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Mylfed - London RiverRileyStar - Headical Check Up

File: fqq71namyllonrivzvvelhnr9t.mp4
Size: 282.79 MB
Duration: 34:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: London River is a caring, medical professional with a penchant for helping teenage girls learn about sexual health. She gives Riley Star a check up and discovers that the young lady has been sexually active with boys, but that it did not feel good. London wants to show this impressionable girl that sexual contact should be pleasurable, so she takes matters into her own hands. She has Riley undress and then shows her how to properly fuck. She gets her nice and wet, showing her what a good cunt rubbing should feel like. Then she eats her twat, teaching her about the joys of the female orgasm. Looks like London really knows how to lend a helping hand! See full video here

Milfty - Misty Stone - Scam And Slam

File: ufgwanamilmisstoxpxk5qryo7.mp4
Size: 396.38 MB
Duration: 28:41
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Nowadays, guys have to hustle and grind to make a buck. Our stud is no exception, but when he meets his latest client, Misty Stone, he wants more than just a few dollars. Her juicy black ass is hurting for a squirting, so he fakes an injury to get the hot MILFs attention for a moment. She rushes outside ready to help, not realizing that her rocking body already has him half way to recovery. But he knows how to milk it. He makes it clear that if she does not make it worth his while, he is going to sue them for all they got. So, she takes out her juicy, ebony pussy and busts it wide open all over his fat cock. Gliding back and forth in this velvet love tunnel is worth more than any settlement could ever be. Looks like he is better already! See full video here

Got Mylf - Vanessa Cage - Black Leather Bliss

File: meynhnagomyvancag6jxhyeqos6.mp4
Size: 424.05 MB
Duration: 30:41
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Cage is a hot blonde sex machine that is ready to take some big sausage down her throat. She loves squeezing her juicy tits and swaying her long legs in black leather and fishnet stockings. It gets her hot when people see how fit and sexy her beautiful body is! But when our stud presents his big boner, Vanessas excitement gets taken to another level. Immediately, her pussy starts to drip, and she wants to drool all over the tip of his cock. She gives him a sloppy blowjob and then bends over to let him penetrate her twat with passion. He hammers her until she has a powerful orgasm, and then finishes by splashing hot semen all over her. Vanessa definitely knows how to please a huge dick! See full video here

Mom Drips - Claudia Valentine - Ovulation Sensation

File: 66qeynamodrclaval5gihcml29c.mp4
Size: 454.76 MB
Duration: 32:55
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Claudia Valentine has been trying to get pregnant forever, so when she starts ovulating, she calls her husband to come over and stick his dick inside her. Unfortunately, he is not the fastest guy in the world, and she gets worried that they are going to miss their window of opportunity. That is when our stud shows up at her door looking to collect money for his football team. Claudia immediately gets ideas about the young guy. She can see he is tall and finds out he has a good GPA and is healthy as a horse. She pulls him into the house and seduces him with her tight MILF bod. From there on out, she has no problem getting all the cum she needs. She rides our studs thick cock with her tight cunt and makes him squirt his juices in her. Just do not tell her husband! See full video here

Milf Body - Danica Dillon - A Meditative Muff

File: qznmxnamibodandilkfuojxmlqq.mp4
Size: 514.52 MB
Duration: 37:14
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Danica Dillon is one of those powerful women with meat in all the right places. Her curves are enough to make anyone lose their minds. It is no wonder that watching her do all those titillating yoga positions makes her personal trainer pop a huge boner. She sees that he is turned on, and immediately springs into action. She takes off her top and shows off her incredible MILF tits, teasing our stud with her sexy body. Then she licks his cock, swirling her tongue around his hog head with skill and precision. Finally, she rides this lucky studs dick all the way to pleasure town before he sprays her with his white mist. Namaste, Danica! See full video here

Milfty - Krissy Lynn - Eyes On The Load

File: o5veunamilkrilyn5zmkdplkh9.mp4
Size: 430.75 MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Krissy Lynn cannot get any rest because her stepson is always home blasting loud music. To solve the problem, she decides to teach the brat how to drive. They hop in the car, and she tells him to keep his eyes on the road. But to test how responsible of a driver he is, she decides to strip in the passenger seat. She takes her tits out and then pulls her pants down to show off her bald pussy. Finally, her stepson cannot focus anymore and pulls the car over. That is when Krissy leans across and sucks on his fat stick shift. When they get back home, she throws him onto the bed and then shoves his cock between her tits. Then she hops on top and dominates his long dick with a rough cock ride. This MILF is a force to be reckoned with! See full video here

Got Mylf - Rose Monroe - Beach Day Booty

File: uro72nagomyrosmonp4ukf1n3xn.mp4
Size: 441.44 MB
Duration: 31:56
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rose Monroes body pops in all the right places. Her sexy curves poke out perfectly. Today, she is lounging out by the beach. Lucky for us, she wants us to watch. She rolls around in the sand, showing off her fat tits and thick ass before getting introduced to our studs gigantic meat. She takes his cock in her mouth and thrusts her head down on his shaft. She licks and plays with his dick until she is ready to open up her pussy for him. Then he sticks his dong inside, stroking her Latina love glove with force. After an orgasm-inducing fuck sesh, Rose takes a huge load all over her. What a lovely day at the beach! See full video here

Mylfed - Rocky Emerson & Jasmine Grey - Head Etiquette

File: giv2pnamylrocjasknsd3kaqym.mp4
Size: 321.21 MB
Duration: 39:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It may be a bit old fashioned, but Jasmine Greys parents want her to learn how to behave like a proper lady. That is where Rocky Emerson comes in. She is the tight ass in charge of the etiquette school Jasmine is attending, and she does not take any nonsense. When Jasmine struggles to sit with good form, Rocky rips her shirt right off her back. Buttons fly everywhere, and Jasmine is scared of what will happen next. Rocky pulls out a leather riding crop and proceeds to punish Jasmine with a sexy whipping. Then she makes the young lady eat her muff to teach her what a real woman tastes like. Soon, Jasmine starts to enjoy the taste of her teachers juices. Looks like Jasmine will not mind a little extra homework after all! See full video here

Milfty - Amber Chase - Summer Side Boyfriend

File: qx269namilambchazbv4hzhru3.mp4
Size: 655.95 MB
Duration: 49:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Being a good neighbor can be tough sometimes. For Amber Chase, it is extra tough because she thinks of our stud as the annoying brat next door. When he comes over to ask for a job from her husband, she puts him to work instead. But when she notices he has a big boner in his pants, she can hardly believe it. Instead of kicking him out, she asks him to jerk off for her while she touches herself! A couple days later, Ambers neighbor comes over again to thank her for getting him a job. She tells him she wants a summer side boyfriend, and he can be that guy. He hesitates at first, but one look at those hot MILF tits, and he is ready to dive balls deep into her velvet underground. Later on, Amber tells her neighbor that she is pregnant. She will not be lonely anymore with kids running around the house, but he can have one last MILF pussy ride for old times sake. What a bitter sweet goodbye! See full video here

Got Mylf - Mia Lelani - New Year, New D

File: grjgsnagomymialeljjnclih9yp.mp4
Size: 503.95 MB
Duration: 36:28
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Mia Leilani is ready to usher in the New Year with a literal bang as she struts and stretches her sexy, toned body in a luxurious Las Vegas suite. She spreads her legs in a sparkling dress before revealing her perky tits for the camera. When our stud shows up, they toast to a new year, and then immediately get into some frisky business on the bed. He grabs her tits and then licks her tight Asian pussy with her shiny high heels in the hair. She watches as he sticks his huge schlong inside her small snatch, and gasps while he fucks her doggystyle. Then she spreads her legs by the window to get fucked in front of a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas strip. Happy New Year! See full video here

Milf Body - Syren De Mer - An Ageless Ass

File: bcfvrnamibosyrdemernh1lwhvci9.mp4
Size: 597.55 MB
Duration: 43:14
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When you get to a certain point in life, staying fit can be pretty hard. That is what is going on with our stud today. His wife wants him to be healthy, so she made him get a personal trainer. Little does she know, the trainer is Syren De Mer, the smoking hot seductress with an ageless body. This MILF is pepped up and ready to go, but when her client cannot keep up, she knows he needs a very special work out. She gets down on the floor with him and makes sure that he gets the cardio he needs by any means necessary. She spread her long MILF legs and slides his cock inside her for a hard pussy pummeling. Then she sucks and blows until her client busts his spunk all over her. That is one invested personal trainer! See full video here

Mylfed - Bobbi Dylan & Alex Chance - Snoop Horndog

File: pia2xnamylbobalecftksprudp.mp4
Size: 341.07 MB
Duration: 41:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes you think you know somebody, and then they turn out to be a huge snoop! That is what happens when Bobbi Dylan comes over to her moms friends house. They play cards to kill some time, but Bobbi cannot help but notice Alexs huge tits popping out of her top. She asks to use the restroom and sneaks her way into the hot MILFs room to peek and see what kind of sex toys she has lying around. She finds a purple strapon and is immediately turned on. She tries it on for size, but that is when Alex catches her! Lucky for Bobbi, Alex is feeling some heat below the belt. She drops down to suck the strapon while Bobbi towers over her. Bobbi lays back on the bed and opens her legs for Miss Chance to lick her pink clit. Then, Bobbi bends Alex over to plow the big titted cougar. Sometimes snooping pays off! See full video here

Milfty - Rose Monroe - The Extra Naughty List

File: qtg8ynamilrosmonffnskmmosf.mp4
Size: 551.02 MB
Duration: 39:52
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Even though Rose Monroes man can be a real Christmas Grinch, she does not allow his grouchiness to spoil her festive spirit. She gets up on Christmas and decorates the tree, looking sexy as hell as she decks the halls. When she sees the mistletoe, she gets a great idea of how she can get her man into the Christmas mood. She lays out on the couch with her ass perked up and then calls her guy into the room. When he sees her waving the mistletoe over her puckering hole, the joy of the holiday season finally kicks in. He dives into aggressively eating her ass. Then, he penetrates her with his long candy cane. Looks like Rose will be on the extra naughty list this year! See full video here

Got Mylf - Sofie Marie - Jingle Balls Jingle Balls

File: rzcb3nagomysofmarnmxf7kbr9s.mp4
Size: 583.27 MB
Duration: 40:17
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sofie Marie is definitely in the Christmas spirit as she sports a sexy Santa outfit that is sure to make the season bright. Our stud shows up with his fat candy cane, and Sofie licks and sucks on some holiday cheer. She gets herself all dirty making some Christmas treats, but forgets all about her sweet tooth as she gets pounded in the kitchen. She spreads her legs wide and watches our studs huge cock slide in and out of her, marveling at the incredible gift Santa has brought her this year. When she finally gets a huge load delivered all over her, she knows for certain that she must have been put on the good list. Looks like Sofie is having more than just her stockings stuffed this year! See full video here

Mom Drips - Alexis Fawx - College Prep Cougar

File: vgpfxnamodralefawwiomslzvlo.mp4
Size: 545.63 MB
Duration: 39:29
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Alexis Fawx meets a guy she wants to taste, she always gets her way. When her best friends son shows up at her house on his college tour, she knows she is going to have him one way or another. While they are eating, our stud spills some food on his shirt, and has to ask for a change of clothes. Alexis obliges, but when she sees him take his shirt off, her nipples get hard and her pussy gets moist. Before long, she is pulling our stud in for the cougar fuck of his life. She drops down and sucks his cock before she puts his cock inside her and dominates him. She rides his dick and then pulls him in to cum inside her mature pussy, filling herself up with his creamy jizz. Alexis has done it again! See full video here