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Katy Rose

Her Limit - Katy Rose - No Limit Found

File: 5epzlnahelikatrosokdtyqi1kr.mp4
Size: 635.26 MB
Duration: 41:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Wonderful actress Katy Rose has been in the industry for 5 years, yet she only filmed a couple of anal scenes. This time, Mike Chapman tests out her love holes to find out if she has any sexual limits. Gagging on his big dick, riding it or taking a hard ass pounding makes this beauty smile more and more. What works best with a smile? A creamy facial! Katy Rose is a hottie with no limits!

Lesbea - Katy Rose & Kylie Nymphette - Pretty Nubile Pussy Licking Passion

File: 6tcfhnaleskatkyldsmbhim2sh.mp4
Size: 213.78 MB
Duration: 26:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Katy Rose is kneeling on her bed, and her lesbian lover Kylie Nymphette sits behind her. Kylie reaches forward and rubs Katy's pussy through her jean shorts while breathing heavily on her porcelain neck. Pushing into each other, the ladies kiss passionately, then Katy climbs on top of Kylie. Both ladies get their tits out and rub their nipples together, then Katy slides to Katy's tight pussy and licks her sweet juices. Kylie then eats Katy out in doggystyle position, and both ladies squeal with delight before entering into a romantic and intense tribbing session that makes them both cum.

Fitness Rooms - Josephine Jackson & Katy Rose - Trepassing Gym Girls Hot Threesome

File: r4vcwnafirojoskat8wfsnltrvj.mp4
Size: 338.00 MB
Duration: 29:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Katy Rose has a secret, and she brings her friend Josephine Jackson along to show her a secret gym! Finding the door open, the ladies sneak in and start to lift. Josephine hits some sets of dumbbell single arm rows while Katy performs some single arm dumbbell front raises. Suddenly, the gym owner, Matt Quid appears, and chastises the trespassers. In order to prevent him from calling the cops, Katy offers she and Josephine suck the beefcake's dick. Stripping naked, Katy lies down on an exercise ball and Matt fucks her pussy doggystyle while she worships Josephine's big natural tits, then the ladies switch positions so Katy can have her ass ate. Finally, while the ladies 69, Matt fucks Katy until he pulls out and cums on

A Girl Knows - Katy Rose & Gina Gerson - My Sexy Girlfriend

File: vpulanaagiknkatgin6jbekpmlgb.mp4
Size: 303.85 MB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Slim beauty Gina Gerson can't help but to stare at her girlfriend Katy Rose as she does her makeup. The plan was to go out, but things get super steamy as soon as the sexy redhead joins her girlfriend in the bed. They rub, lick and finger one another until both Gina and Katy orgasm intensely.

Fake Hostel - Cherry Kiss & Katy Rose - Stuck Under A Bed

File: raquinafahochekatroh1dbsj8h.mp4
Size: 385.91 MB
Duration: 33:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Walking into her rented room at the Fake Hostel, Katy Rose accidentally drops her nail polish under the bed! Katy crawls under the bed to find her possession, but when she tries to get out, she finds herself stuck! Her cries for help attract Cherry Kiss, who steps away from cleaning her sex toy to help. When Cherry realizes she isn't strong enough to lift the bed, she joins Katy underneath to give her company. This is how Michael Fly finds the babes face down, ass up, and totally stuck! He can't lift the bed, but Cherry quickly figures out how to boost his strength she tells him to fuck her pussy! With erection strength, Michael manages to lift the bunkbed, free the damsels in distress, and then gets to fuck and suck them until his heart's delight!

Massage Rooms - Katy Rose - Sexy Masseuse Gives Oily Hand Job

File: ougjxnamarokatrosf93mmivq5n.mp4
Size: 240.67 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tomas Salek hires sultry brunette Katy Rose for an oily massage in the Massage Rooms. Wearing all white, Katy slowly pours oil on the face-down stud, then begins to rub his back and shoulders. When Tomas turns over, Katy oils up his dick and balls, and gets so turned on that she tears her pants off. Climbing on the table, Katy takes Tomas' cock in her tight pussy, then pours oil onto her perky tits. Taking turns fucking and sucking the stud on the massage table, Katy takes his cock doggystyle, and Tomas cums inside her for a creampie!

Fitness Rooms - Elina De Lion, Katy Rose & Marry Morrgan - Sexy Nubile Pussy Licking Threesome

File: dpsxgnafiroelikatmarqcpuvq1ibb.mp4
Size: 233.09 MB
Duration: 28:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy nubile lesbians Elina de Lion and Katy Rose are doing some naked yoga together in the Fitness Rooms, then get their pump on with some kettlebell squats. After their workout, the ladies begin to stretch, and then once that's finished, they make out! After some delicious pussy eating, Marry Morrgan comes in to use the workout bike. Sensing an opportunity, Elina and Katy seduce the big boobed brunette, and the ladies enjoy a face-sitting, pussy-eating lesbian threesome!

Old n Young - Katy Rose - Uneven-aged Doggy Orgasm

File: o7a9inaolnyokatrosxyexs3by4z.mp4
Size: 397.58 MB
Duration: 24:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curious dude walks the streets of the city in the hope of finding beautiful girls and asking questions about their sex lives. He suddenly notices a long-legged brunette babe and follows her until she stops and pays attention to him. They chat for a while and soon the dude finds out the sexy dark-haired babe dreamed to make passionate sex with an older man. Luckily, the dude knows an old man who loves playing with beautiful girls and who is more that capable of satisfying fresh pussies with his old wrinkled dick.

Lesbea - Elina De Lion & Katy Rose - Facesitting Lesbians In Fishnets

File: tmxcanaleselikatehpllg6snu.mp4
Size: 179.14 MB
Duration: 21:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy lesbian lovers Elina de Lion and Katy Rose are kneeling in bed together clad in fishnets and jean shorts. The ladies kiss deeply and passionately, and all the while, worship one another's beautiful pert tits and big booties. As the ladies strip each other nude, Elina lies Katy backwards in order to worship her beautiful pink pussy, then the ladies climb on top of one another so they can engage in a sexy face-sitting 69 that makes them both cum!

Fake Hostel - Katy Rose - The Cuckqueen

File: fgiminafahokatrosbqu1wdlxe1.mp4
Size: 338.67 MB
Duration: 29:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Katy Rose is lying in her bed in the Fake Hostel when she is joined in the room by Kety Pearl and her boyfriend, Stanley Johnson. Katy is attracted to Stanley right away, but backs off out of respect for Kety. Little does Katy know, Kety has a cuckold fetish, and loves seeing other ladies fuck her man. Kety asks Katy to strip, and Katy happily gets naked, revealing her pretty boobs and pert butt. Kety then takes out her cellphone so she can record Katy sucking Stanley's dick, then fucks the lucky stud until he cums on her pussy!

Nubile Films - Dido Angel & Katy Rose - Must Be Dreaming

File: guhfsnanufididkatxeeyq5rgvq.mp4
Size: 261.53 MB
Duration: 15:48
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Ricky Rascal is a lucky man as Dido Angel and Katy Rose join him in the bathtub, naked. The girls are feeling flirty as Dido wraps her legs around Ricky's shoulders and pulls his head towards her body. Then she leans in to exchange a kiss with Katy that gets totally heated. As they make out, they rub their feet over Ricky's erection to make sure he's nice and hard.

The girls switch spots with Ricky eventually, sliding into the embrace of the warm water. They cuddle up close to Ricky to take turns stroking and sucking his cock. That's the best kind of foreplay, but the girls need some of that sweet D so they eventually get out of the bathtub and lead Ricky into the bedroom to really get moving with their threesome.

Dido crawls into bed with Ricky following her down. He settles between her thighs as she lays on her side, using his fingers and lips to seduce her slowly. Meanwhile, Katy leans over Ricky from behind as she wraps her hand around his hardon to keep him hard and ready. Then she joins him on the bed to enjoy the pussy feast.

Ricky can no longer resist the urge to bury his dick in Dido's welcoming twat, so he spoons behind her and goes to work for her pleasure. Katy is content to help them enjoy themselves, but she wants a piece of Ricky for herself. He rolls onto his back so Dido can ride his mouth while Katy enjoys herself riding Ricky's stiffie and making out with Dido.

Dido wants more of that hot hard loving, so she gets on her hands and knees for Ricky to drive into her from behind. Katy knows just how to make it better, so she positions herself on the bed in front of Dido's face. The blonde stifles her moans by burying her face in Katy's cream filled center. When Ricky pulls out of her tight glove, Dido crawls up Katy's body and makes out with her girlfriend as Ricky enjoys the double pussy stack.

Rolling over so that she is cradled in Dido's arms, Katy lets her head fall back in delight as Ricky reenters her slippery fuck hole. He dominates her body, taking her home one last time before he pulls out to cover her breasts and belly with his cum shot. The girls enjoy themselves in the afterglow of their lovemaking as they all relax after a lusty encounter.

Lesbea - Katy Rose & Stacy Cruz - Long Legs Big Natural Tits Teen

File: e7sydnaleskatstahfhaovqlu4.mp4
Size: 273.49 MB
Duration: 23:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Long legged lesbians Katy Rose and Stacy Cruz are wearing matching jean shorts and making out. Kissing her love, Katy takes down Stacy's shirt, then worships her perky small boobs. As they get more excited, the ladies tear their clothes off in the throes of passion, and Stacy grabs two firm handfuls of Katy's big butt. Moving to the bed, the ladies pleasure each other with fingers and tongues, then take out a vibrator to get each other off a few times before finishing the job in 69!

Lesbea - Katy Rose & Sybil Kailena - Sex Toy Orgasm For Lingerie Babe

File: 9nasmnaleskatsybsdm7m2zmoi.mp4
Size: 281.01 MB
Duration: 23:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning lesbian Sybil Kailena is lounging on her bed wearing white lingerie when Katy Rose comes into the room. Katy is also dressed to impress, wearing sultry black lingerie to contrast her lesbian lover. Crawling onto the bed, Katy kisses Sybil passionately, and the two ladies start to enjoy one another's bodies. Sybil sucks Katy's perky tits, then Katy goes down on the soft blonde. Taking things to the next level, the ladies then take our their favorite sex toy to bring each other to sheet-clutching orgasm!

Gapeland - Katy Rose - Therapy For Two

File: lu7cinagapkatrosjabapwul82.mp4
Size: 258.43 MB
Duration: 21:19
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Hot therapist Katy Rose is having a session with her patient Thomas Stone. She puts her notes aside because she has something else in mind, therapy for two! She seduces Thomas into fucking her and things get heated as he slides his cock in her asshole! He will definitely book another appointment with this sexy therapist!

Nubile Films - Katy Rose - Rebellious Love

File: r1h7jnanufikatrosvecrlqoaky.mp4
Size: 241.66 MB
Duration: 19:42
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Katy Rose isn't supposed to be seeing Nick Ross, but this stunner knows how to make her meetings seem like a coincidence. They catch the elevator on separate floors, then get caught in a make out session that keeps them from winding up on the correct floor the first time. When they finally exit the elevator and stumble to Nick's apartment, they barely tear themselves apart so Nick can peel off Katy's shirt before they go back to eating each other up.

Katy's miniskirt has rode up her thighs, revealing that this horny hottie isn't wearing underwear. Nick takes advantage, sliding his hand into the secret spot beneath Katy's skirt and slipping his fingers inside her dripping twat. His finger bang gives way to a pussy feast that won't stop until Katy has thrown her head back as the delectable pleasure consumes her.

As Katy slowly works her way out of her clothes, she works her mouth over Nick's fuck stick. Worshipping his erection with long sucks and sweet licks, she takes her time and enjoys her treat. When she's had her fill, she settles on top of Nick's dick to start riding him deep in her landing strip pussy. Her ride is languorous as she enjoys the feeling of naughty fullness while Nick pistons in and out of her box.

On her hands and knees with Nick rising above her, Katy hangs on as her pussy is once again filled with cock. Their doggy style coupling is fast and furious, with Katy's perky tits jiggling beneath her on every stroke. When her climax comes, her whole slim body jolts with the force of the lush feelings. She's not done yet getting on her knees, she hangs on to Nick's arms as he keeps pounding her pussy for another quick climax.

The lovers fall to their sides to continue their coupling as they spoon together. Nick is sure to keep playing stud as long as he needs to satisfy Katy once again, even pressing his palm to her clit to leave her cumming hard and fast. As Katy whimpers beneath Nick's touch, he lets go of his restraint and gluts her with a hot creampie that drips down her thighs in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Old Goes Young - Katy Rose - Cutie finds a new way of passing test

File: wfzaonaolgoyokatrosmzstmyagr7.mp4
Size: 195.54 MB
Duration: 24:18
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: If a student wants to have fun at college, parties with many merry girls and boys are available for him or her. But, of course, a lot of parties mean problems with grades and exams. Cutie does not want to have such problems and this is why she studies hard, obeys her teacher and proves she is open to new ways of passing tests even if she fails to do that in a traditional way.