Dick Drainers - Jessica Marie - Teaching My Racist Tutor To Watch Her Fuqn Mouth

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Description: Why should we have to go to class if we come here to play basketball! We ain't come to play SCHOOL!!! I ain't tryna be no doctor, I'm goin to the league And wit all the bread we make for these schools they at least shouldn't be forcin niqqas to study they ass off all the time! We got games to play!

But this Academic Advisor we got over here said I ain't gonna be able to play if I don't pass this fuqn test So they got me a tutor. And get this. They got me a tutor who still in high school Bitch look like she just started there too. Wat this lil ass girl gonna teach me??

Good ass question rite? I ain't kno how good of a question until this lil girl tried to explain this shii. She smart yea but this bitch can't even tutor She actin like a niqqa spose to know this shii off rip. No, bitch I don't know about the periodic table cuz I'm studying how to defend this big ass niqqa from that school down south this weekend

Won't surprise me if this bitch go to that school down south when she graduate from high school. They racist AF down there and that's the vibe I was gettin from this lil bitch

So when she went to the lil girls room, I made sure I ain't go too far. Had a feelin this bitch was lying and I was rite. This lil girl pull out her phone to call sumbody...sound like she got a lil diq white boyfriend. And she was sayin sum shii The type of shii u would expect a lil white bitch from that part of the state to say Heard every N word. Hard R too

Could get her fired from this lil tutoring job But nah. I ain't no snitchI'ma take care of this racist white bitch myself Lets see what this bitch say when she chokin on my big black diq!