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Jacquie et Michel

Jacquie Et Michel - Catherine - Catherine, 24ans, Platriere

File: gyszmnajaetmicatht2mzotmjxb.mp4
Size: 634.18 MB
Duration: 42:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: In Quebec, under a snowy landscape, our local team meets Catherine, 24 years old. Having started a training plasterer for 6 months, she is also barmaid to pay for her studies, but do not forget to enjoy life! Indeed, single for a year, she wanted to spice up his sexuality and especially she was very eager to offer her beautiful natural breasts 90G! To our guy, all in front of the camera

Jacquie Et Michel - Mylene - Mylene, 22ans, Est De Retour

File: 4kaannajaetmimyles64ktcolfr.mp4
Size: 364.32 MB
Duration: 45:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Coming to Paris for a shopping session, Mylne, whom we know well, contacted our team to treat herself to a little pleasure. However, the voluptuous young woman, who comes out of a break in the X of three years, had never teased with friend Tony! Knowing it, we arranged for the two to meet and frolic in front of our camera ... What they do intensely, with a good dose of sodomy in the process!

Jacquie Et Michel - Pauline - Pauline, 28ans, Passe La Seconde

File: dwczynajaetmipauljciv5s9ndg.mp4
Size: 549.52 MB
Duration: 36:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: And here is the beautiful and hot Pauline, 28 years old, for new sulphurous adventures. The naughty, decidedly in shape since her return to the cameras, only dream of one thing, to satisfy a maximum of fantasies. And one of them was to make a trio with at least one well mounted black ... The young woman, delighted by the lascars offered to her, excited and unleashed, is finally sodomized thoroughly orgasm orgasm!

Jacquie Et Michel - Lyne & Sandy - Seance Sportive Pour Lyne Et Sandy

File: mb7hhnajaetmilynsanh9vbbljts1.mp4
Size: 360.20 MB
Duration: 45:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We find with pleasure this little naughty Lyne, thirty, for a well thought out plan in the company of the luscious Sandy, Marseille. Indeed, the first wanted to participate in a sports session with a coach, well built preferably. But obviously, the girls had many other projects for the guy, who ends up sodomize after some fitness exercises targeted

Jacquie Et Michel - Rebecca - Rebecca, 34ans, Agent Immobilier

File: t8h3qnajaetmirebecvyfwzuakq.mp4
Size: 348.70 MB
Duration: 43:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is to organize a nice surprise to his man that Rebecca, 34 years old, contacted us. Originally from Lyon, the girl has a very rich sex life, which she shares with his darling in the clubs she frequents from time to time. But if she appealed to us, it is to try a new experience frolic in front of the camera ... At first a little stressed, she finally let go completely when she arrived at destination, without having said a single word of her intentions to his man

Jacquie Et Michel - Hannah Vivienne & Tiffany Doll - Hannah Et Tiffany : Trio Choc

File: 3wturnajaetmihantifgwq4p3ffm7.mp4
Size: 634.51 MB
Duration: 42:07
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Return of the luscious Hannah in front of the camera, for a meeting she is surely not ready to forget. The beautiful Russian has indeed the right to discover the sublime Tiffany, 32 years, passing in Paris, just like the friend Joss. Very accomplices, the two Frenchies take care of this slut from the East, with the desire to make him discover the local specialties ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Elisabeth - Elisabeth, 25ans, Bombe Blonde

File: jrmtbnajaetmielisfmzqgly6na.mp4
Size: 375.10 MB
Duration: 43:38
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What a little dungeon this Pascal ... He contacted our team explaining that he had a little surprise for us. Indeed, he is on a weekend in Paris with Elisabeth, one of his last conquests! Sublime blonde with a dream body, the 25-year-old lady, stewardess from Poland, has never had a good time in front of the camera. But if the guy asked us to come, it is not to stage, but to see this incredible sex bomb between the legs of another man, in the person of friend Tony!

Jacquie Et Michel - Oceane - Oceane, 22ans, N’en A Pas Fini Avec Les Gilets Jaunes

File: 9smjtnajaetmioceahwmvj2sr7u.mp4
Size: 323.16 MB
Duration: 40:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We find the naughty Ocane, 22 years old, who comes from Luxembourg. The young woman, who demonstrated all day with yellow vests, decided to join us in the evening to continue to have a little fun. And of course, a surprise awaits, with this time two guys for her alone! The girl, more intimidated at all, does not take long to get down to business ... and even experimenting sodomy for the first time in his life!
His first porn exploits are easily found on our sites by putting Ocane in the research.

Jacquie Et Michel - Cassandra - Cassandra, 35ans, S’envoie En L’air A Orly

File: qtf3pnajaetmicasscfr2wqhzs8.mp4
Size: 338.79 MB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is a rather unusual plan that awaits us at Orly airport. Cassandra, 35, is married to a steward, a fan of our videos. It must also land two hours later, and thus find his dear and tender. But if the naughty came well in advance, it is to get laid with our team in the hotel room she has reserved for this purpose! Indeed, his sex life is a little too spicy to his taste, and it relies a lot on us to find a little crazy

Jacquie Et Michel - Hannah - Hannah, 29ans, Pulpeuse Coquine

File: 8ulpanajaetmihanngr54e6yukl.mp4
Size: 366.13 MB
Duration: 46:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: While our team was on the Champs-Elysees shooting a small sequence, a beautiful stranger appeared, as irretrievably attracted by the camera. Hannah, 29, is a sublime Russian with very luscious curves and infinite appetite. Working in fashion, she stays in Paris as part of her job, and takes advantage of his meeting with friend Tony to invite him to his hotel room ... And our guy does not pray to offer him a memory of the capital full-bodied, with deep sodomies in the program of the festivities!

Jacquie Et Michel - Angelique - Angelique, 42ans, La Bouchere Avec Trois Mecs

File: cbvu1najaetmiangem2xqjvlox5.mp4
Size: 446.23 MB
Duration: 56:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Following her first video, Anglique, our 42-year-old butcher, does not go unnoticed. Because between customers and friends of her husband, the hussy has become known and recognized, and has even seen the turnover of its establishment soar! But if she is back, it's mostly to please her once again to her man, who dreamed to see her with two guys. Initially with Ninos and Olivier, who take care of her intensely, she gladly welcomes a third surprise guest who participates in the party to convert to the joys of double penetration

Jacquie Et Michel - Lyne - A La Trentaine, Lyne A Envie De S’amuser

File: gnwawnajaetmilyne3e34jzxn5j.mp4
Size: 316.48 MB
Duration: 40:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The always very naughty Sandy found a new recruit to pervert Lyne, in her thirties, is hostess in Marseille. His companion participating in a dinner in the professional setting, and not wishing to necessarily go, she decided to take a different path ... Because his goal is to find pleasure with one of our lascars, which l 'interest a lot more!

Jacquie Et Michel - Laurie - Laurie, 22ans, Et Dom, 31ans, Couple Tres Libere

File: vhflxnajaetmilaurseowxxhuwd.mp4
Size: 334.65 MB
Duration: 42:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Direction Quebec, to find our local team. Laurie, 22, and her boyfriend Dom, 31, are a rather liberated couple, who do not necessarily have too many taboos. Indeed, they regularly chew the libertine clubs of the region where they live and satisfy regularly fantasies together ... And one of them was to shoot a video in front of our camera, what they do at the Auberge la Passion, a naughty establishment known in Drummondville!

Jacquie Et Michel - Rose - Le Gang-bang Fou De Rose, 25ans

File: vb7uxnajaetmirose46dpvbcgmo.mp4
Size: 539.83 MB
Duration: 35:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Following his first exploits in front of the camera of J M TV, Rose, 25 years old, returns to the assault of new sexual conquests. Only she does not really know where she comes in when she joins our team ... Indeed, we have concocted a salty program in the house of Perdition, with several men nothing for her. And for her first male plurality, the student in Letters connects sodomies, double penetrations and generous ejaculations!

Jacquie Et Michel - Angelique - Angelique, 42ans, Bouchere A Domerat

File: xcdoanajaetmiangelt9bgufkrl.mp4
Size: 692.17 MB
Duration: 45:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It is at the exit of the butchery that she holds with her husband in Domerat 03 that 42-year-old Angelique joins us. This beautiful slut with generous shapes does not arrive empty handed, since it offers us wild boar pie, flagship product of the shop. But if she contacted us, it is to realize the fantasy of her darling, who wanted to see her in video with another man ... Very intimidated at first, it turns out to be a real fury of sex, offering her big tits and his orifices to our guy without any problem!

Jacquie Et Michel - Diane & Julie - Partouze Delirante Chez Diane, 45ans

File: rwrisnajaetmidiajulqzahl1vrzx.mp4
Size: 332.05 MB
Duration: 42:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: If the very classy Diane, 45 years old, had been rather surprised by her first visit to the camera, she quickly regained consciousness for his return. Having flashed on Julie and Stephen, a small couple of masseurs, she invited them home, with two lascars in bonus for a night of the most sulphurous ... with champagne and a big orgy on the program! And the notary is quickly in tune with the excitement, not forcing absolutely her nature of naughty patent

Jacquie Et Michel - Elen - Elen, 35ans, Assistante Commerciale

File: qntfnnajaetmielen86o7ogb88r.mp4
Size: 785.25 MB
Duration: 52:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It is at the exit of the Palais des Congrs in Paris that our team meets Elen, 35 years old. Sales assistant of a cosmetic surgeon in Russia, she made the trip with him to attend a trade show reserved for professionals in the sector. But if the charming lady is there for work, she does not forget to have fun! Embarked on by our team in the capital, the beautiful young woman with the body of madness discovers the perversity of our guy, and is widely sodomized by the latter

Jacquie Et Michel - Lolly - Lolly, 41ans, Remet Ca Avec Une Double

File: 7bpsinajaetmilolleabnmbargo.mp4
Size: 884.10 MB
Duration: 58:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Back to Besse-en-Chandesse at Lolly, 41 years old. The secretary, filled with her first video with our team, obviously wanted to put that one more time. Very excited despite the cold auvergnat, the slut shows off without shame in the streets of his village, before passing between the legs of our two lads ... who take advantage of the glass floor installed at home to teach him the values of the double!

Jacquie Et Michel - Aletta - Aletta, 22ans, A La Rescousse

File: mcohtnajaetmialetrhfcdwzsza.mp4
Size: 809.07 MB
Duration: 53:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: While the friend Rick had to shoot a scene with Lubov, a young lady who had already made a remarkable appearance in front of the camera, this one announces to him that it does not feel good and can not take its place. A little annoying, our guy is offered a solution by the naughty, who offers him to meet Aletta, his sister. A little discussion later, the youngest of the siblings, 22 years on the clock, agrees to frolic with our fellow

Jacquie Et Michel - Lucie - Tout En Double Pour Lucie, 28ans

File: 95dvgnajaetmilucimamqcwvabu.mp4
Size: 671.06 MB
Duration: 44:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After her first video with our team, Lucie, a saleswoman in Nancy, naturally wanted to continue her momentum. It must be said that this young lady of 28 years is rather gourmet, and she never has enough ... Of course, we had to climb the cursor by putting between the legs of two of our crazy guys, Ninos and Tony . In the end, the luscious busty big natural tits taste all kinds of perversities, such as double penetration!

Jacquie Et Michel - Diane - Diane, 45ans, Notaire

File: rp8xbnajaetmidianrgih14871i.mp4
Size: 699.47 MB
Duration: 46:24
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It is a woman very BCBG that we discover Cupid 3 Rue Villedo, 75001, a well known libertine club in Paris. Accompanied by her husband, Diane, a 45-year-old notary, did not expect to see our team arrive, she thought she would only spend a little naughty afternoon in the establishment

Jacquie Et Michel - Caro - Une Sacree Surprise Pour Caro, 22ans

File: mujrwnajaetmicaro3mnl2r8yld.mp4
Size: 464.96 MB
Duration: 30:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Our team was again contacted by Franck, the darling of Caro, 22 years old. Indeed, the latter knew that the beautiful law student fantasized about banging a handsome black well mounted. And as a good companion, he has planned a naughty plan at home, without her knowledge! Keeping the secret until the last moment, he can contemplate all the amazement, but also the excitement of the girl when she discovers his gift ...

Jacquie Et Michel - Juliette - Juliette, 18ans, Tente La Sodomie

File: 92vilnajaetmijulihmfiph1b7k.mp4
Size: 439.76 MB
Duration: 55:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This is a surprise call that our team received from Juliette, 18 years old. The pretty student, who began her journey in lust with us, wanted to pass the cape of sodomy in front of our camera! Scalded by a first experience missed with an ex, it took all the fingering and patience of the friend Antho so that the beautiful ends up totally letting go ...
His videos are still available by writing his name in the search.

Jacquie Et Michel - Jenna - Deux Mecs Pour Jenna, Gourmande Patentee

File: imajwnajaetmijennon4hwaf8bx.mp4
Size: 338.05 MB
Duration: 42:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We were not surprised when Jenna aka Julia asked for a pretty logical thing in a naughty J M run. Indeed, the beautiful young woman wanted to offer two guys, and they even make him rediscover the joys of double! Excited by his first video with friend Tony, she joined us very quickly at the end of his work ... And so, the naughty can plunge back into the thrills of a threesome with extra sodomy and double penetration!
Type Jenna or Julia to find her in her pornographic works.

Jacquie Et Michel - Lucie - Lucie, 28ans, Vendeuse Et Coquine

File: 4ayhmnajaetmilucixu53afa6rk.mp4
Size: 689.80 MB
Duration: 45:48
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It is in the freshness of the Bois de Boulogne that our team goes to meet the luscious Lucie, 28 years old. Saleswoman in a clothing store in Nancy, the girl loves especially her second life, much more sulphurous. Indeed, she accumulates for some time the naughty experiences, and wishes to complete his record with a video at J M! This voluptuous slut with beautiful big natural breasts and benefits from his ease to eat with the appetite friend Ninos ... who sodomizes it cheerfully!

Jacquie Et Michel - Marika - Marika, Aventures Hivernales Dans Les Laurentides

File: bg6lrnajaetmimarii7lepamv5f.mp4
Size: 796.11 MB
Duration: 52:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Join the magnificent Laurentian region of Quebec to discover the pretty Marika. The young lady, who studies automotive aesthetics in Montreal, enjoys spending time in the snowy plains to relax. So, she takes us on a bike ride on the snow, with a little idea behind her head ... Indeed, during a break, she explains that she was making treats to her ex in the forest, despite the temperature from -20 ! Our guy, excited by the proposal, then discovers the special sensations of an icy outdoor pipe, before continuing the festivities while warm

Jacquie Et Michel - Eva - Eva, 41ans, Revient Faire Les Soldes

File: ozxblnajaetmieva9gnodl5kmw.mp4
Size: 376.98 MB
Duration: 47:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is in Paris that we find the impetuous Eva, 41 years old. The Toulonnaise, who now works in events, decided to join the useful to the pleasant indeed, it takes advantage of his arrival in the capital to shoot a video but also to make sales! After some fitting, place the thrill with a furious plan in the company of Tony and Ninos ... who take advantage of his naughty temperament and willingness to chain sodomies and double penetrations!

Jacquie Et Michel - Nina - Nina, 25ans, Luxure Intense

File: lipssnajaetmininaf2yklui3io.mp4
Size: 405.30 MB
Duration: 51:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: With the beautiful Nina, we climb crescendo! The lady, who has recently moved from being a presenter to being an actress, is back with the desire to do a little more. For that, she asked to have for herself only Antho, but also Lorenzo! The latter, a little jealous not to have been able to participate in his casting, intends to catch up ... And finally, the slut is filled, testing for the first time anal intensive, but also all double penetrations !

Jacquie Et Michel - Cathy & Alexa - Cathy Et Alexa, 20ans

File: fjtzlnajaetmicataleabbwrxr28x.mp4
Size: 403.01 MB
Duration: 51:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Direction Florida, to discover two beautiful young ladies from Quebec, Cathy and Alexa, 20 years old both. The naughty, on vacation under the sun, quickly make the show in front of our camera, enticing and sensually playing with the eyes of the guy came especially for them ... The latter, unable to do more, starts the festivities, goes directly the second, the fucks like a madman, and finishes in style with a good creampie!

Jacquie Et Michel - Shirinna - Shirinna, La Gazelle Du Desert Marocain

File: vyir9najaetmishirco2nwxwpyb.mp4
Size: 284.17 MB
Duration: 35:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Shirinna has the choice between two blacks, she takes of course the one who has the biggest ... And the beautiful Moroccan Arab does not regret it, given the enormous machine of our guy and the crazy energy that he deploys for pound all his orifices!

Jacquie Et Michel - Rose - Massages Tres Sulfureux

File: njhbsnajaetmirosewgzctcdlpm.mp4
Size: 309.62 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Our team goes to meet Julie and Stephen, a nice little couple from the Paris region. Both professional masseurs, they never lose an opportunity to exercise their talents in a very naughty way. It's the beautiful Rose, 25 years old, who enjoys a well deserved moment of relaxation. But the perversity of the situation does not take long to surface, and the whole gang swings quickly in a much more lustful attitude a few minutes later

Jacquie Et Michel - Cloe - Deux Blacks : Le Reve De Cloe

File: qu14lnajaetmicloehelxkgsubm.mp4
Size: 324.92 MB
Duration: 40:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We find in Marseille the very naughty Clo, 23 years old. The native Rochelaise again contacted our team with a goal, satiate an old fantasy. His dream is to hit a well-mounted black to fill his desire for exotic ... And since we are generous at J M, we even multiplied the endowment by offering two lads to the girl, which filled her with joy!

Jacquie Et Michel - Juliette & Jess - Juliette Et Jess, Les Poupees S'amusent A Marseille

File: ghonrnajaetmijuljes5to4ev4j4p.mp4
Size: 689.67 MB
Duration: 45:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: With their angelic faces, Juliette, 18, and Jess, 25, have enough to thrill a lot of fans. Feasting on the Old Port in Marseille, and under the leadership of the sublime Nina, the girls chained exhib and naughty challenges with passersby. But most important for them was to discover each other in a quieter place, away from prying eyes ... Very accomplices, they are quickly joined by the friend Antho, who gives this hot plan a flavor a little more spicy yet!

Jacquie Et Michel - Steffy - Steffy, 22ans, Souple Et Cochonne

File: flqswnajaetmistefaiaqaiab8h.mp4
Size: 394.93 MB
Duration: 50:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is in the Laurentians region, in Canada, that our local team discovers Steffy, 22 years old. The lady, who works in the restaurant, has a rather incredible feature indeed, it is a rare flexibility! Our guy, delighted at the sight of such a slut, is therefore a pleasure to exploit all its qualities, knowing that nothing or almost could stop him in his evil

Jacquie Et Michel - Juliette - Juliette, 18ans, Poursuit Ses Experimentations

File: xfxlznajaetmijuli9xmovbvikb.mp4
Size: 723.28 MB
Duration: 48:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: We find with pleasure the pretty Juliette, 18, in her favorite sushi bar. The student, pleased with his first visit to the camera, obviously wanted a lot more. But while the girl goes to the bathroom, the friend Antho admits to have received messages rather sulphurous on his part. And with the complicity of Lorenzo, also of the game, the two lads start hostilities directly in the toilet of the restaurant ... Before ending in apotheosis with the first doubles of the beautiful young woman!

Jacquie Et Michel - Lilu Moon - Visite A Paris Tres Chaude Pour Lilu

File: okcbgnajaetmililmoocdgsbstrqo.mp4
Size: 539.51 MB
Duration: 35:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The beautiful Lilu is back in Paris, to enjoy the many tourist attractions of the city. But if this pretty Russian is again in the capital, it is also to find our team, and especially the friend Doryann. In her company, she indulges in a naughty role-playing game, where she embodies the shy and somewhat lost tourist who owes her salvation to a knight serving out of nowhere or almost. Except that in the end, the beautiful is sodomized as a thank you!
Type his name in the search tool to rediscover his exploits in video.