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Vera King

Spizoo - Vera King - Vera King Goes Pov

File: raqu7naspiverkinxq2lfciypv.mp4
Size: 500.28 MB
Duration: 26:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King is an all natural beauty with an appetite for cock. She sensually touches, licks and fucks with her wet mouth and tight pussy. Her tan skin and perky breasts will have your cock standing at attention. Look into her eyes as she slides the cock to the back of her throat as she moans. She truly gets pleasure from giving pleasure and that is what she is here to do. Watch her drain a cock all over her tongue as she milks out every drop. Vera has the body of a goddess and the mind of a demon...a sex demon.

Taboo POV - Vera King - My step son's Happy Ending

File: 8e4hfnatapoverkinerjpqax3gh.mp4
Size: 156.41 MB
Duration: 10:14
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I was looking at the phone bill recently and found some strange charges. I discovered that my husband had been going to a massage parlour for a happy ending. I must had been out of the loop because I didn't even know those things existed so I asked his son about it. It is strange that his father felt the need to go behind my back to get his needs met. I thought I gave a really good hand job. I knew that he was my son, but I needed his honest opinion.

Evil Angel - Vera King - Milf Vera: Gaping Anala2m, Cum Facial

File: q5vjwnaevanverkinuwt2fqtkox.mp4
Size: 613.83 MB
Duration: 44:24
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Trim brunette Vera King teases in sleek lingerie, flaunting long legs sheathed in sheer, nude hose. The stylish MILF is an online blogger visiting studdirector Mark Wood, curious about his love for anal sex. While interviewing the veteran performer, Vera concludes that the best way to get the inside scoop is to investigate for herself! She gives Mark a sloppy blowjob but really, he fucks her face. Next, Mark's meat slams Vera's soaking snatch. The hot journalist begs him to be gentle with her butthole, but the hung stud knows how to stuff a tight sphincter. Vera exhibits her gaping rectum and worships cock ass-to-mouth. Mark pumps out a hot cum facial.

Mommy's Girl - Alina Lopez & Vera King - A Most Special Occasion

File: 7agthnamogialiversp9kilksho.mp4
Size: 315.21 MB
Duration: 37:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King sits on the couch. Alina Lopez walks in, carrying two glasses. They smile sweetly at each other. Vera thanks her for the beverages.... champagne!?, Vera asks warily, her eyes scrutinizing the glasses. Of course not, it's just sparkling water! She's only 19 after all, Alina says with a smile. Is Alina SURE that she didn't want to go out tonight?, Vera asks her. It IS a special occasion, after all, Vera adds. Yes, she's sure, she wanted to stay in and celebrate, that way she'd have Vera all to herself, Alina says flirtatiously. So, should they toast?, Alina asks. Absolutely, Vera responds. They raise their glasses. 'To you, my love, my heart, my best friend, happy anniversary', Alina says, looking into Vera's eyes lovingly. 'And to you, my special girl, I love you SO much. Happy anniversary', Vera says. They kiss lovingly and sit back on the couch, looking at each other with deep affection.

Can Vera believe it's already been a year?, Alina asks. No, she really can't, it seems to have gone by SO fast, Vera says in wonder. But it's been the best year of her life, Alina says. Hers too, she never DREAMED that she would find her true love at this point in her life or under such strange circumstances, but she has, Vera says happily, stroking Alina's hand. Better late than never right?, Alina says. They laugh, followed by a moment of silence. Does Vera ever...feel bad about how everything happened?, Alina asks, breaking the silence. Vera looks at her sympathetically. No honey, and neither should Alina, Vera says. 'We never meant to hurt him. The heart...wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted...you', Vera says softly.

So...when did she know that what was happening between them was MORE than just a fling?, Alina asks. Well, it had to be when they finally got to spend that weekend alone together, when he went away for that business trip, Vera says. It was actually in the morning that weekend, Vera continues. When she opened her eyes and she looked over at Alina, and she was so beautiful, and she just...she just KNEW, Vera says lovingly. She'll never forget that weekend, Alina says.

She has something for Vera, a...surprise, Alina says gently. She just has to run to the other room to grab it, Alina says. But...Vera has to close her eyes and only open them when Alina tells her to, Alina instructs Vera. Yes ma'am, laughs Vera, closing her eyes. When Alina comes back a moment later and Vera opens her eyes, she sees Alina, who is on one knee with a small jewelry box open, a diamond ring resting inside. Will...Vera be...her wife?, Alina asks slowly, her voice heavy with emotion.

'I..um...well I...WOW, ' Vera stammers, at a loss for words. Just...just stay RIGHT there, Vera says quickly, reaching behind the cushion next to her. Vera withdraws a small jewelry box from behind the cushion and slowly gets down on one knee and opens her own jewelry box, holding it out for Alina. They both face each other, each on bended knee, each holding their engagement rings. Alina puts her hand over her mouth, overcome with emotion. 'You took the words right out of my mouth,'' Vera says gently. Alina embraces Vera fiercely and kisses her passionately. She pulls away from Vera for a moment. And for the record the answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY YES, Alina says happily. Her answer is yes too, it's ALWAYS been yes, Vera says. They slip away from each other and delicately slide their engagement rings on each other's fingers.

'People may look at us strangely--a mom and her stepdaughter getting married--but I don't care, all I want is to be with you,' Vera says sweetly. That's all SHE wants too, Alina says. They pull each other close, kissing deeply as their eager hands caress each other's bodies.

This occasion is turning out to be even more special than either one of these ladies could ever have anticipated.

Bang Fake News - Vera King - Vera King Fucks A Fake Realtor And It's Caught On A Nannie Cam

File: co3elnabafaneverkinntvngoguev.mp4
Size: 414.04 MB
Duration: 22:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King thought she was going to check out a home for sale but she walked right into a real estate scheme! This dude would break into houses and offer the buyer a discount on the price if they let him fuck them. Vera figured why not save a few grand and she let him take her right there in the dining room and the real owners discovered the whole scheme, including their sexcapades on the nannie cam!

ATK Girlfriends - Vera King - Vera Takes Your Cock And Load In Her Asshole.

File: m2c7pnaatgiverkinikef8pnmbr.mp4
Size: 236.29 MB
Duration: 28:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vera is back and wants to try something new with you. She wants you to fuck her tight ass. She sucks you and strokes your cock with her feet to make you nice and hard. You fuck her pussy and move on the her tight ass. She loves it and cums over and over. You blast your load right into her ass.

Milfty - Vera King - Milf Tongue Tricks Of The Trade

File: a6pysnamilverkinwerigsmouk.mp4
Size: 257.59 MB
Duration: 31:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vera Kings stepdaughter has always been curious about sex. But when Vera catches the girl trying to get frisky with her boyfriend in her bed, she is appalled. How can she be fucking her boyfriend without learning how to suck cock from her good ol stepmom first? Vera whips out her stepdaughters boyfriends big dick and sucks it in front of the girl, teaching her all the tongue tricks of the trade. Then she hops on the anxious boys cock, riding him like he has never been ridden before. Looks like all those years of sexual experience really do cum in handy for a MILF like Vera. And after busting a huge nut on her stomach, our stud sure is not complaining! See full video here

Mylfed - , Vina Sky & Vera King - Lesbian Shenanigans

File: 32m7wnamylvinvermrigntix9o.mp4
Size: 338.21 MB
Duration: 40:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Vera Kings man tells her that his niece, Vina Sky, is coming to spend the summer because her parents caught her in her room with another girl, she is secretly intrigued. They want to keep the girl away from any lesbian shenanigans, but little did they know, Vera loves her some pussy too. She wants to encourage the cute little Asian girl to love whoever she wants, so in order to cement her support, she takes off her clothes and climbs into bed with the babe, licking her body sensually as her pussy gets wet. Then she eats Vinas tight Asian cooch and slams her pussy with a strap on. By the end of their sexual romp, Vera is wondering if she is going to switch to girls, too! See full video here

Taboo POV - Vera King - Even Though Im Married Im Still Daddys Girl

File: qtzglnatapoverkinxfjbhdaa1b.mp4
Size: 95.31 MB
Duration: 11:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I was back from my honeymoon with my husband, but I missed my daddy. I was thinking about how my daddy was always there for me and my mother after my real father left. He had been like a real dad to me and I was going to miss the games we used to play. I could tell he was starting to get hard. My pussy belonged to my husband, but I wanted to show my daddy how much I appreciated him. I wanted to be my daddys girl forever. I loved pleasing my daddy even though I was married now we could still have fun every once in awhile.

Tonight's Girlfriend - Vera King - Vera King Puts Herself Through College By Fucking Wealthy Men

File: rjnbxnatogiverkinhn8xipmpwp.mp4
Size: 594.25 MB
Duration: 48:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vera King, she's my new porn crush. She's just so hot. Tonight, I have her come over to my hotel room and of course I have her bring the lingerie she wore in one of my favorite scenes of hers. I'm finally going to realize my fantasy of fucking Vera in some of the hottest lingerie I've ever seen.

New Sensations - Vera King - My Wife's First Blowbang 3

File: dbts8naneseverkintxkjdet7mm.mp4
Size: 521.81 MB
Duration: 36:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Featuring Ashley Lane These hot insatiable wives have saved the best for marriage blowbanging their husbands' friends Watch as throats get throttled and mouths are DP'ed until each cockhungry babe is drenched in jizz Featuring the blowbang debuts of Ashley Lane Tia Cyrus Vera King and Keilani Kita

ATK Girlfriends - Vera King - Vera Visits And Gets A Facial After You Fuck Her.

File: ew1ovnaatgiverkinznepzvbcb1.mp4
Size: 254.72 MB
Duration: 31:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vera knows a few girls you done some traveling with, and she is ready to try out. She quickly gets to work on your cock after you make her cum. She gives you a footjob before you fuck her. She loves the feel of you sliding in and out. When you cum she wants your load on her face.