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Sophia Lux

When Girls Play - Zoe Bloom, Paige Owens & Sophia Lux - Slumber Party Threesome

File: mufnhnawhgiplzoepaisopnph2r8iofh.mp4
Size: 596.83 MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Zoe Bloom, blonde Sophia Lux, and young Paige Owens are all hanging out naked at a slumber party. They are glossing their perfect, plump lips with makeup and giving each other cute compliments. The three girls then move to a braid-chain! Is there anything sweeter than seeing three naked girls in a row? Tanned Sophia starts a pillow fight before they all tuck each other in for some shuteye! Little do the other amazing girls know, Sophia is horny and she cant go to sleep without having a little bit of fun

Sweetheart Video - Carter Cruise & Sophia Lux - Little Sis

File: hhgocnaswvicarsop3zknviqat4.mp4
Size: 257.42 MB
Duration: 31:27
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Sophia Lux has a special night out, she is in desperate need of help from her older sister Carter Carter Cruise. While getting ready, Sophie reveals her love and attraction for women. This surprising revelation makes Carter smile, she all ears and wants to no more about her sister's secret lover. Carter quickly realizes that this sister-to-sister chat is about more than just make up tips. Her baby sister needs her help and she is more than happy to teach her everything she knows.

Bratty Sis - Chloe Cherry & Sophia Lux - Fathers Day Seduction

File: ccewnnabrsichlsopasirkfmr8j.mp4
Size: 423.60 MB
Duration: 30:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux teamed up to seduce their stepdad Charles Dera for Father's Day. Chloe starts the party by masturbating loudly in her room with a big fat dildo shoved balls deep in her hairy pussy. When Charles finally goes to see what the commotion is, he reprimands Chloe for being immodest. Chloe has her daddy right where she wants him, so she pulls out a Father's Day card to butter Charles up and then goes in for a hug where she feels that his dick is nice and hard. Charles doesn't like Chloe making a move on him so he bends her over and spanks her.

The commotion draws Sophia's attention. She's jealous of Chloe and doesn't want to be left out of the fun, so she masturbates loudly while having phone sex in the living room to entice her dad to spank her, too. Charles delivers on Sophia's wished-for spanking and then grounds his stepdaughter. She and Chloe join forces at that point to make a plan that will get the D for both of them. They wait until Charles is taking a nap on the couch, then lift up the blanket he's sleeping under so they can start sucking and fondling Charles's dick. When Charles wakes up, he tells the girls that if they want to behave like nasty little sluts then he'll treat them that way!

Once they've been told to peel off their clothes, Chloe and Sophia obey daddy and line up side by side on the couch so he can fuck them both doggy style. Then they roll over so Charles can bang Sophia while Chloe masturbates beside her sister. The girls take turns riding their dad, first in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Then they finish Charles off with a dual blowjob that leaves them both happily licking the results of a BJ well sucked off their facees.

Web Young - Kali Roses & Sophia Lux - Wrong Number, Right Girl

File: zrj6rnaweyokalsop6gx2jt1i39.mp4
Size: 232.30 MB
Duration: 28:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kali Roses waits on her living room couch, fidgeting nervously. She looks at the time on her phone and says to herself that he's late. She hopes he's actually going to come. After a moment, her doorbell rings. Kali springs up, takes a deep breath and runs to the door expectantly. She throws open the door, ready to greet her dream guy, but instead finds Sophia Lux! Kali is visibly surprised and disappointed. Oh, she was expecting someone else, Kali says. How can she help her?, she asks Sophia. Well, she is actually here to see HER, Sophia tells Kali. Kali is confused, and invites Sophia to sit down on the couch to figure out what's going on. She was supposed to be meeting a guy who she's been texting with for the past couple of weeks. Sophia grins and says that she IS who Kali is supposed to be meeting. Kali is shocked. She thought Sophia was a guy! What made her think she was a guy?, Sophia asks her. Sophia knew that Kali was a girl all along. Well, Sophia kept talking about an ex-girlfriend and how hard it was to meet girls, and all this other stuff, she just assumed...Kali says in confusion. But girls can have girlfriends!, Sophia says. And what about when she asked Kali what she looked for in girls that she dated?, Sophia asks. 'I just thought you meant what I look for in GUYS and the autocorrect changed it!' Kali responds. Well, she's really sorry for the misunderstanding, but she's a lesbian, Sophia finishes.

Things are awkward for a bit, but as they chat, the tension eases a little. Sophia points out that her gender doesn't really matter. Their connection is still real, after all. Kali agrees, biting her lip as she looks at the blond bombshell beside her. Sophia looks back at her, delicately suggesting that they should maybe try kissing. Kali's up for it, and tentatively moves in, their lips locking in a kiss that soon turns passionate.

It doesn't take long for the kiss to turn into a heavy petting session as Sophia takes off Kali's shirt, licking her pierced nipples. This may be new for Kali, but she's loving it, and moans with ecstasy as Sophia takes off her shorts and buries her face in Kali's pussy.

Nuru Massage - Sophia Lux - Are You Man Enough

File: vqhuananumasopluxlyq3nmnr5s.mp4
Size: 459.72 MB
Duration: 33:44
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Lux, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client when Alex Legend walks in. Alex seems nervous and out of place, though Sophia pleasantly greets him. Alex reveals that he's there to get a gift card for his girlfriend for their one-year anniversary. Sophia's delighted to help, but when she mentions getting a romantic couples' package, Alex immediately turns her down. Massages are too girly for him!

Sophia is intrigued, but eager to change his mind and earn more business. She challenges him, saying that she thinks she can change his mind with a unique massage. If he enjoys the massage, he has to buy his girlfriend the couples' massage. If he doesn't enjoy himself... Well, he gets a free massage out of it!

Although Alex is hesitant, when Sophia strokes his ego a little more, he gives in. However, to win this bet, Sophia's willing to stroke more than just his ego...

When he's introduced to NURU, he can't believe that such a massage exists. Although he doesn't want to give in and admit how good her hands feel against his body, he's fast losing the bet. He's able to hold his own until he's on the mattress with Sophia sliding her naked, glistening body all over him. When she makes the massage extra special by lavishing his cock with attention, Alex knows he's lost. Yet, once she takes his cock into her hot pussy and enthusiastically rides him, he considers himself to be a winner.

Maybe a couples' massage won't be so bad after all!

Dyked - Sophia Lux & Elle Voneva - Babysitting A Bad Bitch

File: lzyqknadyksopellf3cvzq7xrs.mp4
Size: 303.42 MB
Duration: 36:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elle Voneva is one of these girls who has problems with authority, so when Sophia Lux tries to keep her under control while babysitting her, there is no way Elle is going quietly. She gives Sophia hell, refusing to listen to anything the hot blonde babysitter has to say! She pretends to get in bed for the night, but as soon as Sophia leaves, she starts taking some racy photos of her tight Asian body in the mirror. Sophia catches her in the act, but she is so turned on, she is not even mad. Instead, she joins in on the fun, spanking Elles ass red before letting her lick on her cute pink nipples. Then she grinds her clit on Elles tongue, getting off on the pure domination. Finally, this babysitter is in control.

Blacked - Sophia Lux - Something New For Me

File: tsatinablasopluxbjfy2wjehz.mp4
Size: 508.89 MB
Duration: 33:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sofia met a guy at the club one night and has been texting with him ever since. Shes a little intimated by him as shes never been with a black guy before. After showing her friend some pictures hes been sending her, and seeing her overwhelmed reaction, she decides to go for it.

Mylfed - Texas Patti & Sophia Lux - Teaching Her Twat

File: e8nd6namyltexpatfuvhn9wbos.mp4
Size: 344.94 MB
Duration: 42:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends are always there for you when you need advice, but today Sophia Luxs bestie is not home and she is in a tough spot. Luckily, her besties step mom, Texas Patti, is there to offer an ear. Sophia reveals that she is supposed to go on a date with a guy, but she has no sexual experience, so she is feeling a bit intimidated. Right away, Texas decides to help the young lady figure some things out about her sexual physicality. She breaks out a big, strap on dildo and then brings Sophia to the bedroom. She runs her feet along her quivering pussy lips and makes her fill her mouth with her panties. Then Sophia spreads her legs to get her cunt pounded by the veiny toy. Now she has all the dick taking experience she needs. See full video here

Manuelferrara - Sophia Lux - Sophia Lux Blonde Bombshell Rides Manuel's Cock

File: c7tchnamansopluxsa6qft9lf2.mp4
Size: 316.81 MB
Duration: 39:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: College cutie Sophia Lux loves her yard work and we love it too if it means she'll lay around her back yard naked. The luscious lassie gets her pussy woke in this scene from Manuel Ferrara's Pretty Little Sluts 2. After a somewhat strange outdoor tease sequence, Sophie gets naked and starts grinding on Manuel's member. This fires up Manuel so he has sexy Sophia bend over and face plants right between her ass cheeks, refusing to let go. He flips his plaything over for some labia licking. Continuing with the oral treats Ferrara rims and Miss Lux grins until she decides to yank out Manuel's johnson. He commands Sophia to stroke his cock then crams the uncut critter into her pretty mouth. She then mounts Manuel and slowly maneuvers onto his mega meat, her sexy leg posted to the floor. Ferrara gets her juices flowing as he pumps her supersonic from underneath. Later a discombobulated Sophia finds herself in reverse cowgirl as Manuel communicates how much he loves watching his dick go in and out of her pussy. Then our favorite Frenchman has Sophia dip to her knees so he can feed her a full helping of Ferrara flow..

Nuru Massage - Kate Kennedy & Sophia Lux - Her Bi-curious Secret

File: h1kxonanumakatsopt9752sa9re.mp4
Size: 597.63 MB
Duration: 41:43
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Kennedy and Nathan Bronson, a young couple, are in the waiting room of a massage parlor. Nathan is excited to try this new full-body massage, unable to believe Kate agreed to it. She's the coolest girlfriend EVER to not be fazed by the thought of another woman being naked and all over him. Kate teases him, asking him if she SHOULD be worried. Nathan assures her that he only has eyes for her, but is SHE weirded out by the thought of another woman being naked and all over HER? Kate teases her boyfriend and lies by saying that she doubts she'll like it, but who knows, maybe she'll be surprised?

Kate's smile falters moments later when the masseuse, Sophia Lux, arrives and introduces herself. Much to Kate's horror, Sophia was the one woman she had an experimental fling with while she and Nathan were on a break.

Both women are silent, not calling each other out. Kate tries her best to act cool while Sophia acts professional, but the mounting sexual tension between them is impossible to ignore. Although Nathan initially likes how hands-on his girlfriend is with the otherwoman during the shower, it isn't until he's fully relaxed during the full-body massage that he learns about the affair.

Since he's too aroused from the massage and having two sexy women with him, Nathan doesn't let the reveal bother him. Sure, they have lots to talk about later, but for now, Kate can make it up to him by helping Sophia give him a massage with a happy ending!

Now that she has her boyfriend's blessing, Kate lets loose, showing her passion for both Nathan and Sophia. She eagerly eats out Sophia's pussy while taking Nathan's cock into her own, enjoying the best of both worlds. The fun's only just started, and Kate's ready to enjoy every second of it!

BFFS - Scarlett Snow, Vanna Bardot & Sophia Lux - Techno Titties

File: 6accsnabffscavansopddca3xdits.mp4
Size: 899.37 MB
Duration: 01:05:13
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Everybody thinks that being a DJ means getting tons of pussy all the time. Well, when Vanna Bardot, Scarlett Snow, and Sophia Lux are at the party, that is exactly what happens! These bestie sluts show up at the rave ready to dance their asses off and get penetrated. They make their way over to the DJ booth and then pop their tits out for the whole party to enjoy. When they see the DJ is super hung, they all want a turn on his table. They bust out their tight teen fluff muffins and get juicy for his long schlong. He sticks his record needle in and plays some deep cuts, stroking harder and harder while the crowd gets ready for the drop. Looks like these girls know how to turn up!

Producers Fun - Sophia Lux - Reality

File: kehu1naprfusopluxoclljreab4.mp4
Size: 347.77 MB
Duration: 43:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Lux arrived in Mr. Producer's bed like an early Xmas gift. Her x-rated present came gift-wrapped in a crimson Santa coat and hat. She didn't look like Ms. Claus. She looked like she had banged Santa and convinced him to give her his clothes as an early present. Soon she unwrapped herself and revealed a body worth waiting all year for a tall, tan, athletic frame accented with bubbly tits, bleach blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and blindingly white teeth. It didn't take long for Sophia to demonstrate how she ended up on the naughty list--or how she fucked her way off of it. She pulled out a high-powered Hitachi vibrator that to warm up her perfect pussy. Mr. Producer didn't have the self-control to wait until Xmas morning before indulging in his gift. He fucked her in every conceivable position on the snow-white comforter while she begged for him to choke her and fuck her harder. Soon she was cramming his cock down her throat, riding him hard enough to break the bed, then begging for him to cum on her face which he did...twice.