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Alex More

Dyked - Alex More & Harmony Wonder - Gym Class Snatch Sheroes

File: unonynadykalehargiydsv6qoq.mp4
Size: 511.22 MB
Duration: 37:03
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex More and Harmony Wonder are gym buddies who know how to have fun. They love stretching out together, and when they do, they tend to get a little touchy. Before you know it, they both are out of their skin tight gym clothes playing with each others hot young bodies. Alex rubs Harmonys clit, getting her pussy nice and wet and ready to be eaten. Alex spasms as she cums on Harmonys hungry tongue and then returns the cunt munching favor. She licks Harmonys sweet twat until she is ready to explode. Then they get down and dirty with some intense tribbing action. With exercises like these, it is no wonder these girls are so motivated to hit the gym!

Cherry Pimps - Alex More & Bellah Dahl - Alex Gives Bellah A Wild Sybian Ride

File: okipcnachpialebelfzyu3n9a5f.mp4
Size: 698.59 MB
Duration: 59:25
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Alex More has her good friend Bellah Dahl with her and is excited to show her the ropes during her first LIVE show! Bellah is a little nervous but with a babe like Alex leading the way it will be one fucking great time! These naughty babes love to tease in their lingerie and thigh high stockings but really want to strip it off and show off those beautiful tits and pussy! Bellah loves how Alex licks and sucks on her pierced nipples. Bellah just can not get enough of that tongue! The girls bring out The Sybian to end the show and Alex does not hold back turning the vibration all the way up on Bellah multiple times knowing just how much she is cumming on top of it!

Taboo POV - Alex More - Daddy's girl will do anything to keep Step Daddy home.

File: 3dfbvnatapoalemorvstxbitqri.mp4
Size: 215.16 MB
Duration: 14:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: My step-daughter walked in on me jerking off in the bathroom. My wife hates the thought of me having any joy without her. My sexy step-daughter has grown into a sexy adult woman. But shes still my baby girl. She was embarrassed for walking in on me, so I went in her bedroom to comfort her. When she put 2 and 2 together she was scared I was going to leave just like her real dad. Then she asked to see my cock again and for me to please not tell her mom, but she wanted to help with my frustrations. Such a giving good girl.

Teens Love Black Cocks - Alex More - Dont Hate The Player, Hate The Shame

File: outcanateloblcoalemor3iegzi8mtg.mp4
Size: 365.61 MB
Duration: 33:26
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes girls feel the need to step out on their man so they can indulge in some fat black dick. That is exactly what is on Alex Mores slutty agenda today as she shirks dinner plans with her boy. He tracks her down and watches as she slobbers on a big black snake. But instead of letting it be, he breaks into the house to confront the interracial fuckers. As a result, Alex makes her poor guy watch as the big black stud rails her tight hole. He sticks his poker in from behind and pounds her pussy, bringing her to climax multiple times as the cuckold watches in disbelief. Then, she swallows his seed, hoping that her boy has learned something from the experience.

Shop Lyfter - Alex More - Case No. 4958302

File: kdidonashlyalemorsg3oany8w9.mp4
Size: 448.74 MB
Duration: 41:02
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Case 4958302 March 6th, 545 PM. Suspect is a dark-haired, white adolescent female. She has been detained after using dash and grab theft techniques. She attempts to run through the store and stuff her bag with merchandise, but the Loss Prevention Officer is able to stop her and escort her to the backroom for item retrieval. Advanced interrogation steps are then deployed. Evidence logged on March 6th, 2019.

Petite HD Porn - Alex More - Orgasmic Girlfriend

File: ovstonapehdpoalemorzy3fxglptt.mp4
Size: 399.93 MB
Duration: 13:35
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alex More is lonely and has contented herself up until now with dildos and vibrators. When she meets Codey Steele her life gets a whole lot brighter. She has a hot new boyfriend who's not just good looking, he's also great in bed. Their makeout session in Alex's back yard gets hot and heavy real quick, with Codey stroking Alex's twat beneath her miniskirt and Alex returning the favor by rubbing Codey's hard dick. Pulling Codey's pants down, Alex is quick to wrap her lips around her new beau's fuck stick.

While Alex is sucking, Codey peels her panties down so his hands can explore the wet delight of her needy snatch. He finds her primed and ready to fuck, as she proves a moment later when she swings one leg over Codey's lap and slides down onto his hardon. Alex's ride is fast and furious as she sets a wild and crazy pace that won't end until she cums. As soon as she's enjoyed one climax, she hops off that dick and sucks her own juices off of Codey's fuck stick, then gets on her hands and knees so he can bang her doggy style.

Rolling onto her back, Alex invites Codey back inside her nicely trimmed snatch as she rubs her own clit. The double stimulation gets her off, but Codey isn't done yet. He bends Alex nearly in half as he really goes all out for her pleasure, pounding that pussy until she's moaning once again. As Codey reaches the brink of a climax of his own, he pulls out so Alex can jerk him off on her belly to finish their first time together.

Gloryhole Secrets - Alex More - Alex M's First Gloryhole Video

File: twbatnaglsealemorc7vbxvql6j.mp4
Size: 694.88 MB
Duration: 45:21
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alright, gloryholers, you asked for More and that's what we're giving you, Alex More, that is! Please welcome 27-year-old Alex to the booth. You may recognize her from her epic gangbang over on our sister site, GangbangCreampie.com, where she took five big loads in her luscious, large-lipped pussy. She gives us a Sharon Stone-inspired peek at those lips in the opening seconds of this interview but don't worry, you'll see MORE of it later. See what I did there? Those five loads she took between her legs are nothing compared to the TEN LOADS she will be swallowing from strangers today. Fortunately for us, Alex is a cum fanatic! She loves it everywhere in her mouth, down her throat, in her pussy, in her ass, pretty much anywhere she can get it. She'll be getting plenty on her tongue and into her stomach today. Just sucking dick is enough to give Alex an orgasm. Her record is 110 orgasms in one day! Alex is a sexual submissive, so she gets majorly turned on when the hands reach through the holes and start fondling her mid-interview. Remember how she said she likes cum everywhere? Keep an eye out for lucky cumshot 5 who gets to cum on Alex's big pussy lips. She even backs up on the cock a little to push some of the cum inside. Hot! Make sure you watch all the way through to the end to see Alex finger and vibe herself to a gushing, squirting orgasm. We're pretty sure you'll be asking for more of Alex More, but tell us just how much more you want in the comments below. Come back next week to see which starlet with an amusing name winds up in the booth here on GloryholeSecrets

Princess Cum - Alex More & Norah Nova - Fill Her Up

File: qszg7naprcualenorjzqtzsawhf.mp4
Size: 404.30 MB
Duration: 25:04
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alex More decides to keep the remote control from her stepbrother Robby Echo as her friend Norah Nova encourages the argument. The kids all reluctantly sit down on the couch together as their parents Dick Chibble and Alana Cruise go through pictures on their phones. Knowing that the two parents are distracted, Norah takes advantage and starts flaunting her tits at Robby. When Dick and Alana leave to go make snacks, Alex watches Norah put Robby's hands on her breasts. Once Norah feels how hard Robby is, she pulls out his dick and starts sucking him off!

Norah isn't about to seduce her friend's stepbro all by herself. She urges Alex to show off her own perky titties. Then she goes back to slurping happily as she deep throats Robby's fuck stick. When Norah decides that they're going to take things a step further, she instructs Alex to take off her shorts and panties. On her hands and knees, Alex watches over her shoulder as Robby slides his hardon all the way inside. Then her moans are muffled by Norah's pussy as her friend positions herself at the perfect angle for a pussy licking.

The trio tries to hold the moan, but it gets harder when Alex and Norah switch places. On her back in the middle with Robby's thick dick between her legs and Alex's juicy snatch riding her mouth, Norah is all smiles and giggles as she gets ever closer to cumming. Alex finds herself on the bottom once again with Norah first dominating her face and then sliding down so that Robby has a double pussy stack to bang. When she's had enough, Norah keeps sitting on Alex's belly while instructing Robby to cum in his stepsister. Robby obliges despite Alex's protests, filling her with a creampie just as their parents walk back in and catch them in the act.