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Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas - Angelika Greys & Lovenia Lux - Lustful Foundations

File: jquewnavithanglovz7rs8hvnc4.mp4
Size: 192.65 MB
Duration: 23:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Angelika Greys arrives for a business meeting with cute brunette Lovenia Lux, as Sandra Shines erotic movie Lustful Foundations begins. The two gorgeous girls discuss their construction plans over coffee, the attraction between them growing more and more powerful until they cant resist kissing. Angelika rubs sweet Lovenias pussy through her lace panties, then kneels to lick her big puffy clit. Lovenia moans with pleasure, pinching her own nipples as her lover laps at her slit avidly, turning her around to eat her from behind. When Angelika fucks her with her fingers, Lovenia shudders through an intense orgasm. Now she undresses Angelika, caressing her beautiful breasts and licking her shaved pussy, driving her wild.

Viv Thomas - Blue Angel & Verona Sky - Please Don't Go

File: pbzufnavithbluverettszaq1rr.mp4
Size: 170.97 MB
Duration: 21:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning brunette Verona Sky watches in tears as Blue Angel packs her bags. Its a tempestuous start to Nik Foxs erotic movie Please Dont Go, and one that leads to the hottest make-up sex, as the gorgeous blonde relents and returns to her lesbian lovers bed. She kisses Verona gently at first, their passion rising rapidly. Pulling her babydoll lingerie down, she fondles her beautiful breasts and sucks her hugely erect nipples avidly. Verona responds by undressing her girlfriend, nuzzling her puffy nipples. Blue Angels eyes blaze with desire as she unties Veronas frilly panties and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, making her moan with horny excitement. Verona is soon dripping wet as her sweetheart licks and fingerbangs her to a climax. Now Verona repays the attention with interest, tonguing Blue Angels splayed pussy and tight asshole voraciously, then licking her clit as she frigs her to an explosive orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Elina De Lion & Vicky Love - Good Morning

File: jxkf6navithelivicq6ygbvhyad.mp4
Size: 223.08 MB
Duration: 28:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: As gorgeous brunette Vicky Love admires her beautiful breasts in the bathroom mirror, Elina De Lion joins her and you just know its going to be a Good Morning. Nik Foxs erotic movie sees the lesbian lovers embracing and cuddling, Elina squeezing her sweethearts ass as they kiss passionately. Tanned Vicky tongues Elinas perky pierced nipples, then peels off her panties and goes down to lick her shaved pussy, making her gasp and arch up to chase the intense sensations. She gets into doggie position so Vicky can fingerbang her from behind, then lick her tight asshole, driving her wild. Vicky straddles Elina, riding her fingers to a powerful orgasm. The girls shower together, all smiles after such a pleasurable start to their day.

Viv Thomas - Ginger Mary & Stasey - Kitchen Lessons

File: qzacxnavithginstaignpeyaxri.mp4
Size: 194.00 MB
Duration: 23:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute girlfriends Ginger Mary and Stasey are busy cooking up mischief, as Kitchen Lessons directed by Xanthus begins. Sweet blonde Stasey grabs her redhead sweetheart for a kiss and cuddle, neglecting their pancakes for a moment as their mutual lust grows. They pause to eat their culinary creations, but after a few mouthfuls they are back to kissing, pulling off each others t-shirts and pressing their beautiful breasts together. Ginger Mary sits up on the kitchen counter, tugging her panties aside so Stasey can lick and rub her shaved pussy. The adorable redhead sucks Staseys big nipples, then pulls her panties down and eats her pussy avidly. She takes some more licking herself, before they lie side by side to fingerbang each other. They finish in scissors, grinding together wildly.

Viv Thomas - Amber D & Julia Rain - Girls Night In

File: otabbnavithambjulpdbakmyqei.mp4
Size: 219.59 MB
Duration: 27:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blondes Amber D and Julia Rain get cosy on a hot Girls Night In. As Sandra Shines erotic movie begins, the sweet girlfriends settle on the sofa with their popcorn, but before long they are kissing, their playful mood turning amorous. Julia straddles her lover, opening her lace robe to suck her stiff nipples, then tugging her panties aside and licking her shaved pussy. Ambers back arches in pleasure as Julia laps at her clit with great intensity, making her climax. Amber nuzzles Julias big nipples and strokes her inside her tight blue shorts, then peels them off and eats her from behind, spreading her smooth lips apart and licking her to a breathless orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Adora Rey & Ginger Mary - Coffee And Kisses

File: sjdslnavithadoginaholeektx6.mp4
Size: 249.92 MB
Duration: 30:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Adora Rey awakens and makes coffee for her sweetheart, as Coffee and Kisses by new Viv Thomas director Xanthus begins. Cute redhead Ginger Mary is delighted to welcome her girlfriend back to bed, gazing at her adoringly and running her hands over the blondes beautiful naked body. They kiss tenderly, cups set aside as Adora caresses Gingers lovely breasts and sucks her nipples, then goes down to lick her shaved pussy. The petite redhead moans and bits her lip as pleasure courses through her, rocking her hips up to rub against her lovers tongue. They move into a sixty-nine with Adora on top, feeding her stiff nipples into Gingers mouth, then lapping at her clit while Ginger eats her juicy pussy. Adora lies back to get licked some more, before they switch to scissors, grinding to a breathless mutual climax, a perfect start to their day.

Viv Thomas - Blue Angel & Helena Moeller - Behind The Scenes: Lexi Dona & Cindy Shine On Location

File: tdme2navithbluhel9ockgpzqba.mp4
Size: 225.15 MB
Duration: 28:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning blonde Helena Moeller prepares tea for her girlfriend Blue Angel, who returns from a busy day at work, in Sandra Shines erotic movie Honey, Im Home. Helena welcomes her beautiful lover by letting her silk robe fall open to reveal a sexy black bodysuit. They kiss passionately, Blue Angels hands roaming avidly as she pulls Helenas lingerie down and sucks her hard nipples, tugging the crotch of the bodysuit open to stroke her shaved pussy. Helena licks Blue Angels pussy through her sheer pantyhose, then pulls them down and laps at her sweethearts puffy clit eagerly. Blue Angels big nipples stand out proud as Helena drives her wild, but she fights the urge to cum because she wants to please her girlfriend first. She spreads Helenas thighs, gazing up with her gorgeous blue eyes as she eats her pussy to an intense orgasm. Now she lets Helena return the favor and lick her until her climax sweeps through her, for the perfect end to her workday.

Viv Thomas - Marry Morgan & Naomi Bennett - Midnight Love

File: zmxvenavithmarnaoncwlx33ptj.mp4
Size: 159.26 MB
Duration: 19:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Naomi Bennett awakens to find Marry Morgan still texting on her phone, as Nik Foxs erotic movie Midnight Love begins. So seductive in her sexy lingerie, Naomi straddles her girlfriend and kisses her hungrily, tugging her lace top aside and squeezing her big beautiful breasts. She pulls Marrys white panties away from her shaved pussy and spreads it open, licking and rubbing the hot pink interior, strumming her puffy clit and fingering her until shes squirming with arousal. Marry turns onto her knees and Naomi grabs her swinging boobs and spanks her curvy ass, frigging her to an intense orgasm. Now Marry undresses pretty Naomi, lapping at her stiff nipples and luscious shaved pussy. Naomi folds double as Marry eats her until an overwhelming climax sweeps through her whole body.

Viv Thomas - Elin Flame & Ivy Rein - Take The Shot

File: 8fd3snavitheliivypxyi8zak4k.mp4
Size: 236.10 MB
Duration: 29:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After beating her at pool, sexy redhead Elin Flame demands a kiss from gorgeous blonde Ivy Rein, as Sandra Shines erotic movie Take The Shot begins. Their hands roam all over each other as they embrace passionately. Ivy leads Elin to the couch, pulling down her top to caress her beautiful breasts, then unbuttoning her tight shorts and stripping her naked. Spreading Elins long legs, Ivy eats her shaved pussy avidly, making her gasp and moan. The blonde sweetheart pauses to undress, revealing her stunning curvy ass, before licking Elins puffy clit as she fingerbangs her to a powerful orgasm. The petite redhead kisses her own flavor from her lovers lips before guiding her to straddle her face. Looking up into Ivys pretty blue eyes, Elin eats her shaved pussy skilfully, then pushes her back on the couch to make her cum like crazy.

Viv Thomas - Freya Dee & Sabrisse - Love Time

File: piukxnavithfresabtvdrrgqxhl.mp4
Size: 186.97 MB
Duration: 23:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous girlfriends Sabrisse and Freya Dee are wrapped up against the cold as they walk by the river, in Nik Foxs erotic movie Love Time. Back home, the girls tease each other in sexy lingerie, moving sensually as they gaze into each others eyes. They kiss tenderly, passion growing as stunning Sabrisse pulls off her lovers lace bra and sucks her stiff nipples, then pulls her panties aside, revealing the strip of dark hair leading the way down to her pussy. Freya gasps and moans, rocking her hips as Sabrisse laps at her puffy folds, then thrusts a couple of fingers inside her juicy slit and frigs her to a wild climax. She moves astride Freya in a hot sixty-nine, grinding on her tongue as she gets licked avidly. Freya throws her onto her back and eats her to an intense orgasm, then lies in her arms to get drilled to another mind-blowing climax of her own.

Viv Thomas - Lexi Dona & Sabrisse - Melody Of My Heart

File: bsmmonavithlexsabarkazwvmxa.mp4
Size: 165.28 MB
Duration: 20:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Lexi Dona puts on black lingerie and stockings as she waits for her lover to join her, as Nik Foxs erotic movie Melody Of My Heart begins. Gorgeous Sabrisse comes into the bedroom perfectly naked, kissing her girlfriend hungrily, fondling her hot ass and pulling down her panties so she can lick her smooth shaved pussy. Lexi gasps and moans with pleasure as Sabrisses tongue and fingers press between her slick folds. Lexi wants a taste of Sabrisse now, sucking her beautiful breasts as she slides a hand between her thighs to rub her pussy, then pushing her onto her back and going down to eat her pussy ravenously. She licks her with long, deep strokes, spreading her hot pink folds open, then thrusting her fingers inside to fuck her to a powerful climax. Sabrisse flips Lexi over and sucks her nipples to stiff points, then laps at her clit as she fingerbangs her, giving her an intense orgasm. Straddling Lexis face, Sabrisse tweaks her nipples as she grinds on her mouth, riding to another climax and tipping forward to kiss her juicy pussy as she cums.

Viv Thomas - Cindy Shine & Lexi Dona - You Want Me, I Want You

File: xxpc7navithcinlexjro5oy4zyx.mp4
Size: 174.15 MB
Duration: 21:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Cindy Shine gazes out of the window at the snowy street, waiting for her lover to arrive. As Nik Foxs erotic movie You Want Me, I Want You begins, stunning Lexi Dona arrives at Cindys apartment, stripping down to her sexy lingerie and waking her sleeping girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and a passionate kiss. She devours Cindy hungrily, pulling off her bra and panties, sucking her erect nipples and licking her clit with slow intensity. Cindy goes wild as Lexi eats and fingerbangs her shaved pussy skilfully. She tugs the raven-haired beautys red lace bodysuit away from her smooth slit and laps at her tight asshole with her pierced tongue. When Lexi is at boiling point, Cindy thrusts a couple of fingers into her soaked pussy, driving her to a powerful orgasm. They move into spoons and Lexi frigs Cindy to a noisy climax.

Viv Thomas - Sarah Cute & Zazie S - Budding Romance

File: mndesnavithsarzazg7sg7lxumt.mp4
Size: 215.23 MB
Duration: 26:52
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Zazie S comes home with a bouquet of flowers for her girlfriend, as Sandra Shines erotic movie Budding Romance begins. She strips down to her sexy lingerie before waking Sarah Cute with a tender kiss. The embrace grows heated as Zazie pulls off Sarahs bra to bare her beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples avidly and stroking her pussy through her lace panties. She tugs the skimpy underwear aside to eat Sarahs shaved slit, lapping at her clit voraciously then turns her over and spreads her ass cheeks, licking her tight asshole and fingering her pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. Sarah strips her horny sweetheart down to her black stockings and stimulates her lightly-furred pussy with her fingers and tongue as Zazie rocks her hips up to meet her eager mouth. They finish in scissors, grinding their pussies together, sharing an intense simultaneous climax.

Viv Thomas - Blue Angel & Rebecca Volpetti - Lingerie Lesbians

File: q5nn4navithblurebf6cpo2bixi.mp4
Size: 214.32 MB
Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blondes Rebecca Volpetti and Blue Angel are lounging around in their underwear, as Sandra Shines erotic movie Lingerie Lesbians begins. Cute Rebecca decides its time for fun, putting on sheer stockings and a lacy garter belt to get her girlfriends attention. She chooses a sexy black teddy for Blue Angel to put on, getting aroused by how hot she looks and kissing her passionately. Tugging the crotch of the lingerie aside, she rubs her sweethearts shaved pussy and sucks her puffy nipples, then goes down to lick her clit with great intensity. Blue Angel gets her pretty lips around Rebeccas perky nipples, before eating her pussy skilfully, watching her reaction with her beautiful blue eyes as she spreads her juicy folds apart with her tongue. She moves into a sixty-nine, rocking her soaked slit on Rebeccas face as she licks and frigs her to a breathless climax. Then she turns around

Viv Thomas - Sasha Colibri & Tina Kay - Warm Me Up Episode 4 Body Heat

File: i7j1unavithsastinoxvupiehov.mp4
Size: 239.95 MB
Duration: 29:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute MILF couple Sasha Colibri and Tina Kay are at the thermal baths in Budapest, as episode four of Sandra Shines erotic series Warm Me Up begins. After taking some bikini selfies they have fun in the steamy water, emerging shivering and hitting the shower before putting on their cosy winter clothes to head home. All this flirting has put them in an amorous mood, and once indoors they have some tea and some tender kisses. Tina pulls up Sashas sweater and toys with her nipples, then leans back against the kitchen counter as her horny girlfriend sucks and strokes her beautiful breasts. Sasha kisses her way down Tinas slender body, pulling off her panties and licking her shaved pussy hungrily. Tina gasps and giggles with pleasure as Sasha laps at her smooth groove. She turns around and leans over the counter so her lover can eat her from behind, rimming her ass until she cums hard. Now Tina slides a hand into Sashas tight jeans to rub her pussy, before peeling them off and licking the puffy folds of her shaved pussy. She tongues Sashas clit skilfully, then finger-bangs her to an intense orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Angelika Greys & Lena Reif - Reflections Episode 3 Pole Dance

File: cqndznavithanglen6kgy6cqrzn.mp4
Size: 247.83 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Angelika Greys practises her pole dancing routine, her gorgeous body captured from all angles in the mirrors, as episode three of Sandra Shines erotic series Reflections begins. She is watched by beautiful brunette Lena Reif, who is clearly impressed by her skill, and takes up the offer of learning a few moves. But adorable Lena has some moves of her own, and when Angelika seduces her in front of the mirror, she responds with a hunger that suggests shes not as innocent as she looks. As they kiss, Angelika pulls up Lenas top to caress her lovely breasts, then kneels and tugs down her tight yoga pants. She laps at the slit of Lenas shaved pussy and sucks her clit, making her gasp and rock her hips. Lena turns around and leans against the mirror so Angelika can eat and finger her from behind, driving her to an intense orgasm. With a naughty smile, Lena licks Angelikas nipples, pulls down her panties and feasts on her shaved pussy, tongue moving rapidly over her clit to make her go wild.

Viv Thomas - Blue Angel & Sarah Cute - Warm Me Up Episode 3 Sexual Chemistry

File: hwp4nnavithblusarln4ftpxc7h.mp4
Size: 200.17 MB
Duration: 25:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Legendary blonde beauty Blue Angel returns to Viv Thomas after a four-year absence, meeting up with her girlfriend Sarah Cute on a snowy day in episode three of Sandra Shines erotic series Warm Me Up. Grabbing some coffee and pastries, they go home to get cozy on the bed, kissing and cuddling. Blue Angel pulls up her sweethearts sweater to fondle and suck her breasts with great intensity, looking up at her with stunning blue eyes as she goes down to tug her panties aside and eat her shaved pussy. Sarah moans and squirms as her lover gives her the licking of a lifetime, sucking on her clit to drive her wild. She sits in Blue Angels lap, riding her fingers until she cums hard. Now Sarah eats Blue Angels pussy eagerly, tongue flicking over her puffy clit the horny blonde straddles her face and grinds to a powerful orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Alice Klay & Lana Roy - Warm Me Up Episode 2 First Love

File: yrhornavithalilanqm3w5jgb9w.mp4
Size: 241.33 MB
Duration: 30:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning brunette Lana Roy enjoys the snowy landscape with her cute girlfriend Alice Klay, as episode two of Sandra Shines erotic series Warm Me Up begins. In the bedroom, they shed their heavy coats and sweaters, kissing hungrily. Alice sucks on Lanas perky nipples, peeling off her skintight pants and nuzzling her pussy through her panties. She pulls the panties off too and laps at Lanas shaved slit, tongue thrusting between her slick pink folds. Alice gets naked and straddles her sweetheart in a hot sixty-nine, her porcelain pale skin contrasting with her girlfriends caramel tan as they lick each other skilfully. Alice lies back for Lana to sit on her face, squeezing her sexy small breasts as she grinds to a breathless orgasm. She immediately kisses her flavor from Alices lips, then goes down to eat and finger-fuck her to a powerful climax.

Viv Thomas - Alexis Crystal & Monica Brown - Reflections Episode 1 Working Up A Sweat

File: fvadunavithalemonwy63tbcadj.mp4
Size: 248.01 MB
Duration: 30:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Alexis Crystals beautiful body is displayed from multiple angles as she works out at the gym, in episode one of Sandra Shines erotic series Reflections. When cute Monica Brown starts training alongside her, they begin to flirt, and the giggly brunette soon points out that her new friends stiff nipples are poking through her skimpy top. They watch themselves in the mirror as Alexis helps Monica lift weights, and the flirting turns physical as Alexis backs Monica against the mirror and kisses her, pulling up her sports bra to tweak her nipples. She sucks them attentively, then thrusts a hand into Monicas shorts, before tugging them down and kneeling to eat her shaved pussy. Alexis licks her fingers and slides them into the sexy sweethearts tight slit, lapping at her clit avidly, then frigs her to a climax that wracks her whole body. Monica pulls down her girlfriends tight yoga pants and licks her smooth snatch voraciously. Alexis lies back on a weights bench and grinds on Monicas probing tongue until she cums hard.

Viv Thomas - Karry Slot & Lady Dee - Warm Me Up Episode 1 Snow Angels

File: o7dvsnavithkarladio2o3faosb.mp4
Size: 216.83 MB
Duration: 27:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde Karry Slot and her adorable brunette girlfriend Lady Dee stroll through the wintry streets, as episode one of Sandra Shines erotic series Warm Me Up begins. After shopping and sightseeing they go home to their cosy love nest, lighting some candles and kissing on the bed. Karry peels off her sweethearts sweater to reveal a sexy red lace bodysuit. She lies back and Lady Dee sucks her nipples until they are rock hard, then pulls her white panties aside to stroke and lick the puffy folds of her shaved pussy. She fingerbangs Karry until shes moaning and gasping with arousal, then spreads her thighs wide and laps at her clit, thrusting three fingers into her tight slit to drive her wild. Karry turns onto her knees so Lady Dee can spread her firm ass cheeks and rim her asshole, diddling her pussy simultaneously until she has an intense orgasm. They kiss passionately as Karry undresses her lover, lavishing attention on her perky breasts and eating her shaved pussy avidly. Lady Dee lifts her hips to grind against Karrys pretty face as a powerful climax sweeps through her.

Viv Thomas - Lena Reif & Olivia Sin - Loving Couples Episode 4 Game Over

File: ruhn2navithlenolitiu6v5i41l.mp4
Size: 237.17 MB
Duration: 29:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Lena Reif and Olivia Sin are playing cards, as episode four of Sandra Shines erotic series Loving Couples begins. When sexy Lena loses, sweet blonde Olivia consoles her in the most adorable way, tugging on her long braid as she kisses her tenderly. She undresses Lena, lapping at her stiffening nipples, pulling off her panties and licking her shaved pussy skilfully. Lenas gorgeous face is a picture of bliss as Olivias tongue works its magic. Now Olivia sits astride Lenas face as the hot brunette eats her shaved pussy, licking her clit rapidly. Olivia turns around into a sixty-nine, perfect ass up as she spreads Lenas hot pink slit open, thrusts a couple of fingers inside and drives her to a powerful orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Alyssa Reece & Liza Billberry - Loving Couples Episode 3 Pampered

File: rwwhrnavithalyliz6icdnmixiz.mp4
Size: 231.85 MB
Duration: 28:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Alyssa Reece and Liza Billberry sit kissing on a swing sweat in the garden, as episode three of Sandra Shines erotic series Loving Couples begins. Cute blonde Liza unties the strap of Alyssas top so it slips down, exposing her pert breasts, nipples stiff with arousal. Liza sucks on them eagerly, pushing Alyssa onto her back and tugging her shorts aside to eat her wet pussy. Alyssa takes her shorts off and spreads her legs wide, so Liza can stroke her neatly trimmed bush and lap at her clit, sliding a couple of fingers inside her to drive her to an orgasm so intense it makes her entire body tremble. Giggling through the aftershocks, the sexy brunette sucks her adorable freckle-faced lovers nipples as she undresses her. She kisses all around Lizas shaved pussy, then spreads the puffy folds open and licks her clit, making her gasp and moan. Alyssa lies back so Liza can straddle her face, diddling her girlfriends snatch as she grinds to a powerful climax.

Viv Thomas - Lindsey Cruz & Sarah Smith - Serendipity Episode 4 Take A Chance

File: ik2s9navithlinsarbfpkbiazpd.mp4
Size: 206.37 MB
Duration: 26:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Sarah Smith strolls through the park reading her journal, and bumps into gorgeous Lindsey Cruz, as episode four of Nik Foxs erotic series Serendipity begins. Lindsey takes Sarah home to ensure shes ok, and her soothing touch turns amorous, their mutual attraction powerful. They kiss, gently at first, then more passionately, hands roaming over each others silky skin. Hot blonde Lindsey pulls off her sweater to reveal a black lace bodysuit, sliding a hand into Sarahs jeans to stroke her pussy. She sucks Sarahs toes as she undresses her, thrusting fingers into her shaved pussy, making her so horny. They roll over, Sarah sucking Lindseys stiff nipples as she frigs her, Lindsey gasping with pleasure as her new lovers fingers push inside her shaved slit. Sarah goes face down ass up to lick her puffy clit, then lies back so Lindsey can straddle her face, riding to an intense orgasm. Sarah lies back in Lindseys arms to get fingered to a climax of her own, a sizzling end to their unexpected but highly satisfying lesbian encounter.

Viv Thomas - Amaris & Katana - Loving Couples Episode 2 Loosen Up

File: sezclnavithamakat6fvmtxytkw.mp4
Size: 205.93 MB
Duration: 25:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Amaris joins her sexy Asian girlfriend Katana for tea on the terrace, as episode two of Sandra Shines erotic series Loving Couples begins. Amaris massages her lovers shoulders, then kisses her neck softly. They embrace tenderly, their kisses growing more heated as Katanas hands move to her sweethearts ass. She pulls down the blondes top and fondles her beautiful breasts Amaris sucks her stiff, dark nipples in return, peeling down her panties and kneeling to lick her shaved pussy. Katana gasps and smiles as her girlfriends tongue probes her. She sits up on the table with her legs spread, a flush rising in her freckled cheeks as Amaris eats and fingerbangs her to a powerful orgasm. Now Katana pleasures her lover from behind, one hand on her big breasts, the other sliding into her lace panties. They switch places, Amaris perching up on the table so Katana can lap at her shaved slit, driving her wild.

Viv Thomas - Candy Alexa & Lindsey Cruz - Serendipity Episode 3 Come To Bed

File: wbxmqnavithcanlin5jy5fvpsbg.mp4
Size: 222.71 MB
Duration: 27:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Two cute blonde girls walk past, kissing, while Sarah Smith watches and writes in her journal. As episode three of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Serendipity begins, gorgeous lesbian lovers Candy Alexa and Lindsey Cruz return home, caressing each other in a sweet portrait of domestic bliss. Candy straddles her girlfriend on the bed, kissing her voraciously. Lindsey tugs Candys lace robe open and squeezes her big breasts Candy kitten-licks Lindseys stiff nipples, then goes face down, ass up to lap at her shaved pussy skilfully. Lindsey moves to her knees so Candy can rim her tight asshole and finger her pussy, driving her to an intense orgasm. Now Candy lies back so Lindsey can lavish attention on her incredible breasts and hot pussy, using her fingers and tongue to make her go wild. Candys huge boobs jiggle hypnotically as she cums hard. They seem like the perfect couple but what will happen when Lindsey meets Sarah?

Viv Thomas - Alice Wayne & Karry Slot - Loving Couples Episode 1 Helping Hand

File: xx4gynavithalikarainhpnjp7a.mp4
Size: 257.40 MB
Duration: 32:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Busty babe Alice Wayne is distracted from her work by cute Karry Slot, as episode one of Sandra Shines erotic movie Loving Couples begins. Freckled beauty Alice stops trying to concentrate as her adorable girlfriend kisses her lips and nuzzles her neck. Soon Karrys hands stray down to Alices huge natural breasts, squeezing and fondling, sucking her nipples and squashing her face between the soft pillows of flesh. She peels off Alices shorts and licks her shaved pussy, making her squirm and gasp, pleasure building as Karrys tongue pushes into her hot pink slit. Karry entwines her legs with her lesbian lovers so they can mash their naked pussies together, the powerful sensations making them moan in unison. She moves up to sit on Alices pretty face, nipples stiff, shaved pussy spread open as she gets eaten to a shivering orgasm. Now Karry is hungry to taste voluptuous Alice again

Viv Thomas - Lilu Moon & Sarah Smith - Serendipity Episode 2 Fate

File: goz7dnavithlilsarxfyruzsghn.mp4
Size: 219.43 MB
Duration: 27:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Theres instant attraction between gorgeous babes Lilu Moon and Sarah Smith, in episode two of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Serendipity. Flashing back to their riverside meeting, we see Lilu leaning in to kiss her new friend in the bedroom, they waste no time getting better acquainted, kissing passionately. Sexy Lilu straddles Sarah, sucking her stiff nipples, sliding a hand into her jeans to explore her pussy. She strips the brunette cutie and flips her onto all fours, spreading her cheeks apart and licking her shaved pussy and tight asshole voraciously. Sarah goes wild when Lilu fingerbangs her juicy pussy while rimming her ass. She undresses her stunning seductress, going down to suck on her puffy clit. Lilu grabs Sarahs wrist to urge her on as she frigs her, sucking her own wetness from her new lovers fingers as she turns onto her knees. Sarah licks her asshole and fingers her slit to an explosive orgasm, then lies back as Lilu straddles her in a sixty-nine, using her mouth and both hands to drive her to another intense climax. Objective achieved, Lilu leaves Sarah overwhelmed by this chance encounter.

Viv Thomas - Alyssa Reece & Talia Mint - Erotic Inspiration Episode 3 Warm Down

File: 7atpfnavithalytalpfwnwpdysa.mp4
Size: 239.24 MB
Duration: 29:52
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Novelist Alyssa Reese lies in bed recollecting hot moments with her sexy ex-girlfriend Talia Mint, as episode four of Sandra Shines sizzling movie series Erotic Inspiration begins. Having flashed back on one of the many emotional incidents that drove them apart, Alyssa prepares to meet Talia for the first time in five years, touching herself as she recalls the good times. Any doubts the cute brunette has about their reunion immediately vanish when Talia walks through the door. They kiss, nervous and excited. Almost at once, Talia pushes Alyssa against the wall, tugs down her panties and starts eating her pussy. They undress frantically between kisses, sucking each others nipples, touching and caressing avidly. Alyssa kneels to lick and suck Talias shaved pussy, making her moan with ecstasy, then turns her around and spreads her ass cheeks. She impresses her lover with her new adventurousness as she laps at her tight asshole. Talia rubs her own clit as Alyssa rims her to orgasm, not giving her a chance to recover before driving her to a second, even more powerful one. They switch places and Alyssa grinds her pussy on Talias pretty face as she gets eaten to a climax that leaves her trembling and overwhelmed. Their affair rekindled, its clear that absence really does make the heart grow fonder and the sex grow more

Viv Thomas - Dominica A & Lilu Moon - Full Body Massage Episode 4 Deep Oily Massage

File: ch5yrnavithdomlilbe56ndlrgu.mp4
Size: 274.02 MB
Duration: 33:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Sara Smith sits writing in her journal by the river, as episode one of Nik Foxs erotic series Serendipity begins. She watches a cute lesbian couple, and is inspired by their tender kisses. Back home, sexy Lilu Moon and Dominica A embrace playfully in the kitchen, moving to the bedroom as they grow increasingly amorous. Naked on the bed, Lilu straddles her tattooed girlfriend, pinning her wrists and showering her with soft kisses. Lilu sucks Dominicas stiff nipples and rubs her shaved pussy with spit-lubed fingers, making her squirm and moan as she teases her clit. She licks all around Dominicas slit before zeroing in on her sensitive clit, the horny blondes hips rocking up to meet every stroke as the expert oral attention drives her wild. Dominica tastes her own sweetness from Lilus luscious lips in a hungry kiss, then slides a hand between the stunning brunettes thighs to play with her pussy, skating her fingers over the slick folds. Growing visibly wetter, Lilu rides her lovers fingers until shes shuddering through an overwhelming climax. She thanks Dominica with some ardent kisses, then spreads her cheeks and rims her tight asshole as she finger-fucks her pussy until the intense stimulation gives her a screaming orgasm. Sticky and sated, they lie in each others arms. But later, as Lilu walks back along the river bank, her direct approach to Sarah Smith suggests their serendipitous encounter is just beginning

Viv Thomas - Alyssa Reece & Angelika Greys - Erotic Inspiration Episode 2 In Control

File: lsbiwnavithalyangqqqcjt5nlg.mp4
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Duration: 26:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Horny writer Alyssa Reece has intense sexual thoughts during her daily run, as episode three of Sandra Shines hot movie series Erotic Inspiration begins. When she comes across gorgeous blonde Angelika Greys engrossed in stretching after her run, they flirt and Alyssa tells her new friend about her book and how she has a thing for European girls. Back at Alyssas apartment the brunette beauty pins sweet Angelika to the couch and showers her with kisses, popping her breasts out of her sports top and sucking hard on her stiff nipples. She peels off Angelikas tight yoga pants, yanks her panties aside and laps voraciously at her shaved pussy. Angelika fondles her own breasts, gasping with pleasure as Alyssa licks her skilfully. She flips onto her front with her peachy ass up and Alyssa kisses her ass cheeks, then buries her face between them and rims her tight pucker while simultaneously finger-fucking her pussy. The luscious blonde shudders as jolt after jolt of sexual electricity fires through her body and shes swept up in a fierce climax. Now Angelika want a taste of Alyssa, licking her hard nipples and puffy clit and fingering her until shes moaning through a powerful orgasm of her own. As they kiss adoringly, Alyssas satisfied smile suggests this latest encounter will prove the perfect inspiration for the next chapter of her erotic novel.

Viv Thomas - Angel Princess & Sabrisse - Full Body Massage Episode 4 Deep Oily Massage

File: aszlvnavithangsabpmeverxv6s.mp4
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Duration: 25:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Busty beauty Angel Princess strips naked ready for a session with stunning masseuse Sabrisse, as episode four of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Full Body Massage begins. Perched on the massage table, Angel looks a little shy, but as soon as sexy Sabrisse starts working her expert hands over her slender shoulders, all her tension dissipates. Sabrisse removes the skimpy towel to expose her clients luscious large breasts, and massages soothing oil into the fleshy orbs. As she kneads and squeezes them its evident that both masseuse and client are enjoying the experience, and getting extremely aroused. Sabrisse pours oil over Angels perfect body, then rubs it all the way down to her shaved pussy. Angel parts her legs, allowing Sabrisses slick fingers to work their way into her fleshy folds she gasps with pleasure as Sabrisse glides two slippery digits right inside her pussy, thrusting them deep. Sabrisse straddles Angel on the table, pouring oil over her own pussy inside her tight yoga pants, so they turn transparent as she fingers herself hard and fast. She takes off her top so Angel can caress her breasts, and tugs down her pants to let her horny client rub her hot pussy. Rubbing their slick bodies together, Sabrisse resumes finger-banging Angel, lavishing attention on her magnificent breasts, and drilling her from behind in spoons. When Angel is fully sated, she licks Sabrisses pretty toes as she frigs her to an equally satisfying orgasm, both of them glistening and glowing with pleasure.