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Lisey Sweet

Pascal's Subsluts - Lisey Sweet - Lisey: Happy Birthday, Mr Michaels

File: vehvmnapasulisswenlegqmdqyp.mp4
Size: 382.20 MB
Duration: 47:01
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Lisey Sweet is a 29-year-old nympho who loves playing the slut. She talks in her interview about how she tried swinging with her husband but it never really clicked for them. Literally, too many limp dicks. And then they took a trip to Key West, she shacked up with some bloke who gave her the eye and hubby give his consent to, and everything blossomed from there. Key West became their playground, somewhere theyd visit at least twice a year for Lisey to be Lisey and just fuck as much cock as possible.Oh yeah, and she ended up ditching her highly-qualified and one would imagine highly paid research job to be become a porn star. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, one night in Key West, she chanced to meet an extremely famous adult entertainment stud by the name of Sean Michaels. And as chance would have it its Sean who weve got her paired up with today. If only she could actually remember meeting him!

Evil Angel - Lisey Sweet - Blonde Lisey's Double-anal Threesome

File: por2ynaevanlisswejeongwjdin.mp4
Size: 617.81 MB
Duration: 36:38
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Cute, blue-eyed blonde Lisey Sweet shows off her pert, natural titties and phat, wobbly ass for the camera, excited about her backdoor threesome with older studs Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar. The lovely girl gags on their big cocks, treating them to expert blowjobs. Ramon and Mick fuck her pussy and rail her plump ass, and Lisey bounces up and down as they DP her holes! The studs deliver nasty double pussy penetration and double anal penetration! Lisey enjoys ass-to-mouth cocksucking and a big cum facial.

New Sensations - Lisey Sweet - Lisey's Surprise Is A Perfect Fit

File: vkuagnaneselisswe5ryt2p3pgy.mp4
Size: 293.77 MB
Duration: 36:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ecstatic on her boy toy for the day, Lisey, slips on her new panties and bra that her boyfriend bought for her, among another hard thick surprise waiting. Sterling catches up with his buddy when Lisey makes her entrance perfectly dressed for the occasion and gets right to stuffing her hot mouth full of cock and filling her hot hungry pussy for her boyfriends pleasure.

Bound Gangbangs - Lisey Sweet - Whore Holes: Lisey Sweet Gets All Her Slutty Holes Stuffed And Fucked

File: cljlrnabogalisswe7czccyaktw.mp4
Size: 834.32 MB
Duration: 01:16:07
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Lisey Sweet is hot for cock and wants all her little Whore Holes stuffed and fucked. 5 big dicks and one Liseysounds like a recipe for fun! First a little gametied up tight with a bag over her head Lisey is told to guess whose cock is in her mouth and when she is correct she gets the Hitachi as a reward. All this dick sucking is getting her warmed up for the onslaught of hardcore action that is coming her way. Bound with rope and straddling a bench Lisey has a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Stirling, Donny Robby, Codey and Eddie each take turns fucking her slutty pussy and then her ass. As soon as Lisey gets her ass fucked she squirts a geyser and wants more. Thick dicks fuck her non stop back and forth between her two whore holes while she gags on cock and she cums hard again and again. Next mounting one of the dicks Lisey gets double penetrationone in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time while she jacks another dick with her hands and mouth. Air tight! Her natural tits and sexy ass bounce around with every thrust. She loves getting her holes filled, stretched and split wide open with all this man meat. In reverse cowgirl Lisey gets her ass stuffed with two huge cocks and it drives her crazy moaning and screaming with pleasure until they shoot their hot jizz all over Liseys mouth and pretty face. What a good whore, she swallowed all that cum and loved it!

Family Strokes - Aaliyah Love & Lisey Sweet - A Familial Cluster Fuck

File: ntzzqnafastaalliso3vamllbk5.mp4
Size: 537.08 MB
Duration: 38:55
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aaliyiah Love has always had an eye for her stepson, and today she is finally acting on it. She shows up in his room in a sexy bikini and gets to work at making his cock harder than a rock. He tries to keep it cool, but he cannot help himself. He dives into her coochie, eating it like his dad never could. Aaliyahs sister, Lisey Sweet, comes over and is shocked by how much her not quite nephew has grown. She watches as her sister sucks his cock in the bedroom and is shocked by her audacity. Later on, Aaliyah meets up with her naughty sister before her stepson comes to join them. They have an incredible family style threesome that gets everybodys juices flowing. What a cluster fuck!

New Sensations - Lisey Sweet - Friday Is Lisey's Fun Day

File: nehg8naneselisswef9mzf4tfvd.mp4
Size: 233.02 MB
Duration: 28:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Slowly as bubble butt hotwife Lisey raises her head from sucking her bulls hard cock, she suggests that they take the action inside. It is her Fun Friday that her husband gives her to play with her black stud Ricky and she is going fuck that cock hard and keep every ounce of hot cum deep inside.

New Sensations - Lisey Sweet - Proud Stag Of A Sexy Vixen 2

File: oaovanaliswlisswekuqruozz6k.MP4
Size: 320.25 MB
Duration: 29:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: MP4
Description: He loves watching her dress and undress for her dates and the joy in her eyes when she first grabs hold of their cock. He enjoys being close enough to hold her hair and feel the heat coming off her body when shes in climax. Its true. He's a proud stag of a sexy vixen

New Sensations - Lisey Sweet - A Black Bull For My Hotwife 3

File: 87cownaneselisswe2a2tps8uaa.mp4
Size: 314.25 MB
Duration: 28:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hotwives Valentina Nappi, Nelly Kent, Lisey Sweet, and Kendra Spade are running with the bulls! Watch as they fulfill their interracial hotwifing fantasies with enormous black dicks and the eager approval of their horny hubbys.

Pure Taboo - Lisey Sweet - Charity Case

File: ig2fanaputalisswe8kypucfjkc.mp4
Size: 270.54 MB
Duration: 41:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ben Will Pounder, a family man, returns home from an outing. He parks in his dark garage and climbs out of his car, chatting with his wife on his phone. Unbeknownst to him, as he says 'I love you' and hangs up, someone is lurking in the shadows.

When he turns on the lights, he's startled to see Cassie Lisey Sweet there, dressed in a cap and baggy hoodie. Ben goes on the defensive, thinking that he's being mugged in his own home, but she insists that he knows her. She's Cassie, a homeless teen he's shared sandwiches with before! She was so used to seeing him around when she was on the streets that when he stopped showing up, she panicked. She just wanted to make sure he was okay!

Although Ben's freaked out at first, he assures her that he's perfectly fine. Seeing how shaken she is, he takes pity on Cassie and invites her inside to get washed up. Obviously, she can't stay with him, but he'll do what he can to help her.

Cassie is smitten with him. She's drawn to his kindness, wanting nothing but affection from him, but she doesn't know how to properly show it. She comes on too strong and weirds Ben out, causing him to deny her every advance. Confused and desperate for human contact, she begins undressing, trying to get him to look at her naked skin. Ben is again freaked out, which only confuses Cassie even more. Doesn't he WANT to have sex with her? Otherwise, why would he have been so kind to her?

Ben is appalled -- he's a family man who loves his wife very much! Not every guy wants to take advantage of her. But when Cassie refuses to leave and comes onto him stronger than before, Ben is conflicted. If he gives in this one time, maybe she'll get out of his life and never come back...

Manuelferrara - Lisey Sweet - Lisey Sweet Takes Manuel's Thick Cock Up Her Tight Asshole

File: vlpdhnamanlissweyuta3pscgz.mp4
Size: 212.48 MB
Duration: 25:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Big booty blonde Lisey Sweet gets her anal passage way totally reamed in scene 3 from Manuel Ferrara's Raw 34. The filthy anal whore recounts several nasty stories with Ferrara then proceeds to suck his cock.Manuel approves of her technique then returns the oral favor. The Frenchman fills her asshole from behind and pumps her until her cheeks speak. He folds her over and pumps some more, then he crams four fingers into her ass and holds on. The horny duo move to doggie and Manuel humps her hard until he is forced to kablooey all over the blonde bimbo's trailer park mug...

All Girl Massage - Liv Revamped, Kat Monroe & Lisey Sweet - And Roomie Makes Three

File: ws5vjnaalgimalivkatlish8mbkxnhxn.mp4
Size: 337.54 MB
Duration: 41:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lisey Sweet returns home, stiff from a day out. She calls out to her roommate Liv Revamped to announce she's home, but gets noresponse. She walks to Liv's bedroom and is about to call out in greeting, letting her know that she's home early, but jolts back withsurprise once she reaches the doorway and looks in. Liv is in her panties and bra on the bed massaging a naked girl, Kat Monroe.

Liv gasps with surprise, explaining that Kat is a classmate from her massage course and that they're practicing techniques. They'requick to see that Lisey seems to be injured and offer to give her a massage to help her out. Although she's a bit hesitant, sheeventually gives in.

While being sensually massaged from head to toe, Lisey is completely blind to the fact she's getting checked out by Liv and Kat,both out and proud lesbians. As they tease and flirt with one another, Lisey is oblivious, though almost catches them in the act onceor twice. However, it doesn't take her too much longer to realize what's going on when Liv and Kat work together to try and seduceher.

Lisey tries to reject their advances, but is hot and bothered from the sensual massage. When Liv playfully comments on how she'sseen the way Lisey looks at her, Lisey knows she's been had. She soon lays back, allowing the massage to be taken to the next level-- as long as they don't tell anyone!

Things turn into a fiery threesome as the girls happily go down on each other. They eagerly lick each other's breasts and pussies,savoring the taste. When they can barely hold out any longer, they grind their bodies close, tribbing each other until each and everygirl comes undone. Having a lesbian roommate training to be a masseuse definitely has its perks!

Cherry Pimps - Lisey Sweet & Vivienne Wynter - Dynamic Duo Lisey And Vivienne

File: iabnhnachpilisvivjqss2lrgax.mp4
Size: 483.16 MB
Duration: 59:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today we had a blonde beauty getting it on with a sultry raven haired scarlet! Lisey and Vivienne couldn't wait to get their hands and mouths all over each other. Did you like their matching black stockings and pink heels? They couldn't wait to make all your dreams come true, and wow did they deliver!

Watch Your Wife - Lisey Sweet - Watch Your Wife Lisey Sweet Get Fucked By The Neighbor

File: kciihnawayowilissweggoqte1qfz.mp4
Size: 468.87 MB
Duration: 38:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After expressing your desire for your beautiful wife, Lisey Sweet, to be fucked by other men, she eagerly jumps on the first opportunity. She invited the neighbor over. He has seen the both of you fucking before -- thanks to you opening the blinds nice and wide so anyone can see! Lisey is getting all dressed up for this special occasion with pearls, heels, stockings, and red lingerie.