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Elsa Jean

Cherry Pimps - Elsa Jean - Elsa Gets That Facial She Craves

File: wg9oonachpielsjea8whz9dnxdx.mp4
Size: 467.06 MB
Duration: 20:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa Jean is craving some sex and knows just how to get it from Jay Smooth. He loves how she climbs on top and gets out of her lingerie while giving him one great hand job! She wants that cock in her mouth though and soon she is getting nice and sloppy all over that dick! Elsa loves how hard his dick is and knows just how much better it will feel inside her tight little pussy! Jay fucks Elsa however she desires and soon has one huge facial to really enjoy!

Cherry Pimps - Elsa Jean & India Summer - Elsa Gets A Hot Milf To Fuck

File: i9cyjnachpielsind6nrl1vddmc.mp4
Size: 539.33 MB
Duration: 24:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: If there is one person Elsa Jean really loves it is India Summer and as these 2 hot babes get together we really see the chemistry they have! Elsa just can not get enough of Indias beautiful trimmed pussy. She tastes so sweet and licks her fingers clean. India is not going to let The Cherry Of The Year escape without showing her just how quick she can make her orgasm using only her fingers! No wonder Elsa wanted to get India in her bed so badly!

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel & Elsa Jean - Babysitter Auditions

File: ieg98nabuanjoaelsoyy7ermzdt.mp4
Size: 409.78 MB
Duration: 31:20
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Pressing on with our search for the perfect babysitter, petite princess Elsa Jean arrived for her interview. Even though her ass looked yummy and her body looked fit and fuckable, we still needed to make sure that she was in the proper physical shape to take on the...STRENUOUS duties of 'babysitting'. So we had her hop into a tiny pair of underwear and a little tube top to test some of her physical reactions. After she jumped up and down a few times, stretched her long legs and bounced her plump little ass in our faces we needed to make sure that she could physically keep up with US, so we invited Elsa to join us in our customary family threesome. Elsa was totally up for it, giving us her perfectly perky tits and sweetly shaved snatch to lick, stretch, fuck, finger, and scissor all the filthy and forbidden things that make her scream and make us cream.

Hot And Mean - Elsa Jean & Katana Kombat - Assistant Fail

File: yzwwmnahoanmeelskat6uyhmocarq.mp4
Size: 295.26 MB
Duration: 27:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elsa is having a hell of a time keeping her boss, Katana, happy. Elsa has only been her assistant for a couple of weeks but she always seems to do everything wrong. Katana has finally had enough of Elsa's bumbling and decides to take matters into her own hands, by showing Elsa some discipline. Katana has a way of correcting bad behavior that she thinks Elsa may enjoy.

All Girl Massage - India Summer & Elsa Jean - The Protg

File: 4tg1qnaalgimaindelsnbeq9k8rxa.mp4
Size: 345.55 MB
Duration: 41:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer leads Elsa Jean through the door to a massage parlor, and Elsa asks what they're doing there. Isn't this a weird place to serve detention? India explains that she owns the parlor, and Elsa exclaims that she had no idea her teacher was a masseuse! India explains it was a side job she started in the summer when classes were out, but she grew to love it and decided to open up a small parlor with some business partners. Elsa asks why she's showing her all this, and India explains that Elsa seems like a bright teen but she just isn't applying herself in her studies, and India thinks it's because she just hasn't found out what interests her yet. She asks if Elsa knows what she wants to do when she grows up, and Elsa confesses that she doesn't. India explains that neither did she when she grew up, and in fact she had no idea a few years ago she'd like being a masseuse either, but it's only by having new experiences and being exposed to new things that we learn about ourselves. India remarks that she knows Elsa's best grades right now are in her physical education courses, so maybe a career in athletics or physical wellness might interest her, so she thought she'd bring Elsa here to inspire her.

India asks Elsa to follow her. She tells her she has something she wants to show her. When they enter the massage area, Elsa's eyes light up. By the look on her face, she's completely enamored by what she's seeing. India extends her hands and puts them on her shoulders to get her attention. She makes eye contact with her hoping to drive her point across. She tells her that if she puts in some effort and gets her life together, India could take her on as an intern next summer. Elsa starts jumping up and down. She simply can't contain her joy. India sharpens her tone to insinuate how serious she is. 'You clearly are passionate about massage but you're all over the place...You start showing up on time, get your assignments in and I'll definitely consider it.' Elsa is so happy that she hugs her teacher and promises that she'll do better.

'Since you're so excited, maybe I can give you a small demonstration right now,' India says with a wink. Elsa grins with excitement and says yes please. India laughs and says good, they came all this way after all, so they may as well make good use of their time together. Just as long as Elsa doesn't tell anybody she let her slack off during detention. Elsa giggles and says don't worry, she won't tell anyone. India tells Elsa the first step is to undress and get on the table under the towel, and to call out when she's ready. Even before India is out the door Elsa starts peeling off her shirt, at first India shakes her head laughing at her eagerness, but as Elsa's breasts come into view, India raises her eyebrow and licks her lips. 'Now just lay right there, honey,' she says warmly, 'and I'll talk you through the basics you'd be expected to know before giving your first massage.' India walks her student through some simple massage steps.

India starts massaging Elsa as she provides instructions while she works. 'And why do we massage a knot in a circular motion Elsa?' India asks. 'Because by doing that, we elongate the muscles around the knot, thereby loosening the area in question' replies Elsa. 'Good girl' India says congratulating her. She starts massaging her ass and asks her student why this area is so important. Elsa responds 'Because not only do people in office jobs sit on their butts all day but the stress also tends to accumulate there.' India congratulates her again, stating that her answer is correct. India then asks her to turn over. She explains that sometimes when a client wants their ass massaged it's not only because they accumulate stress in that area but because they want to relieve 'other forms' of stress. Elsa listens attentively as India continues. 'The same thing goes for female clients and their vaginas...sometimes they need to be worked on just as much. We don't ignore any body parts when it comes to massage.' India moves her hand gently to her student's teen pussy. Her student's eyes go wide, but India looks at her before going any further. She asks Elsa if she'd like India to show her. Elsa bites her lip and nods eagerly. This is just what she needs to convince her to do well in school!