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Tricky Old Teacher

Tricky Old Teacher - Alita Angel - Cutie blows teacher's dick to get free classes

File: 7mlusnatroltealianggif5nadk5e.mp4
Size: 270.71 MB
Duration: 32:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy babe knows that in order to get a good education she needs to work hard but she also understands that she cannot achieve that goal all alone and this is why she asks her teacher for help. Of course, he agrees to give her additional classes but for a price. Soon, the cutie runs out of money but she still needs her teacher's help. How can she cope with that situation? Luckily, her teacher has an idea which satisfies them both and gives them a chance to get rid of sex tension, to spice the day with pleasant emotions and to continue their special private lessons.

Tricky Old Teacher - Beau Rose - Teacher gets fresh pussy for good grades

File: dxuprnatroltebearoskzb8cztyum.mp4
Size: 265.35 MB
Duration: 32:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: As any other student, sexy brunette wants to get the highest grades possible and she does not want to study or to write essays or do anything boring. She wants to party, flirt with boys and still get her education and diploma. In order to achieve the goal, she pays her grey-haired teacher a visit and begs him to help her. Old teacher does not want to listen to her at first but later he surrenders to her charms and her gentle hands that caress him and bring him to sex heaven. Sure, the old teacher wants to get total satisfaction and this is why he puts her into doggy position to cover beautiful brunette face with his old sperm.

Tricky Old Teacher - Sofi Smile - Lazy cutie gets a hard double fuck lesson

File: kwmznnatroltesofsmiqe9jakxovp.mp4
Size: 320.09 MB
Duration: 39:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Every teacher has favorite students who work hard and who do all the assignments but, of course, this means that every teacher faces lazy students who do not wish to study at all. Old teacher knows what to do with those lazy students. He simply invites a cutie over to his place to check her skills and asks his best student to assist him. When their attempts to teach her something fail, they punish the cutie with a furious double fuck. Two dicks penetrate three holes of a sweet-looking brunette till she promises to stop missing the lectures and to work hard on her assignments.

Tricky Old Teacher - Ivi Rein - Sexy outfit earns an honors degree and orgasm

File: okl7xnatrolteivireiaaxciof3no.mp4
Size: 288.46 MB
Duration: 35:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Do you think it is possible to miss all lectures and forget about all seminars, party all days and nights long and still get the best grades possible? Yes, that sounds really fantastic but this is exactly what the cutie gets when she pays her old teacher a visit. She comes to his office in a sexy outfit that makes teacher's blood boil and with a sad story about a sick mom but, of course, she cannot fool an experienced man. He sees right from the start that she is naughty, loves sex and is ready for everything to get a desired grade and maybe even an honors degree.

Tricky Old Teacher - Nikka Hill - Lazy brunette student gets her last sex chance

File: hhk4qnatroltenikhilofx6eqbtef.mp4
Size: 290.88 MB
Duration: 35:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy brunette cutie knows it is important to pass tests and exams but she does not like wasting time on reading or writing essays because partying with boys is much more interesting. Anyway, she asks her mature teacher for one last chance to pass the test and, of course, she fails because she keeps thinking about the dress she'll put on to the next party. Luckily, the teacher turns out to be horny still enough to appreciate the beauty of a fresh body and experienced enough to satisfy his and hers sex desires at the same time.

Tricky Old Teacher - Nata Ocean - Handsome tutor helps cutie with her assignments and pussy

File: wpqyvnatroltenatoceoeshp3fkqz.mp4
Size: 221.47 MB
Duration: 27:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy cutie asks handsome tutor for help with her assignments and he happily agrees on that. He gets very much surprised when she comes to his place in a tiny mini skirt and blouse that covers nothing. Soon, they both forget about those boring assignments and focus on exploring bodies of each other with their tongues, lips, fingers and even feet.

Tricky Old Teacher - Kate Rich - Brunette kneels to get desired grade

File: 5xzplnatroltekatricyz1ihhxnkq.mp4
Size: 264.65 MB
Duration: 32:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Every sexy girl believes she is the best one in the city and that she can easily get what she wants. Hot brunette supports that point of view but, hey girl, this is life and you have to work hard to achieve the needed things. Of course, if you're clever enough, you can use your mind but if you are not that smart then you should find other ways of fulfilling your dreams. Beautiful hottie tried to study hard and she thought she succeeded in that but the teacher destroyed her self-conceit. Now, she has to go back from heaven to earth and to reveal her sex talents to get education.