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Karups - Ava Black - Novel Nookie

File: 5hwrcnakaravablaqxmwpxwcmy.mp4
Size: 322.33 MB
Duration: 38:45
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: He was relaxing on the couch reading when Ava Black came in and started flirting with him. She clearly wanted his attention so she gently touched him and ran her hands through his hair. Deciding she really needed to bring out the big guns to get his attention, she stripped down to just her panties and let him feel her round ass and big tits. The book was completely forgotten about when she took his cock in her mouth and gave him a wicked blowjob. Putting her on her hands and knees, he pulled her panties down and buried his hard cock into her wet, tight pussy from behind. Ava loves to fuck so she took over, getting on top so she could bounce that round ass as she rode him like he was a galloping stallion. Her nice, big, natural tits jigged as he stabbed his dick into her so deep it made her cum. Feeling her cum on his cock turned him on so much, he had to pull out and let fly blasting his load all over her big tits.

Karups - Reagan Foxx - Cuckold Couple

File: 55kqjnakarreafoxtbcoi8bv5d.mp4
Size: 463.69 MB
Duration: 40:26
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx found out her husband had cheated on her and wanted to get some revenge. Calling a friend of hers, she invited him back to her place. She wanted her husband to know other guys can satisfy her better than he can. She gave this stud some head then lay back and let him eat that wet pussy while she squeezed her huge tits. She got on top and rode him, putting her big tits in his face as she slid up and down his thick, big shaft. When they rolled over so she was on the bottom and he could drive his cock in deep, she couldnt take her eyes off him. Her husband never made her cum like this guy does when he fucks her with long, deep strokes. When he flipped her around so he could hit it doggystyle, she came so hard on his cock she fell back down on the bed. This bad MILF then did something she never does for her husband and let him cum right in her mouth before cleaning his cock with her tongue.

Karups - Serena Avery - Muscle Release

File: gsvztnakarseravesudmcchhri.mp4
Size: 557.04 MB
Duration: 48:33
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Wanting to get her already sexy body tight, Serena Avery enlisted a guy she knew to be her personal trainer. After a session, he helped her stretch out then he oiled up her legs and used a massager on them to loosen up the muscles. When he pressed the vibrator against her ass then slid it between her legs to massage her pussy, the hottie arched her back and pushed her ass in the air. Using the massager on her pussy turned her on so much she attacked his cock like a hungry lioness, stroking and sucking him until he was rock hard. He stripped her naked, ate her pink pussy, then impaled her on his cock so she could grind her hips and push herself down on him to take his big dick so deep it made her tits bounce and had her gasping for breath. These two kicked the cardio into gear as they rolled around, fucking in different positions. Their hot workout came to a protein filled end when he came in her mouth and agreed to come back the same time next week.

Karups - Tiffany Rousso - Discunt Price

File: w7zg7nakartifrouk54dz4zw7j.avi
Size: 329.93 MB
Duration: 48:58
Resolution: 640x360
Format: avi
Description: Mature, blonde bombshell Tiffany Rousso was checking out a new house and she really liked what she saw. As they talked about price, she realized it was out of her budget and she was going to need her Realtor to give her a very good price. Leaning in and kissing him, she tried to make him change his mind about the price, but he wasnt budging. When she took her shirt off so he could play with her big tits and she dropped to her knees to suck his cock and lick his balls, he started considering lowering the price. Tiffany climbed up onto the bed, took her pants off and let him eat her pussy before putting her on all fours so he could spear that pink pussy from behind. He might sell houses for a living, but he fucked her like a pornstar. She ended up on top, bouncing on his dick with her big tits in his face. The deal was struck when he pulled out of her pussy and shot his load all over her flat belly and trimmed pussy.

Karups - Diane Chrystall - Scholarly Pursuits

File: sf89snakardiachr9q8mdcwe7t.mp4
Size: 821.37 MB
Duration: 36:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cramming for exams and working on projects, Diane Chrystall and her boyfriend were sitting at the table in their apartment working on their different school assignments when she reached up under the table and started rubbing his legs and cock with her feet. She didnt have to tell him twice what she wanted as they got up and headed for the bedroom where he laid her down, pulled her panties to the side, and ate her sweet, shaved pussy. Diane loves sucking cock, so she took him down her throat and had his rod rock hard in no time. The two rolled onto their sides where he slipped his dick inside her and started to thrust while sucking on her nipples and small, perky tits. The passion between them grew as he thrust faster and harder. Diane got on top and rode him, taking him so deep she came all over his dick. He returned the sticky favor when he pulled out and unloaded all over her nice, tight ass.

Karups - Chloe Lamoure - Peeper Pumps A Busty Bather

File: 8acaynakarchllamos3o7zynk3.mp4
Size: 1011.57 MB
Duration: 44:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Busty stunner Chloe Lamoure isnt what you would call a shy person, but she isnt crazy about being spied on. While relaxing in a warm bubble bath, she massaged her tits and rubbed her shaved pussy then stepped out of the tub to dry her curvy body off. As she stepped out of the bathroom she realized the maintenance guy was there to do some work and had been watching her. Dropping her towel, she invited him to play with her big tits while they kissed. She gave him some amazing head then let him put her on all fours so he could make those big tits swing as he nailed her from behind. She didnt really know this guy, but she loved how his cock felt so much she let him drill her shaved pussy all over the bed, making her cum twice before putting her back on her knees so she could jack him off all over those big melons.

Karups - Sasha Colibri - Getting Into Treble

File: rlyzenakarsascol2mchqsqkfc.mp4
Size: 469.47 MB
Duration: 41:00
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy MILF Sasha Colibri wanted to learn to play the guitar so she hired a musician to be her instructor. When she was having some trouble figuring things out, he leaned in and got hands on with her, getting so close she couldnt control herself and she leaned over to kiss him. The lesson was forgotten when Sasha dropped to her knees, pulled his cock out, and gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. Stripping their clothes off, she laid back on the couch and let him get on top so he could slide his hard dick deep inside her tight, shaved pussy. This mature hottie was loving his cock so much she got on top and rode him then deepthroated him before getting on all fours so he could hit it from behind. Her drilled her deep and made her cum all over his cock then the guitar lesson came to a sticky end when he pulled out and came all over her sweet ass.

Karups - Nicole Love - Creampie In Her Oven

File: yiltenakarniclov6gsbry1bnu.mp4
Size: 568.02 MB
Duration: 49:31
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Nicole Love is a big baker who loves to make cookies, pies, and breads. Her oven went on the fritz so she called a repairman who was able to pretty quickly take care of the problem. She was so happy to have her oven back, she pulled his cock out of his coveralls, dropped to her knees, and sucked his dick right there in the middle of the kitchen. Giving him head really turned her on so the sizzling hot brunette stood back up, pulled her tight dress up, and let him bend her over one of the counters so he could drive his thick, throbbing tool into her wet, tight pussy. Spinning her around, he pulled her top down so he could grab her fantastic tits and laid her out on the counter so he could spear that shaved pussy with long, deep strokes. She came hard on his cock as he fucked her all over the kitchen then she took him to the couch where she took charge, got on top, and rode him. Hes a full service repairman so he fucked her hard and came in her pussy, leaving this horny baker with s sticky creampie.

Karups - Khloe Kapri - Blue Pill To Drill

File: y2eqhnakarkhlkapmuaokfgjr8.mp4
Size: 555.11 MB
Duration: 48:23
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: When blonde hottie Khloe Kapri was kicking back in her bedroom on her phone, a guy friend of hers showed up and wasnt feeling very well. She found out the problem was that he took one of his dads Viagra pills and now he was rock hard, his heart was racing, and he had a headache. His dick had been hard for two hours and he was starting to get worried so Khloe decided to help the guy out with a little release. He pulled his cock out to show her and she was instantly impressed with how big it was. Khloe took him down her throat and nearly gagged on his throbber before rolling onto her back so he could drive his cock deep inside her trimmed pussy. His cock felt so good inside her she never wanted to stop. Taking full advantage of his Viagra induced dick, the rode him, bounced her round ass on his shaft, and let him fuck her all over the bed then dropped his load on her pretty face, problem solved!

Karups - Josephine - Photo Finish

File: ohzssnakarjoselxhqcpigdg.mp4
Size: 568.96 MB
Duration: 49:40
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Chesty, sexy Josephine was modeling a pretty red dress in front of some cool art. The dress showed off her sexy, toned legs and nice curves. Following the photographers instructions, she struck a few different poses and kept her long, auburn hair pulled back from her face. As he continued to snap pictures, she took the dress off and posed in her underwear. Doing something a little naughty had her really turned on. Pulling his pants down, she took his fat cock in her mouth, nearly gagging herself as she sucked him hard. Her bra and panties were off when he bent her over the back of the couch and eased that big dick into her from behind. Her huge tits bounced as he slammed his dick into her while grabbing her nice, round hips and ass. The two rolled around on the couch, the photographer drilling the models tight, shaved pussy deep then this photo shoot came to a sticky end when he dropped his load into her warm, welcoming mouth.

Karups - Sarah Cute - Cumming Clean

File: c87xknakarsarcut6pgyb7u2ow.mp4
Size: 856.56 MB
Duration: 38:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Cute goes to college and works part time as a maid. While at one of her clients houses, she finished cleaning his kitchen then really enjoyed the attention he gave her as he checked out how great she looked in her tied up shirt and jean shorts. He made a move, leaning in to kiss her which is exactly what she wanted. The brunette babe pulled him close and kissed him back as they let their hands explore each others bodies while stripping off their clothes. Dropping to her knees, she throated his cock until he was throbbing hard then he sat her on the edge of the kitchen counter and drove his hard cock deep inside her tight, shaved pussy. The two fucked like crazy in the kitchen before moving to the bed where they rolled around and fucked in different positions. Her work here was done when she clamped her mouth down on his hard dick and sucked every last drop of cum from him. Now that is a full service maid!

Karups - Private Lessons - Milena

File: 1avihnakarpriles9rtpvh2d24.mp4
Size: 388.50 MB
Duration: 33:56
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Jake had been calling in sick to school and missing his math class because he was too busy banging his hot girlfriend. When his math professor Melina showed up at his place to check on him, he invited her in and tried to make up excuses why he wasnt in class, telling her he was sick. The blonde, mature teacher wasnt having it. When she found out he was busy having sex she wanted to see decided she wanted to find out for herself how good he was. Stripping off her clothes, she took his big cock in her mouth and sucked him until she was nice and hard then she laid back on the couch and let him drive that thick tool deep inside her smooth, shaved pussy. He drilled her deep while his girlfriend slept in the next room. Melina took over and got on top, her natural tits bouncing as she rode his hard dick. The lesson came to a sticky end when he fucked her hard, pulled out, and sprayed her down with his hot load. All the while his girlfriend was asleep, not realizing exactly how he was passing his class.

Karups - Lindsay Cruz - In Good Cumpany

File: 5egonnakarlincru9qssqysizv.mp4
Size: 479.69 MB
Duration: 41:53
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: During a work event, Lindsay Cruz was standing outside enjoying some wine when one of her male co-workers asked her out. She thought it sounded like fun, but the blonde hottie was in the mood for a little fun right there, so she leaned in and kissed him. After a few soft, romantic kisses the two moved to the bedroom where he pulled her top down so he could suck on her perfect, perky tits. Lindsay loved the size of his cock when she pulled it out to suck it. She was so into him, massaging his balls as she throated him, she had him rock hard in no time. Laying back on the back, she spread her legs so he could drive that thick tool int her tight, shaved pussy. The two locked eyes lost in the moment as he drilled her with long, deep thrusts. When Lindsay got on top, her tits jiggled as she rode his cock until she came then she rolled ono her back again letting him get on top, pound her pussy, and choke her until she came again then he pulled out and fired his hot load all over her tight body and well-fucked pussy.

Karups - Andi James - Deck Dick Lick

File: kyqp9nakarandjamm9je1rhezw.mp4
Size: 556.43 MB
Duration: 48:29
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Andi James had just built a new deck around her pool only to find out it was not done with a permit. She hired a new guy to come over and give her estimates of the cost to fix it. She had already spent way too much money on this deck, so she made him an offer he couldnt resist, and the redheaded MILF dropped to her knees and sucked his big cock right there next to the pool and deck. The blowjob was fantastic, and he agreed to do some of the work cheaper, but she needed more help so the mature babe took her clothes off and let her big tits bounce as she got on top of him and went for a ride on that monster cock. This housewifes round ass got spanked as she showed off her skills on the cock, making her cum hard all over his throbbing shaft. The contractor took over, putting her flat on her back and fucking her so deep it took her breath away. The deal was finally agreed on when he bent her over and let those tits swing as he hit it doggystyle then unloaded his sticky batch all over her pretty face and in her hungry mouth.

Karups - Kate Rich - The Appetizer

File: vespnnakarkatric63jnkiiebl.mp4
Size: 489.57 MB
Duration: 42:42
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Kate Rich was cooking dinner wearing only an apron when her boyfriend came home from the gym, saw her naked in the kitchen, and pulled his big cock out. The horny, brunette babe sprayed whipped cream all over his thick dick then licked and sucked it off. He returned the oral favor by sitting her on the counter and eating her pussy. Both were starving for an orgasm so as they kissed, he slid his big cock into her tight pussy then put one leg over his shoulder as he fucked her with long, deep strokes. The couple moved from the kitchen to the living room where he pressed her up against a rail and drilled her from behind before she laid over the back of the couch so he could eat and fuck that sweet, shaved pussy. When she got on top, his dick went so deep it made her legs shake as she came hard while riding his big shaft. Hungry for something warm, Kate then took his cock I her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum out of his balls.

Karups - Liv Wild - Tutor In Her Cooter

File: npb6onakarlivwil8zelvwfwfb.mp4
Size: 573.16 MB
Duration: 49:58
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: With her grades not looking so good, Liv Wild decided to hire a tutor. When he showed up for their first lesson, the barely legal teen thought he was hot, so she was paying more attention to him than the homework. She got her way when they put the homework down to just make out for a little while, but Liv is not a making out kind of girl she likes to fuck. He stood up so she could take his big cock out and suck it. Blown away by how big his dick was, Liv gobbled it like she was working a piece of corn on the cob, sucking him until he was standing at full attention then it was the tutors time to take this class over. Laying her back, he ate that sweet, shaved pussy before giving her exactly what she wanted when he impaled her on his big cock. She nearly lost her mind riding his dick, cumming her brains out all over him. He rolled her onto her back and pounded her pussy, making her perky tits bounce until he was ready to pop and showered his students face, body, and tits with his monster load.

Karups - Ashley Ocean - Packing Her Box

File: rt2m9nakarashoceezpzrdqss2.mp4
Size: 423.98 MB
Duration: 37:02
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: While she was packing up a room, teen cutie Ashley Ocean needed to call up a guy friend of hers to help her with some of the heavier things. He got there, helped her pack and move the things, then she showed her appreciation by going to her knees, pulling his cock out, and giving him some amazing head. He returned the oral favors by peeling her panties off and licking her clit. She loved how good his tongue felt, but she needed to be penetrated so she lay back and let him feel her small tits as he drove his big, fat cock into her tight, pink pussy. He worked hard moving her stuff so he earned the chance to work that pussy with long, deep strokes. They moved around the bed, him spearing the pussy in a few different positions then she went to all fours, clamped her mouth down on his dick, and sucked every last drop of cum out of him.

Karups - Stella Banks - Cheat Day

File: vd6zanakarstebansqweq2omk9.mp4
Size: 400.66 MB
Duration: 34:59
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Anyone who has ever dieted or worked out knows all about cheat day, that glorious day you can indulge and have whatever you want. Horny, sexy MILF Stella Banks wanted to use her cheat day to get some dick so when her personal trainer showed up at her place, Stella pulled her skirt up and got on all fours on her bed so he could fingerbang her pink pussy from behind while spanking her sweet ass. The mature, fit hottie gave him some great head then straight up impaled herself on his fat cock. Shes a little petite so she had to take it slow at first, but once she warmed up she rode him like a champ. She might not be doing his scheduled workout, but as he fucked her all over the bed she worked up one hell of a sweat by cumming all over his cock. He drove it deep and made her cum a couple of times then he put her on her knees and fed her his hot protein shake directly from his cock

Karups - Alice Pink - Getting Perky For His Turkey

File: ykwnmnakaralipinq9gmorhflx.mp4
Size: 590.52 MB
Duration: 51:28
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Alice Pink was hanging out with this guy talking about how his girlfriend was jealous. Alice told him she had recently sprained her ankle so he gave her nice foot and ankle massage. Rubbing her ankle turned into rubbing her leg then he pulled her dress down so he could suck on her small tits and pierced nipples. She rubbed his cock through his shorts. Impressed by the size, the petite, blonde alt-babe took his shorts off and wrapped her hands and lips around his fat cock. She sucked his shaft then his balls, getting him throbbing hard then she dropped her panties, got on top, and impaled herself on his big dick. Like a champ, she took every inch of that dick as she rode him like a cowgirl, moaning as she stretched her out. Bending her over, he grabbed her by the hips and fucked that shaved, very tight pussy with long, deep strokes from behind. She came all over his rod then opened wide and rubbed her pussy as he shot his load all over her face while she sucked every last drop of jizz from his balls.