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Exxxtra Small

Exxxtra Small - Jessae Rosae - The Tiny Twat Advantage

File: p5a8pnaexsmjesros81nazuucvv.mp4
Size: 865.82 MB
Duration: 42:43
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Jessae Rosae is a teeny tiny chick, so our stud has to help her with some of her tasks that require a slightly bigger build. She tries to do her makeup, but the mirror is too high, so he lifts her up to see. She tries to do laundry, but almost gets lost in the machine! Even the smoke detector is out of reach for this diminutive dame. But when it comes to fucking, Jessae is at an advantage. Her tiny, tight pussy is one of the sweetest holes our stud has ever stuffed his cock inside. She moans as he plows her in a full nelson, and then chokes on his giant cock. Then she takes a faceful of cum with a smile. Jessae definitely knows how to use her size to her advantage.

Exxxtra Small - Kiara Cole - Big Dick Dreams

File: beog7naexsmkiacollbwpvmbnkd.mp4
Size: 1.10 GB
Duration: 55:17
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Little Kiara Cole may be a tiny chick, but that does not mean she is not dreaming big. In fact, she dreams of big things all the time, namely big cocks. She wants them in and around every orifice of her body, and today she gets exactly what she desires. Our stud shows up and offers her a heaping helping of sausage for her to munch on. She sticks it in her mouth and shows him what it means to get your cock sucked dry. Then, she bends her sweet, small body over so he can shove his giant dick inside her tight twat. Kiara spasms as she orgasms on his shaft. She just loves getting fucked!

Exxxtra Small - Megan Marx - Tiny Conjugal Cum Visits

File: ns9lbnaexsmmegmarzlnjcenwha.mp4
Size: 442.80 MB
Duration: 32:05
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Megan Marx is the perfect little slut our stud needs to get his rocks off today. She shows up to his jail cell looking extra cute with her perky titties and bubbly ass. And even though she looks like the innocent, girl next door type, she has a naughty streak that she cannot wait to let out. She strips down and pleasures our studs fat prick with her tender, wet mouth. Then, as she feels her pussy start to drip, she mounts his cock for an extra tight cockride. How he fits all that meat inside her, we may never know! He strokes until he is ready to blow a gasket. Then, he sprays the hungry whore down with his hot semen. There is a little extra protein for you, Megan.

Exxxtra Small - Ava Parker - Piggy Back Cock Ride

File: riqnwnaexsmavaparn9givguiws.mp4
Size: 456.40 MB
Duration: 33:00
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When a tiny girl like Ava Parker gets her kite stuck in a tree, there is nothing she can do but cry about it. Luckily, her neighbor shows up to help get her out of the conundrum she is in. He puts her on his shoulders and lifts her to the top of the tree to grab her kite. Once that is taken care of, she decides to take care of something else. Ava brings him inside and gobbles his hard cock. Then she lays on her back and moans as he slams her sweet teen twat. Finally, he strokes until he is ready to blow his load and then skeets all over her cute face. Now, theres a happy ending!

Exxxtra Small - Chloe Temple - The Masking Tape Muff

File: rr8mrnaexsmchltemqwpcrwrdte.mp4
Size: 537.86 MB
Duration: 38:53
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: An extra small chick like Chloe Temple sometimes needs help doing physical labor. Like today, while she is moving, there is no way she can handle all those boxes by herself. Luckily, our stud is there to lend her a helping hand. He brings her boxes inside and soon, Chloe is showing off her own special box. He tapes her mouth and wrists before letting her lips free to suck his fat cock. Then, he eats her pussy while holding her up in mid air! She rides his thick prick and then he spurts hot jizz all over her cute little face. Look at the cute smile as she tastes his semen. Like a good neighbor, his fat cock is there!

Exxxtra Small - Riley Star - Spin Cycle Satisfaction

File: 6fdu8naexsmrilstaj1j4liyofi.mp4
Size: 495.52 MB
Duration: 35:49
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Riley Star is a cute blondie who is hot and knows it. She uses her tiny body to get guys to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Just watch her show off her perky titties and her perfectly toned physique. She can induce a boner like a pro. And when our stud shows up, she proves that she also knows how to pleasure one, too. She sucks and slobbers before hopping on his giant prick to go for a wild ride. The little babe gyrates her hips and works her tight pussy lips on his massive dong, eager for his semen. She even gets dicked down in a washing machine! By the time she is done, our stud is ready to blow the load of his life. And he does, all over young Riley. A satisfying finish to an extra small fuck sesh.

Exxxtra Small - Paris White - One More Tiny Ride

File: fwzvenaexsmparwhih2ekay1pzb.mp4
Size: 632.49 MB
Duration: 45:44
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Paris White finds out that our stud is moving out of his house, she needs to fuck him one more time before he leaves. This tiny blonde slut loves his fat dick so much, letting him go without one more pussy pounding would be a sin. So, she hides in his trunk, perking her ass and cunt out so that he can slam her silly. He s his massive meat into her tight teen twat and gives her a ramming to remember. Then, he picks her up and fucks her mid air. That is quite a maneuver! The only thing left is for Paris to take a nice steamy load, and she does with pleasure. Looks like this chick got the last ride she was hoping for.

Exxxtra Small - Alice Pink - Big Boats, Small Hoes

File: cmexxnaexsmalipin9nzkp9wxb9.mp4
Size: 778.91 MB
Duration: 38:26
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: In her cute little tee, Alice Pink is titillating as she hoses down a boat outside. She gets herself all wet in the process, making our studs cock stand up at attention. She kneels down and pleasures his stiff rod, using her hands and mouth to make the cum bubble up in his balls. Then, he stuffs her pussy full of fat dick, picking her up in a full nelson while slamming her from behind. Her face contorts in pleasure as he pierces her twat. Then, while he unloads a splash of jizz in her mouth, she masturbates like the sexy whore she is. Just look at this little slut go! Do you think Alice cleans up good? Let us know in the comments!

Exxxtra Small - Allie Nicole - Slumber Party Snatch

File: 9a1xfnaexsmallnictaexldaybr.mp4
Size: 436.95 MB
Duration: 31:37
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Allie Nicole is a naughty girl who likes her friends brother. She was curious about him the moment she met him, and now she wants to see what his cock would feel like inside of her pussy. She asks her friend a few questions, and she tells him he is just a dork who jerks off all day. Little does she know, that just turns Allie on more. She waits for her friend to close her eyes for a rest before texting her brother a scandalous selfie. Then, he sneaks into the room and slides his cock into the horny teens tight pussy while his sister is resting on the top bunk. He pumps away, fucking her harder than she has ever been fucked before. Then, he blasts a load of cum all over her. A sticky finish for a dirty girl!

Exxxtra Small - Aubree Ice - Change Clothes And Hoe

File: 4bu79naexsmaubicetcnnz1mh7e.mp4
Size: 415.17 MB
Duration: 37:53
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Aubree Ice has a gorgeous face and a cute, alluring body to match. She shows up for some fun and strips out of her clothes to change into some sexy red lingerie. She flaunts her body around the house and then heads back into the bedroom for some hot pussy penetrating action. Our stud comes in and whips out his thick cock. The cute Asian babe kneels down and takes his dick in her mouth like the obedient slut she is. Then she bends over on the bed so he can fuck her doggystyle. As she squirms in orgasmic delight, she cannot believe how deep his cock is inside of her. It is safe to say Aubrey is going to be visiting more often. Do you want to see her back soon? Let us know in the comments!

Exxxtra Small - Liv Revamped - A Cock Worked Whorange

File: fupyunaexsmlivreveh6ypaiddd.mp4
Size: 349.45 MB
Duration: 49:30
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Whats it going to be then, eh? This little chick is really looking for some sexual candy on a starry night like tonight. She goes over to the old milk bar, jonesing for a little cock in her sausage pocket. When she sees a gang of no gooders, she cannot help but get a little perked in the pussy area. Surely if she tells them she likes candy, they will pick up her drift. And they do, offering her all the chocolate stick she can handle. These black droogies lay on their backs and whip out their swords for the vivacious vixen to swallow. She kisses their cocks and drools down their shafts before taking each for a little joyride. She may be extra small, but she knows how to work a big snake!

Exxxtra Small - Ariel Mcgwire - The Old Switcheroo

File: zt4pwnaexsmarimcgpivzxqnssq.mp4
Size: 395.20 MB
Duration: 30:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ariel McGwire got fucked so well last night that she is ready for round two. But what she does not realize is that it is actually her boyfriends brother who is laying on the kitchen floor fixing their sink. She gets down on his dick, and fucks the wrong guy in a classic case of mistaken identity! Either way, his dong is big enough to satisfy her needs, and she rides it hard, loving every inch. When she finally realizes who she is riding, she is undeterred. They move to the living room and she finishes the job, sucking his cock before laying back on the couch to get penetrated. He bangs her hard and then blows a sticky load all over her face. Looks like he got her with the old switcheroo!

Exxxtra Small - Emma Starletto - Valentines Day Double Dick Down

File: wztqnnaexsmemmstaavwxafvaua.mp4
Size: 464.02 MB
Duration: 42:20
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Starletto is so hot that she has two Valentines Dates this year. A girl like her knows how to juggle two thirsty guys at once. She sneaks a blowjob with her second date while her first date waits around like a dunce! But when her first date walks in on her sucking another guys dick, he thinks quickly. Maybe a little double stuffing would be fun! Emma catches on and opens her mouth wide to suck both studs massive pricks. She swirls her tongue around the tips of their cocks and then bends over to take some hard schlong in her tight twat. She loves letting her pussy juice drip all over their shafts. Finally, our studs deliver some steamy loads of cum all over Emma. What a way to compromise!

Exxxtra Small - Jessica Jewels - 99 Head Balloons

File: bim6hnaexsmjesjew5lvl3lnzpj.mp4
Size: 593.34 MB
Duration: 44:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jessica Jewels needs to deliver some balloons to a birthday party ASAP. The only problem is, she is so small that she can barely keep herself on the ground while holding all of them! One by one they float away, leaving her with just three measly balloons by the time she gets to the birthday party. And the birthday boy is pissed about it. He tells her he is going to call her boss unless she is ready to get down on her knees and make it up to him. She is happy to be his party treat, so she takes his cock deep in her throat. Then she bends over and pops her pussy for him to slam her hard. Finally, the birthday sex comes to a head when he blows his load all over the tiny teen. What a way to celebrate!

Exxxtra Small - Kenzie Reeves - An Extra Flexible Fuck

File: ygj6vnaexsmkenree1rcqfdvmgt.mp4
Size: 661.08 MB
Duration: 47:57
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute little Kenzie Reeves could not be more excited to get dicked the fuck out today while dancing and prancing around the beautiful, sunny backyard. She finally heads inside to meet our stud who is waiting with a hard cock and a hunger for tight, young pussy. He pulls her shorts down in the kitchen and sticks his thick prick inside her for some intense twat reaming. Then, they move to the living room where Kenzie shows off her flexibility, doing a full split onto our studs throbbing dong. She bounces on his dick until he is ready to burst, and she gets down on her knees to take a gooey cum facial. With gymnastic skills like Kenzies, it is no wonder she knows how to work a pole so well!

Exxxtra Small - Jasmine Grey - Mini Measure Of A Muff

File: v2xnonaexsmjasgreqzczv2wkcl.mp4
Size: 587.15 MB
Duration: 44:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jasmine Grey receives a package full of clothes, but they are not for her. In fact, all the clothes are way too big because she is so tiny. Our stud comes to pick up the package, but wants Jasmine to try the clothes on for him. She agrees and lets him take some measurements of her nude body. Soon, she is so turned on that she cannot help herself from getting soaking wet. She gives into the big guy and lets him pick her up and eat her pussy in mid air. Then he shoves his extra thick cock all the way down her tiny throat. She supermans on his cock and then finally takes a gooey load all over her. This extra small girl knows how to take an extra large cock!

Exxxtra Small - Adrian Hush - Diving In Her Deep End

File: 4dhbtnaexsmadrhusz1qtpd29zl.mp4
Size: 629.20 MB
Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Adrian Hush has been waiting forever to finally get to splash around and have some fun in the new pool. But just when she thinks her time has finally come, it starts to rain! Luckily, our stud shows up to save the day. He pulls out his very own pool noodle, and she realizes there is plenty of fun to be had indoors. She does a nose dive into a wet blowjob and then climbs on top of him so he can stick it in her deep end. She spreads her pussy lips for our stud to do some laps, and he gets all the cardio he can handle. After stroking through her lovely swim lane, he finally busts a fat load all over her. This is synchronized swimming at its best!

Exxxtra Small - Ava Haze - Sex In The Suburbs

File: csc3dnaexsmavahazlgzkjf2g18.mp4
Size: 451.77 MB
Duration: 34:09
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ava Haze and her man are just an average suburban couple, watching the days go by as they live out the most mundane version of the American Dream. But when her man goes to work, the fun begins for Ava. She finds his credit card and does her favorite thing in the world, she shops! When our stud finally gets home from work, he sees all the unnecessary crap she bought and knows he needs to punish her. He ties her wrists together and throws her on the bed, hiking her skirt up and pulling out his fat cock. He penetrates her from behind, stroking his thick meat inside her while she moans orgasmically. Then they move to the couch and bone until he squirts goo all over her. This facial is priceless! Do you think Ava is a cutie? Let us know in the comments!

Exxxtra Small - Chloe Foster - Dungeons And Dragon Dick

File: zhemenaexsmchlfoszozwqaacfm.mp4
Size: 660.27 MB
Duration: 50:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Foster is super into the world of fantasy. Dungeons, dragons, and all that jazz. But when she talks about dragons, she is not referring to huge mythical beasts. She is talking about her dildos! She has been training for a long time to take the biggest one, which she calls her dragon cock, and she loves showing off all her progress. She sticks them in one at a time until she finally penetrates her tight young pussy with the special dragon toy! After she sleighs the beast, our stud shows up to offer her a fat cock reward. He facefucks her and then sticks his dong inside her cunt to show her what a real life dragon dick can do. He strokes until he is ready to spurt, and then unloads a huge heap of cum all over this nerdy chick. Talk about fantasy fulfillment!

Exxxtra Small - Jasmine Grey - Elf On A Shelf

File: yihdjnaexsmjasgrex79gqgw9p6.mp4
Size: 426.30 MB
Duration: 31:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When a mysterious package from the North Pole arrives at this studs doorstep, he is more than a little curious. There is a lifelike elf doll inside who looks a lot like Jasmine Grey, and it comes with directions that she should not be touched. But being the naughty guy that he is, he cannot help but feel around. Soon, he finds that this little elf is causing all kinds of havoc around the house. Finally, he catches her sneaking around, and the jig is up. He pulls out his long South Pole and rams this mischievous helper doggystyle. She moans while he decks her halls and gives her a Christmas dick down she will never forget. Looks like this little helper got her stocking stuffed!

Exxxtra Small - Claire Black - Keyboard Cunt Stuffing

File: hkjstnaexsmclabla5ktmwx5xef.mp4
Size: 292.31 MB
Duration: 41:05
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Claire Black is trying to study, but she cannot seem to shake her desire to get on the piano and try to remember how to play. All those years she spent taking lessons while growing up had to be worth something, right? She hops over to the keyboard, but as she fumbles with the music, her boyfriend starts to get some crazy ideas. He comes up behind this extra small sweetie and plops his cock down on the piano keys! Claire looks over and is shocked at the size of his wood. He picks her up, flips her upside down and then facefucks her. Then he bends her over and s his long staff into her tight, teen pussy. Claire may not have been much of a piano player, but she sure can sing when she has a cock inside of her!