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Fantasy Massage - Megan Winters - Shower Pressure

File: 4h5ehnafamamegwin1yb7xqzbvs.mp4
Size: 296.52 MB
Duration: 38:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Megan Winters comes in to the massage parlor, glistening with sweat and still wearing her ear buds. She's slightly out of breath as she approaches the reception desk, and pulls the ear buds out of her ears when masseur Jake Adams starts trying to talk to her. Sorry, she says, she just jogged all the way here. He asks if Megan is ready for her massage, and she says yes but then touches the sweat all over her arms and asks if she could take a shower first before he touches her. He says sure, there's one in the massage room, and asks her to follow him.

In the massage room, Jake tells Megan that she can take a couple of minutes in the shower, and then dry herself off, put a towel over herself and lie face-down on the table. He'll come back in about five minutes to check on her. She says no problem, he can even come back in four, and gives him an innocent smile. When he shuts the door however, her innocent smile turns wicked as she peels off her clothes to reveal her perky breasts and juicy ass. After Megan showers for a few minutes, Jake knocks on the door uncertainly. He asks if he should come back in a few more minutes, but she tells him it's fine, he can come in. He enters the room and is confused to see his client still in the shower. He apologizes saying he thought she said to come in but he must have misunderstood. From behind the shower door, Megan tells him he didn't misunderstand, she wanted him to come in.

With a mischievous grin, she says he should join her in the shower. He tries to shield the view from his eyes with his hand, scoffing and telling her that this is highly inappropriate. She pouts, and starts moving her hands all along her body suggestively while she talks. He's been on his feet all day, hasn't he? In this hot weather? She bets he could use a break to wash off and feel fresh. It's so nice in here, and look, it's all soapy and clean! She drips some water on her hard pink nipples. Is he sure he doesn't want to join her? Her taut body against the glass is too good for Jake to resist and he climbs into the shower.

Once in the shower, Jake gives Megan a standing massage, his hands travelling sensually over her soaking wet body. She touches him as he massages her, caressing his cock as it gets nice and hard. Before long, touching isn't enough for Jake. He slides his dick into Megan's wet and waiting pussy from behind, fucking her as she leans on the shower wall. She moans loudly as he pounds her, her perfect tits pressing against the glass. Jake's already sending Megan over the edge, and her massage hasn't even BEGUN yet...

Milfs Like it Big - Mercedes Carrera - You Just Might Get It

File: 7tbhenamiliitbimercarz45lfjmywf.mp4
Size: 446.41 MB
Duration: 34:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Mercedes is a hot ass MILF and her step son, Xander, wishes he could fuck someone just like her! Little does he know his wish is about to cum true. He wakes up to find Mercedes hungry for his cock and she'll do anything to satisfy her cravings. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!

Deepthroat Frenzy - Ava Black - Most Welcomed Hand

File: 9d6fsnadefravabla7mvjmtst5g.mp4
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Duration: 19:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The smoking hot babe, Ava Black needs a bit of help while working out. Fortunately Thomas Stone is there to help the hottie! The young babe is seduced by him and to thank you, she decides to suck his big hard cock until Ava takes all the hot cum!

Teen Pies - Honey Moon - A Virtual Match Made In Heaven

File: ljssbnatepihonmoob4yukyja3a.mp4
Size: 440.08 MB
Duration: 33:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Honey Moon has been devastated ever since her boyfriend broke up with her for cheating on him. But they say the best way to get over a guy is to get under one, and that is exactly what Honey has on her mind. She gets on a dating app and matches with our lucky stud, inviting him to come over right away. When he gets there, he sees how hot this sexy little Asian chick is and then reveals that he is actually a high school student. Honey does not let his age get in the way. She whips his tree trunk dick out of his pants and jerks him until she is ready to get penetrated. Then he slams her tight Asian pussy until she is cumming harder than she ever did with her boyfriend. Seems like a match made in heaven!

Life Selector - Anikka Albrite - Annika's Biggest Fan

File: ljzjanaliseannalbdbbcqr6wfz.mp4
Size: 550.97 MB
Duration: 28:17
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: How lucky you are. From all those guys out there, Annika, the hot porn babe chooses you to have fun with. Every time she picks a man among her fans to satisfy... and this time it is you. You can ask for anything... a pure blowjob sensation or a full sex service. But which one you would love to get more? Wanna get a head? Or a pussy? Or are you cheeky enough to ask for both? The choice is yours.

Erotica X - Zoe Bloom - Stranger In The Dark

File: s6rxxnaerxzoeblofoqbzmmiz1.mp4
Size: 260.04 MB
Duration: 38:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Zoe pretends to be taking a stroll in a park, when a nature photographer, Charles, accidentally takes photos of her, and she gets upset. But after an apology, she's not so lens-shy any longer, and asks if he can take some sexy snaps of her, then they head back to their place for a round of heated sex.

Brazzers Exxtra - Emily Addison - Anonymous Attraction

File: uzusinabrexemiaddprmsaweqtt.mp4
Size: 350.48 MB
Duration: 32:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When conspiracy theory podcaster Keiran Lee receives anonymous messages teasing him about his dirty web browsing history, he laughs it off as it being an online fan having some fun with him. However, when the messenger claims to be able to see him and what he's doing, he gets spooked and wonders if his conspiracy theories are starting to come true. He then receives a video featuring a naked masked babe who masturbates for him. Suddenly there's someone at the door. A nervous Keiran answers it and finds his anonymous hacker is Emily Addison, and she's his biggest fan! It's Keiran's lucky day, because Emily doesn't want to discuss conspiracy theories, she wants Keiran to stick his big dick inside of her and cum all over her face!

Shop Lyfter - Athena Rayne - Case No. 1122187

File: vpi52nashlyathraybyxoeuyhic.mp4
Size: 577.41 MB
Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Suspect is a blonde, adolescent female. She has been caught stealing small, low priced items from the storefront. As the value of stolen merchandise does not exceed twenty dollars, standard catch and release protocol is followed. However, while in custody, the suspect attempts to steal the Loss Prevention Officers wallet. An extensive strip search is conducted, and the items are recovered using advanced retrieval methods. Evidence logged on January 16, 2019.

Pervs On Patrol - Ryan Keely - Pervert Pov

File: 6odwgnapeonparyakeeyz1k9jnk8l.mp4
Size: 290.73 MB
Duration: 35:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Did she spot you? Watching her arrive home, each lithe leg accentuated by her tight bottoms. Supple ass shaking. You try a couple doors, but there's no easy way in. You find her bedroom windows and spot Ryan peeling off her leggings, round ass aimed right at you! Now she's putting on lingerie and heels Come on, she has to know! She's doing this just to tease you! You look away just for a second before -- SHIT! She's got you!

Bang - Vanna Bardot - Vanna Bardot Is Back Again To Get Her Tight Pussy Destroyed

File: a2qytnabanvanbarmkveaxjnkd.mp4
Size: 158.76 MB
Duration: 36:20
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Format: mp4
Description: Vanna Bardot is back for round 2! She loves his thick porn cock so much that she spreads her pussy for him in any way that he wants it. She is a petite cutie that still has her braces on! She lathers his cock by licking it up and down and spitting on it to get it nice and wet. Then she spreads her legs and takes his cock deep inside of her! She's so tight that he finishes her off by busting inside of her and leaving a thick load of cum deep within.

Big Cock Bully - Fallon West - Fallon West Fucks Her Boyfriends Bully

File: a48wanabicobufalwesuwzz6bdjrm.mp4
Size: 423.77 MB
Duration: 34:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Looks like Fallon West's boyfriend is in for it, again! He owes Alex D. quite a bit of money after making some sports wagers. Alex stops by his house only to find the bubble butt girlfriend, Fallon, all home alone. But Alex D. isn't going anywhere, he wants his money -- yesterday! Fallon decides to pay the debt with her juicy pussy and big ass, all wrapped up in black lace lingerie. Lucky for her, this bully is packing some serious cock pleasing size.

Blacks On Blondes - Lexi Lore - Lexi Loves Being A Babysitter

File: bys1qnablonbllexlorcixeptowi2.mp4
Size: 372.34 MB
Duration: 33:04
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore loves being a babysitter. It's decent money, the job works well with her new schedule as a freshman at the community college, but the thing she loves most about babysitting is hot dads! Lexi loves today's dad, Mr. Piper, so much...well, he's one of her fantasies! Lexi loves him so much, there she goes again...snooping through his bedroom after he's left with one of his buddies to go watch sports at one of the local pubs! There's only one problem Mr. Piper forgot his wallet. And he's about to catch Lexi, red-handed!! Mr. Piper is going to give bad-babysitter Lexi a good, sound spanking. Which is about the time Mr. Maxwell walks in to see why his buddy is taking so long to find his wallet! Both men will take turns on Lexi, cumulating in something she's never, ever felt her whole life -- double penetration! No one in the room can believe petite Lexi can be double-stuffed like that!! Then, Mr. Piper fills her sweet little pussy with his semen. Mr. Maxwell follows by spraying Lexi's braces with his cum! You know Lexi swallows whatever didn't land on her face and hair! After it's all said and done, Lexi loves Mr. Piper and his friend more than ever!

Blacked - Ivy Wolfe - My First

File: cdassnablaivywolqqj5qxfmsu.mp4
Size: 301.03 MB
Duration: 38:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ivy is on a break between semesters and moved back into her parent's place for a couple of weeks. Shes a bit of a perv and doesnt like how cramped her dorm room is. To really let her hair loose, she needs a bigger space.

Jacquie Et Michel - Juliette & Jess - Juliette Et Jess, Les Poupees S'amusent A Marseille

File: ghonrnajaetmijuljes5to4ev4j4p.mp4
Size: 689.67 MB
Duration: 45:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: With their angelic faces, Juliette, 18, and Jess, 25, have enough to thrill a lot of fans. Feasting on the Old Port in Marseille, and under the leadership of the sublime Nina, the girls chained exhib and naughty challenges with passersby. But most important for them was to discover each other in a quieter place, away from prying eyes ... Very accomplices, they are quickly joined by the friend Antho, who gives this hot plan a flavor a little more spicy yet!

Hot Legs and Feet - Leila Fiore & Lovenia Lux - High Heels For The Horny

File: ho7oanaholeanfeleilovy1mxqcepgu.mp4
Size: 255.68 MB
Duration: 30:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: DDF Network's latest pretty new face to join their legion of international pornstars is Russian beauty Leila Fiore, and today she debuts her luscious legs and suckable feet on Hot Legs Feet with Czech cutie Lovenia Lux as her nylon and toe sucking fetish loving lesbian girlfriend. Leila is horny waiting in the bedroom in red lingerie and thigh high stockings, when Lovenia comes home from a bag filled with foot fetish goodies' shopping spree. In her bag are sexy black high heels for Leila to try on, and Leila shows her thanks to Lovenia with French kissing and pussy licking. To give Leila easy access, Lovenia conveniently has on crotch open tights and no panties underneath.

Lovenia puts on her new pair of turquoise colored high heels complete with white bow and accents and now both fetish girlfriends fully turned on get into 69 and let their kinky desires loose toe sucking and pussy licking. Then getting their shaved pussies up against one another, the continue with foot licking and fingering.

Leila sticks her stockinged toes up into Lovenia's crotch to soak her juices as this 4K lesbian premium porn scene comes to an end.

Nympho - Kayla Paris - Up Close And Personal With Kayla

File: hyft3nanymkayparadqibxmm3w.mp4
Size: 698.92 MB
Duration: 59:47
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Kayla Paris, a hot new-cummer who constantly has sex on her mind. This starlet will do anything to please and gets off knowing her body is being used for your enjoyment. She loves taking every inch of cock deep inside that tight pussy and after watching this scene youll see how much of a nympho she is!

Pornstar Platinum - Joslyn James - Sucking And Fucking POV

File: iard4napopljosjamwwghvyttce.mp4
Size: 148.14 MB
Duration: 18:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Brand new POV, hope you love it! You all know me by now and if you don't, you're in for a wild scene! This is this guys first time riding the Joslyn train and he may be over his head. Because once I get him inside my mouth and pussy he won't last long. I'm a mean fucking milf machine and I ain't gonna stop till I get that load out of his balls!

Public Agent - Nika Black - Tight Czech Pussy Fucked In Forest

File: u6mrynapuagnikblaal4brb7qks.mp4
Size: 400.33 MB
Duration: 34:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I saw Nika Black walking along the side of the road, and she looked so sexy that I told her my pet had gone missing. When Nika offered to help me, I knew she was a good person, and I also saw she had huge boobs! As we walked along, Nika told me she was a student, and a student without much money. I offered her some crowns to show me her beautiful tits, and she flashed me. For 16000 crowns, Nika agreed to suck my dick. We went to a secluded location, and I fucked her pussy doggystyle. Her warm ass felt great bouncing on my cock! I came all over Nika's pussy.

Dane Jones - Adel Asanty - Wife In Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform

File: vbk2lnadajoadeasapcbrsmdxyd.mp4
Size: 259.06 MB
Duration: 22:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When her husband treats her extra well, sultry brunette wife, Adel Asanty, likes to do something naughty to treat him back. Stopping at the sex shop on the way home, Adel buys a sexy schoolgirl outfit to show off her marvelous tits and ass for Matt, who comes home to see his wife wearing the get up. The married couple make out, then Adel undoes Matt's pants and takes out his cock. Giving her husband a loving blowjob, Adel next climbs on top of Matt and rides his thick dick reverse cowgirl style, then Matt takes her tight pussy from behind doggystyle. While fucking Adel's pinkness on their side, Matt pulls out of his wife's pussy to cum all over it.

Nubile Films - Casey - Blonde And Beautiful

File: vh1jananuficaseanrtcnkq3o.mp4
Size: 373.25 MB
Duration: 25:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Casey has a surprise for Sabi as she sneaks up on the object of her desire. Her brand new outfit leaves her with easy access to her breasts, which Casey just knows Sabi will love. She takes a peek into the room to get the lay of the land, then takes a moment to caress her tender body as she works up the nerve to walk in on Sabi and take what she wants.

Taking the control from Sabi's hands, Casey fills his field of view with her lovely face while capturing a kiss. Sabi is indeed enamored by Casey's halter top. He undoes the tie, then fills his palms with the fullness of her perky natural breasts. Sliding his hands lower, he cups Casey's bottom before returning his attention to the hard nipple buffet right in front of his face.

Once he has revealed Casey's body to the waist, Sabi gets another one of the treats that his hot lover has in store for him. She unzips his pants and lets his hardon spring free. Taking Sabi's stiffie in hand, Casey strokes him and then leans in to run the flat of her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Soon she is contentedly slurping and sucking away as her hips move in the same rhythm that her mouth pulls on Sabi's man meat.

Sabi finishes relieving Casey of her outfit and then settles himself on his belly between her thighs. His tongue is busy as he probes her slippery slit. Finding her clit, he focuses on that button of nerves until Casey's breath is coming in gasping moans. Then he curls up behind her and slides into her tight warmth from behind as he spoons with her on the couch.

Gradually Casey rolls onto her knees with Sabi still buried inside her. They quickly transition from there to Casey straddling Sabi's hips and riding his fuck stick while he guides her with his hands tight around her waist. When Casey turns around to give Sabi some reverse cowgirl loving, it gives her the perfect opportunity to throw her head back and let sheer sensual bliss envelop her.

On her back, Sabi watches up the line of her leg as Sabi continues to dominate her cock craving snatch. He makes certain to leave her satisfied before allowing his own orgasm to overcome him. When he pulls out, Casey is ready and waiting to give him a handy until he lets his load loose all over her belly. Resuming his spooning position behind Casey, Sabi draws her close to cuddle as she smiles at her replete body.