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Karma RX

Black Meat White Feet - Karma Rx - Karma Is Engaged

File: 1p6eanablmewhfekarrx22wmrhknzm.mp4
Size: 429.64 MB
Duration: 38:11
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx is engaged, and in preparation for her big day, Karma's fianc is paying for her personal trainer. If we've said it once, we've said it 1,000 times! Personal trainers around your gal ain't a good thing!! Karma's been flirty and suggestive, but her personal trainer has been nothing but professional. Today, Karma's determined to get what she wants -- big dick! Once, in passing, the personal trainer told Karma he had a foot fetish, so why not go after his weakness? Karma knows, like most evil ladies, men succumb
to their sexual weaknesses, and once her once her pretty feet are in his face, the personal trainer will be putty in her hands. Like Kryptonite and Superman! And she's right! Once the personal trainer got a whiff of Karma's pretty feet, it was on! Mouth. Pussy. And, to his surprise, Karma's puckered asshole! Of course the personal trainer finished his job all over her pretty feet, which means all that's left to do is invoice Karma's soon-to-be Hubby!!

Lets Try Anal - Karma RX - Tattoo Parlor

File: w3p4znaletrankarrxb2wrf1lvis.mp4
Size: 407.99 MB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My last tattoo artist looked NOTHING like Karma Rx. If they did, with that big smile, big tits, and Everything else I would have got more than a sleeve. You know? For a girl like this, I'd get anything done. She's obviously adventurous, but just HOW adventurous? Let's find out.

Girls Way - Ella Knox & Karma Rx - Bb Tits and Ass

File: uq4fdnagiwaellkarqrucirgof1.mp4
Size: 348.35 MB
Duration: 43:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX is enjoying some quality time with herself in bed when Ella Knox accidentally walks in on her. Ella is shocked since no one is booked for her parents' BB that morning. Meanwhile, Karma is positive she's in the right since she has a confirmation number. She's not the intruder -- Ella is!

Although Ella keeps telling Karma she NEEDS to get out of the room, she can't keep her eyes off Karma, who was freely masturbating just moments earlier. Despite Ella's efforts, Karma declares that she's not going anywhere. She has nowhere else to go AND she paid to be there! Besides, Ella must like what she sees because she keeps looking over...

When Ella becomes more flustered, Karma latches onto it. She begins boldly palming her pussy and rubbing her clit again with a grin. 'This IS what you like, isn't it?' she coyly teases. Now Ella is unable to look away as Karma reaches for her hand and seductively tugs her into bed. She encourages the curious and aroused Ella to play with her pussy, though it isn't long before they're both going all in and moaning with pleasure. Whether Karma's meant to be there or not, Ella is now glad that she couldn't kick Karma out!

Pornstars Like it Big - Karma Rx - Cum Rain Or Shine

File: emzyvnapoliitbikarrxt8cykoqrqd.mp4
Size: 544.94 MB
Duration: 28:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: While most prefer to stay inside when its raining, Karma Rx truly embraces getting soaked. In fact, when it rains, she feels compelled to strip and shake her tits and ass. Wearing her skimpy, see-through dress and thigh-high boots, Karma runs out into the pouring rain, bending and dancing by a stripper pole with her umbrella. As Karma bends and dips, her slick, soaked body is primed for Small Hands entry into her soaking wet pussy.

Cherry Pimps - Ella Knox & Karma Rx - Bad Girl Karma Rx Gets Ella Knox To Herself

File: zvoianachpiellkarhhqrgp2qce.mp4
Size: 483.99 MB
Duration: 59:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx can not wait to play and fuck those beautiful large natural tits of Ella Knoxs. She has so badly wanted to get Ella all to herself so we made her wish come true and these girls make each other cum as they scissor and use a double sided dildo as well as tease with those beautiful large tits squishing them together with a dildo in between making you wish it was your throbbing hard cock! Ella sits on Karmas face taking her to heaven while she munches on that wet pussy while looking up at the most magnificent view of those tits! Karma just can not keep her hands off of Ella and we can understand why! These babes together make for one hot fucking lesbian show

Vogov - Karma Rx - Hard Anal Addiction

File: c1ae5navogkarrxdqhrpryvnh.mp4
Size: 383.29 MB
Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The day as hot as usually and this means saying good-bye to all her clothes and even panties. Hot blonde believes that nothing suits her more than posing totally naked and playing with her big boobs as well as round butt. She plays with her pussy for a while and then comes up to her strong boyfriend to kiss him and to play with his muscular body and big cock. She demands something in return and she gets her big boobs fucked, throat stuffed with dick and asshole and pussy ruined during a crazy fuck scene. Dude does not stop fucking the badass blonde till she squirts and even covers her body as well as her fucker with that massive load

Big Tits at Work - Karma Rx - The Ho In The Donut

File: dgxfjnabitiatwokarrxqsyw3rywiw.mp4
Size: 409.67 MB
Duration: 34:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its 3pm and Karma RX is desperate for a carb loaded snack. When she hears there are donuts in the break room, Karma rushes over only to discover the box empty. Karma wanted a donut so bad shes nearly in tears. When Xander Corvus tells her he has an extra one in his office, she quickly follows him. Xander offers Karma the donut, but its on his dick! While its not what she originally wanted, Karma is more than happy to have a little taste.

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely, Ella Knox & Karma Rx - Unfinished Business

File: 4rtjtnagiwachaellkar9335ozs4nb.mp4
Size: 358.12 MB
Duration: 49:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX and Charlotte Stokely, two fiancees that are soon to be married, are relaxing in bed together. As they snuggle up and daydream, Karma catches sight of Charlotte's computer screen. 'Who's Ella?' she questions, though has to nudge a bit more when Charlotte tries to evade the question. Charlotte soon gives in and admits that Ella Knox is an ex of hers from high school who broke her heart. But it doesn't matter because that's all in the past. They were young and dumb. Now it's all about the future with Karma!

When Charlotte leaves moments later for work, Karma's eyes fall curiously back onto the computer left behind. She's worried about Charlotte, but has a plan...

A few days later, Charlotte is in for the surprise of her life when none other than Ella Knox appears at the door! She is stunned, though Karma assures her it's all right and that Ella was invited. Karma knows Charlotte needs some closure from the breakup. Without it, the ex is always going to be on the back of her mind. Fortunately for them, Ella agreed to confront her past as well.

Charlotte is amazed as Karma explains that she wants her to have one last night with Ella to get the closure she needs. Without that 'what-if' hanging over their heads, they'll be free to live the long, happy marriage they dream of! Although Charlotte is still shocked, when Karma encourages her to give Ella a kiss, she tentatively goes for it.

The reservations soon melt away as Charlotte gets more into it, encouraged by Karma, who soon joins in on the fun. Things get hot and heavy between them as they eagerly dive into each other's pussies, relieving the tension and letting go of the past. Will Charlotte now finally be free to move on?

Cherry Pimps - Karma Rx & Kenzie Taylor - Getting Each Other So Wet

File: kuuusnachpikarkenf9obrz2u4f.mp4
Size: 213.28 MB
Duration: 26:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: May's Cherry of the Month Karma Rx so badly wanted to fuck Kenzie Taylor so who were we to say no to such a sexy request?!? Kenzie loves pinching on Karma's nipples making them so hard and perfect to suck on. Karma can not take all the attention and needs to bury her face deep in Kenzie's wet snatch! The fucking fun has only begun as Karma's pulls out her assortment of toys and fucks Kenzie until she screams and stuffs her dildo down her throat to taste all those sweet juices. Karma sits on Kenzie's face and really gets the royal treatment as she cums over and over while she sucks on her own tits! Kenzie really knows how to work her tongue on that wet pussy!

Brazzers Exxtra - Bridgette B & Karma Rx - The Getaway: Part 2

File: 2cz3nnabrexbrikarhwpiszsayh.mp4
Size: 405.04 MB
Duration: 34:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a steamy sex session, Bridgette reveals that she thinks Ricky is kinda cute and has thought about fucking him when her husband isn't around. Karma is surprised by the candid confession and goes to take a shower to clean up for another round of pussy licking. While she showers, Ricky sneaks in to continue his pursuit of the pussy. He sneaks into the shower and surprised Karma with his massive cock. Karma tries to deny his advances but it doesn't take long for her mouth to water for his throbbing member! Bridgette comes looking for Karma and catches them mid-fucking, but to their surprise, she isn't mad... she wants to join! What a wonderful turn of events! Let the fucking begin!

Hot And Mean - Bridgette B & Karma Rx - The Getaway: Part 1

File: nidqenahoanmebrikarbvpxn4ly8z.mp4
Size: 294.21 MB
Duration: 28:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Bridgette has planned a getaway to catch up with her old college roomate, Karma RX. Unfortunately, her misbehaving stepson, Ricky, is tagging along. Ricky is a horny little rascal and Bridgette is not going to let him ruin her vacation. She tells Ricky to behave himself and warns him not to flirt with Karma, even though she's a lesbian and he would have no chance with her anyway. Ricky takes this as a challenge and once he's left alone with Karma, he does whatever it takes to woo her back to loving cock. Karma's had dick before but once she sees Ricky's throbbing member, she's tempted to give it another shot!

My First Sex Teacher - Karma Rx - Karma Rx Fucking In The Desk With Her Big Tits

File: l8nganamyfisetekarrxtrbn4uslm2.mp4
Size: 383.01 MB
Duration: 31:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Class is over and Ms. Karma Rx is wondering why Bambino hasn't left. Turns out that Bambino's girlfriend just dumped him over text so Ms. Karma Rx wants to cheer him up. She suggests that he should try new things, that is what college is all about. Ms. Karma was once a student herself, so she knows exactly how to help Bambino.

Devil's Film - Karma Rx - Boober 3

File: uslhrnadefikarrxin3ohmptep.mp4
Size: 327.83 MB
Duration: 31:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx was doing nothing with her life before Boober came along. Some might say this revolution in driving apps has saved her life. Now Karma is slinging her tits in style and making big bucks helping the American economy as she cruises from one ride to the next. Marcus is a business man in town for the week and manages to luck into Karma's car one fateful day. Wow, is he surprised. He figured he would give the new app a shot and now discovers it has opened up pandoras box into sweet titty paradise. Karma is packing a massive rack of A -- 1 Titty Pie and he is soon buried up to his eyeballs in them. Oh sweet Mammary! With tits this big you just got to check out the sweet spot between her legs And it does not disappoint. Karma is a five star ride and we recommend everybody get in her car.

Big Wet Butts - Karma Rx - Runway Booty

File: hpzj4nabiwebukarrxajkwoiswnh.mp4
Size: 503.30 MB
Duration: 40:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX struts down the runway, but this isn't your typical fashion show! She'd rather show off her ass and sexy body than wear her dress. Fuck fashion, right? While Xander Corvus snaps pictures of her, Karma would rather have him join her on the catwalk, and have him stick his hard cock in her ass!

Mr Lucky POV - Daisy Stone & Karma Rx - Big Booty Daisy And Top Heavy Karma Get Throated

File: qmyzjnamrlupodaikarmutch3lulr.mp4
Size: 301.35 MB
Duration: 16:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It doesnt get much better than two beautiful women willing to share one cock. Karma Rx shakes and bounces her massive, soft, perfect juggs as Daisy Stone twerks and gyrates her round, thick, voluptuous ass. They use their perfect, slutty mouths and wet warm throats to engulf this lucky erection. Watch as they kiss and pass this penis between each other and daisy uses Karmas breasts to massage and tease this rock hard rod till it explodes.

Big Tits Round Asses - Karma Rx - Karma Rx Fucks The Biggest Dick

File: uqijwnabitiroaskarrxcib7jijhv2.mp4
Size: 410.66 MB
Duration: 37:05
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX was getting ready to fuck the biggest dick in porn history. She was a little nervous. She heard lots of stories and saw pictures. Only very few girls were able to take such a big dick. Karma had an amazing body. Beautiful breast and tight ass. She showed it off to us. Then she entered the house and met with Vlad. When she pulled down his pants there was this giant dick that didnt fit into his boxer shorts at all. Just hanging past them, almost to his knee. Karma was playing with his dick. Comparing it to her arm, to her face. Everything looked toy size next to this big dick. But now the big question Would it fit? Karma sat on it, tried to slide it into her pussy and she started fucking it. She was amazing, she managed to get most of it in. So they fucked in cowgirl, then doggy. That dick looked even bigger in doggy. Karma was moaning in pleasure. Most of the time she was about to cum. They switched to missionary and after some more fucking Vlad came over Karmas face.

Interracial Blowbang - Karma Rx - Karma Is One Dirty Slut

File: 29muvnainblkarrxrdb2hpxwsa.mp4
Size: 284.79 MB
Duration: 25:20
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx is one dirty slut. Just look at her, in the middle of some random warehouse, writhing around and touching herself as not one...or even six or ten dudes slowly surround her! The final number is 13, and all thirteen men are there for one purpose to use Karma's mouth over and over until she causes them to ejaculate all over her gorgeous body! Karma loves a challenge, and this is a big one. Sure, it's easy for Karma to spread her legs and let the fellahs use her wet,
warm pussy -- or, better yet, her tight, puckered asshole -- in order blast. And sure, the Super Slut will save that for another time, but today it's a blow bang. Skull fucking. Opening wide as these well-endowed men push deep down into Karma's throat! The result? Before Karma crawls off to the bathroom, the dudes use her as their own personal jizz target, firing away ropes and ropes of jizzum drenching the lovely tart and reddening her eyes! This is one blow bang for the books!!

ZZ Series - Karma Rx, Lela Star & Nicolette Shea - Brazzibots: Part 4

File: odmkwnazzsekarlelnic15whkluqtp.mp4
Size: 393.97 MB
Duration: 30:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After Riley's mysterious disappearance, Jessy Jones arrives at the Brazzibot Laboratory in search of his missing colleague. Expecting a fight, Jessy comes in hot, demanding to see his friend. To his surprise, the lab assistant, Karma RX, is happy to bring him straight to Riley. They enter the lab and Jessy is impressed by the advanced technology. Karma RX tries to convince Jessy that the human race is flawed and asks him to join them as they create a new world ruled by Brazzibots. Jessy becomes uncomfortable with the line of questioning and demands to see Riley when suddenly Nicolette and Lela return to the lab and surround him. With no way out, the Brazzibots convince Jessy to fuck them all with his giant cock. Jessy is no match for their sloppy three way blowjob and dripping wet pussies.

Confessions XXX - Crystal Rush & Karma Rx - Leaving Boot Camp To Eat Some Pussy

File: htkl2nacoxxcrykarcixgfckvep.mp4
Size: 156.97 MB
Duration: 19:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx and Crystal Rush have had the hots for each other the second their eyes locked. They just could not wait to get out of boot camp and enjoy each others tasty pussies. Never did they think that they would enjoy the touch of another woman but when you have some like Karma or Crystal it's hard not to want anything but that wet pussy! They 69 and scissor and break out their toys seeing just how much they can take before they cum over and over again. I think their drill sergeant taught them well!

Scam Angels - Valentina Nappi & Karma Rx - The Crypto Scam Part 1

File: fbu7hnascanvalkarseocvjlcww.mp4
Size: 598.90 MB
Duration: 39:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi is a smart business woman so she wont let Seth Gambles or the boss screw her over! Karma Rx, Bella Rose and Athena Faris join her and they put together the biggest scam so far! Busty Karma and curvy beauty Valentina seduce Seth. They give the perfect sloppy blowjob, ride his dick and let this guy plow their luscious pussies. After these horny ladies get some fresh cum on their tongues they reveal how Seth just got screwed! They recorded every bit of this incredible fuck fest and they use it to blackmail him into trapping the next victim the big bad boss!

Gloryhole Secrets - Karma RX - Karma's First Gloryhole Video

File: 1kocanaglsekarrxvbalgsjvz3.mp4
Size: 808.13 MB
Duration: 53:08
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Somebody get me a doctor because it's Karma RX in the gloryhole booth this week! Your heart might stop too when you look at this busty, tatted, 26-year-old beauty. This is Karma's first time in front of the camera for us, but we've had her as a gloryhole coach for one of our girls before. It's going to be much more fun with Karma as the center of attention this time. She's very excited to blow through ELEVEN ANONYMOUS COCKS and swallow all their loads. Gloryhole porn happens to be Karma's favorite to watch she tells us she loves watching her own material, so this will be an exciting day for her. You'll probably like it too. We learn in Karma's interview that when she's not watching gloryhole scenes, she gets off on watching people sleep and fantasizing about having sex in her sleep. She's a kinky one, guys gals. You'll get to see some of that kink firsthand once Karma gets down on her knees and starts milking the cum out of nearly a dozen strangers on the other side of the wall. She loves having no idea who the ELEVEN GUYS connected to those faceless dicks are. Watch Karma orgasm while vibing herself as she gets fondled and fingered by the unknown hands thrust through the holes. Karma really does CUM around, again, and again, and again. Keep watching until the end to see Karma get herself off one more time with her fingers as she comes down from her cum-drunk high. Of course she uses one of her sleep porn fantasies to get herself there. Next time we have Karma back, she estimates she can suck off up to 50 guys! There is only one way to find out. Karma always comes back for you, so keep watching GloryholeSecrets.com for her reincarnation!

Big Tit Cream Pie - Karma Rx - Creampie Prescription For Karma Rx

File: pf7uhnabiticrpikarrxfkmndztk9t.mp4
Size: 427.30 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx is one of the hottest stars in the business today. She has a perfect body, gigantic tits and a perfectly round booty. This girl loves cock and thats just what we gave her. He had her display her goods then our boy Peter Green got a chance to give her a proper fucking. Karma Rx took dick in several different positions, stretching her tiny little pussy with each stroke. This chick loved every single inch of that cock. But simply fucking wasnt enough, Karma was craving a cream pie. So thats just what we delivered. Peter released a huge load right inside her pussy.

Doctor Adventures - Karma Rx - The Spank Banker

File: uz1ddnadoadkarrxob5joyo5kr.mp4
Size: 422.35 MB
Duration: 32:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Scott Nails always complains to his best friend about being broke, so his friend signs him up for a sperm donation site as a joke! Scott laughs and shrugs it off, but soon Karma RX, a professional banker, arrives at the door to collect his sample. Soon Scott realizes Karmas prepared to collect the goods by any means necessary, even if it means stripping down and fucking him to get his cum.

Tough Love X - Karma RX - The Intruder

File: fs1xxnatoloxkarrxfufutzoqbo.mp4
Size: 119.92 MB
Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: All women are crazy. Sluts are even crazier but this broad was out of her fucking mind. When I say she likes it rough Im under exaggerating. She likes it ROUGH! Rough sex is the only way to get her off. She wanted to have me play out a fantasy where I break into her home and do with her as I please so I sure did and hard as fuck too. I snuck into her home, crept up the stairs and grabbed her from behind. She struggled but it did nothing in her favor. I smashed her head into the mattress leaving her round bubble butt high in the sky to show off that tight shaved pussy and asshole. I ripped off her panties, spit on her cunt and began plowing away on that tattoo covered slut. She couldnt even let out a gasp I fucked her so hard. I threw her down to her knees and made her pray to my cock before I face fucked her with all my might. She deep throated my cock so well I could feel her throat open up like a garage door. It was so hard not to pull out right there and just blow a facial on her. I flipped her back around into missionary so I could stare in her eyes as I choked her into near unconsciousness. I threw my fingers up into that tight asshole as that young pussy bit down on my cock. What a treat. Her eyes were streaming tears of joy as the mascara ran down her cheeks. I proceeded to grab a banana and instruct her to beat herself in the face with it until it became mush. She laid back and I squeezed the banana like a tube of toothpaste down her throat. As she began to choke I used my cock as a battling ram to jam the banana cream down her throat causing further asphyxiation. It was beautiful to see how she just wanted more and more. I slapped her perky fake titties hard as fuck over and over until I left hand prints. She grinned at me with a devilish look that screamed more you fucking pussy so more I did. Finally I flipped her onto her belly again and blew a giant cream pie deep into her snatch.

Confessions XXX - Karma Rx - Talk About Getting A Hole In One

File: avwmznacoxxkarrx3s2j6z2uub.mp4
Size: 415.05 MB
Duration: 18:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy babe Karma Rx loves her new hobby. She just seems so distracted by her golf instructor and that hard cock. She really wants him to get a hole in one using her favorite wood club... his cock! SHe grabs his balls and goes to town cleaning and giving his shaft and balls all the attention they need! He fucks her hard and knows just what it will take to make her cum hard!

Big Tit Cream Pie - Karma Rx - Creampie For Karma Rx’s Shaved Pussy

File: to8mvnabiticrpikarrxfklyb9rxqo.mp4
Size: 400.86 MB
Duration: 36:11
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karma RX had to break into sweat so they would give her some dick. She was running. Her huge titties were shaking. Left and right. Yet our eyes kept following them as if we were hypnotized. Ok enough running. Time for some fucking. Karma got undressed. She massaged her huge breasts. Put some oil on them to make them shiny. Derrick put his huge dick into her mouth. She was laying on her back and was sucking him upside down. He turned her around and thrust his dick into her pussy. Her breasts were shaking as he was fucking her. He turned around, fucked her head down. He lifted her up again. Fucked her while holding her in the air. Then turned her around again into a standing doggy. Her breasts were bouncing left and right through the whole room. He came inside her. The creampie was slowly flowing out of her vagina and created an artsy pattern on her shaved pussy.

Blacks On Blondes - Karma Rx - Karma Loves Ink

File: rh2wtnablonblkarrxa3wei5jq5m.mp4
Size: 322.59 MB
Duration: 28:40
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Karma Rx loves ink. She's a tattoo enthusiast, as well as a tattoos artist -- and she even owns her own shop! She's got a handsome customer on her table when a friendly debate starts are white girls easy? Karma argues they are, and soon both her customers concur! Why? Before you know it, Karma is stretched across her own tattoo table with a massive dick in her mouth while grinding on the dude behind her! She barely knows these dudes! But that doesn't matter, cause Karma's a white girl...and she's easy! These dudes just pound her silly, right in the middle of her shop! Doesn't take long for the first dude to fill Karma's sweet snatch with the sticky stuff! What you're about to see with the other dude might surprise you! You see, Karma loves the sting of jizz in her eyes almost as much as the sting of that needle across her skin! 'Nuff said!!