It's with John, who's only 23 years old and has a big, black cock. Oh, and she's a reformed Mormon. We never get tired of saying that or wondering what her ex-husbands would think if they could see her now.

I think I was just always this way, but I had to hide it, Charli said. Then I met a man who brought it out of me. He let me out of my cage, and I couldn't get back in.

In this video, Charli tip-toes into the room where her son's best friend is fast asleep, morning wood tenting the sheets. Nobody's home--her hubby and kids are

50 Plus MIlfs - Melissa Johnson - A Johnson For Mrs. Johnson

File: 4xd5hna50plmimeljohezzmnpe3se.mp4
Size: 186.87 MB
Duration: 23:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tyler is taking a shower when Mrs. Johnson, back home from work, walks in on him and peeks into the shower. She's wearing a short, tight, backless dress she has a very sexy back to go along with her big tits, and it's obvious what she's looking for.

50 Plus MIlfs - Arianna Steele - Ass-fucked By A 22-year-old In Her First

File: jr3qhna50plmiaristepkkq8dpmbb.mp4
Size: 178.20 MB
Duration: 21:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When this video opens, Arianna Steele is lying in bed and buzzing her clit with a mini-vibrator. Johnny, who's only 22 years old, is watching from outside the house, peeking through the blinds, unable to believe what he's seeing. Arianna's really into what she's doing, and she looks great with high heels at the end of her long legs.

50 Plus MIlfs - Juliet Miller - Juliet Fucks A 25-year-old

File: wn8yena50plmijulmilk6qyy1olld.mp4
Size: 217.76 MB
Duration: 26:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In her first fuck film, 50-year-old MILF Juliet Miller fucks the 25-year-old dude she has hidden in her bathroom. Her hubby is heading off on a business trip, and Juliet is going to have some fun while he's away. When she says goodbye to him over the phone, he has no idea that Juliet is wearing see-through lingerie that covers just about nothing.