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Hot Legs and Feet - Leila Fiore & Lovenia Lux - High Heels For The Horny

File: ho7oanaholeanfeleilovy1mxqcepgu.mp4
Size: 255.68 MB
Duration: 30:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: DDF Network's latest pretty new face to join their legion of international pornstars is Russian beauty Leila Fiore, and today she debuts her luscious legs and suckable feet on Hot Legs Feet with Czech cutie Lovenia Lux as her nylon and toe sucking fetish loving lesbian girlfriend. Leila is horny waiting in the bedroom in red lingerie and thigh high stockings, when Lovenia comes home from a bag filled with foot fetish goodies' shopping spree. In her bag are sexy black high heels for Leila to try on, and Leila shows her thanks to Lovenia with French kissing and pussy licking. To give Leila easy access, Lovenia conveniently has on crotch open tights and no panties underneath.

Lovenia puts on her new pair of turquoise colored high heels complete with white bow and accents and now both fetish girlfriends fully turned on get into 69 and let their kinky desires loose toe sucking and pussy licking. Then getting their shaved pussies up against one another, the continue with foot licking and fingering.

Leila sticks her stockinged toes up into Lovenia's crotch to soak her juices as this 4K lesbian premium porn scene comes to an end.

Teach Me Fisting - Antonia Sainz & Elena Vega - Elena's Initiation

File: 2rtdsnatemefiantelecmecc1nzc6.mp4
Size: 193.23 MB
Duration: 23:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty brunette Elena Vega has tried lesbian sex before, but there is a specific thing she would like to try. Busty Antonia Sainz will teach her how to properly fist a wet pussy!

Euro Girls on Girls - Marilyn Crystal & Liza Billberry - The Lesbian Inspiration

File: z8mjknaeugiongimarlizuug1jsuskp.mp4
Size: 423.88 MB
Duration: 50:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In today's lesbian premium porn video shot in 4K for Euro Girls on Girls, Russian pornstar Liza Billberry is a hot and horny artist that does a lot more than paint her subjects on canvas. She gets sexy models to come over to satiate her lesbian hunger as well, and her muse today is sultry Ukrainian newcomer Marilyn Crystal. Liza gets Marilyn to change into sexy lingerie, complete with garter belt and thigh high stockings, so she can check out her ass-ets. One look at Marilyn's natural tits ripe for titty sucking, and it doesn't take long for Liza to make her move.

Watch as the two go lips to lips with their pouty mouths above and their pink pussy flappers below. The two blonde bombshells engage in sensual French kissing, pussy licking, and scissoring one another bumping, grinding, and pelvic thrusting away.

Two vibrators come out to give them further pussy play inspiration, and it's nonstop pussy insertion bliss until the climactic ending. You'll definitely be inspired to wank one out yourself as well, so go ahead and stroke on, courtesy of DDF Network.

A Girl Knows - Lola Myluv & Nancy A - Nice And Warm

File: xxjinnaagiknlolnanvhbtwibsmx.mp4
Size: 399.43 MB
Duration: 26:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful Lola Myluv, Nancy A and Ellie Leen try on lingerie like all girlfriends do! Things get heated real fast as they stay naked by the fireplace. The silky, fluffy rug makes it easy for them to make love right in front of it. Fingering, pussy eating and sensual orgasmic sounds fill the room as these stunning chicks make love to one another.

All Girl Massage - Brett Rossi, Jasmine Jae & Georgia Jones - Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

File: bwtxrnaalgimabrejasgeoch5lwadwzw.mp4
Size: 194.55 MB
Duration: 29:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Brett Rossi is hurrying to put on her shoes, glancing around as though she's afraid to be caught by someone. She is successful with putting on her shoes and is just about to leave when her step-daughter, Georgia Jones, calls her out from behind. Georgia asks just where Brett thinks she's going. She knows that today is Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and that it's an important school project. Georgia is clearly enjoying having caught her step-mother trying to sneak out to avoid the arrangement. Brett tries to make up a lie about having forgotten, but drops the charade quickly and looks Georgia over, asking her if THAT'S really what she's going to wear to work today. Georgia says yeah, although she CAN change if Brett wants, although it'd take time and they'd be late for work... Brett is exasperated but tells her it's FINE as they leave the household together.

Brett leads Georgia into her massage parlor. Georgia is already exploring, touching whatever she gets her hands on, which agitates Brett. She tells her daughter to go sit down in the corner and stay put since the first client of the day is due any moment now. Georgia does so, though still has a defiant look. It's clear from the smirk on her face once she sits down that it's only a matter of time before she stirs up more trouble.

When Jasmine Jae enters, Brett's haggard expression turns to a warm and inviting one as she greets her. Jasmine greets her warmly in return then asks who's sitting in the corner. Brett's smile falters slightly as she says that it's her step-daughter and that she's there to shadow her for the day as part of a school project, if that's okay with the client. Jasmine say it's cool and greets Georgia as Georgia gives Jasmine a quick once-over and grins, nodding her head in greeting in return.

Jasmine is intrigued by Georgia but Brett guides her away and towards the massage table while glaring over her shoulder at Georgia. Brett presents Jasmine with a towel and tells her that she can undress in the bathroom if it's more comfortable, but Jasmine insists that she's fine undressing there. Even as Jasmine undresses, Georgia raises her eyebrows with a grin, which makes Brett hurriedly hold up a towel to 'block' Georgia's view. Brett glares again at Georgia, but immediately puts on a professional smile when turning back to Jasmine who lays down on her front on the table. Brett asks Jasmine if she's sure she doesn't want the towel but Jasmine casually refuses and makes herself comfortable.

Brett then begins massaging Jasmine, taking her time to really make Jasmine relax. The whole time Georgia watches from the chair, but is leaning forward with interest. Brett's hands hesitate above Jasmine's butt, only because her daughter is watching. Jasmine asks what's up, which Georgia mockingly echoes, and Brett says she wasn't sure if Jasmine wanted her 'posterior' massaged, especially in front of Georgia. Jasmine says it doesn't bother her, so Brett continues. By now, Georgia and Jasmine make eye contact. At first, Jasmine is curious until Georgia pointedly bites and licks her lips with a sultry look. Jasmine grins, clearly enjoying the attention while Brett continues massaging her, unaware of their antics.

Georgia rises from her seat and sneakily slips in closer to the table. Brett catches this and gives her a warning stare while Georgia smiles 'innocently' at her mother. When Brett is temporarily distracted with smalltalk with Jasmine, Georgia takes out her cellphone and takes a picture of the scene. Brett catches this and is shocked, saying that it's highly inappropriate and a breach of privacy! Georgia insists that it's only for the report she has to write on the day's activities, though she giggles as she puts the cellphone away. She also adds that Jasmine doesn't mind, anyway. Brett stares down at Jasmine, who laughs and shrugs her shoulders, saying she doesn't mind at all.

Jasmine requests that maybe Brett could teach Georgia some techniques to use on her. What better way to learn than by example? By now, Brett is aware of the flirty, mischievous looks being shared between her daughter and client. She's flustered, struggling between being angry and remaining professional. She doesn't like being undermined, but both girls are teaming up against her now, insisting that she allows Georgia to do some massaging. Brett says no way, her daughter's not even trained in the proper techniques, but since Brett is all about customer satisfaction, she finally gives in.

She tries her best not to be snippy as she shows Georgia how to massage Jasmine, guiding her hands along Jasmine's back. However, Georgia keeps making her own massage moves blatantly sexual. Mortified, Brett keeps trying to get Georgia to act more professional, but Jasmine encourages Georgia to continue with what she's doing. Jasmine even says things like 'Ooh, that's the spot!' and 'You can go even lower, if you want...' Georgia beams cheekily at Brett.

Brett is torn about all of this, but especially by the mounting sexual tension between Jasmine and Georgia. When Brett catches Georgia fingering Jasmine's pussy, she freaks out and apologizes prefusely. Jasmine assures her that she REALLY doesn't mind. It'd be nice if Brett could join them. Although Brett's still uncertain about it, especially since Georgia is right there, Jasmine wins her over with a tantalizing kiss. When Georgia tries to kiss Brett, Brett's into it for a few moments before registering that she's kissing her step-daughter! Although she pulls back, startled, it doesn't take much coaxing to get her back into the swing of things.

From there, they have a sensual threesome. Brett learns to relax and enjoy herself under Jasmine and Georgia's hands and tongues. They take turns eating out each other's pussies, and Brett experiences the joy of being tribbed by her step-daughter until she cums. Although today was supposed to be a learning experience for Georgia, it seems as though Brett learned something new, too!

Girls Way - Abigail Mac & Kissa Sins - Obstruction Of Justice

File: xcvxunagiwaabikisk5rb4ojpxd.mp4
Size: 248.78 MB
Duration: 30:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Officer Abigail Mac strides up to a home, her expression hard and serious as she greets Kissa Sins, the homeowner. Abigail's been called to the scene of a disturbance and listens as Kissa tells her she heard a big bang in the house. She's so focused on her job that Abigail is obliviousto Kissa checking her out as she's invited inside.

Abigail checks the house, ready for a confrontation around every corner. Her intense concentration prevents her from seeing that Kissa is following behind her and admiring her ass. Kissa is not at all worried about a possible intruder, which annoys Abigail because this is a very serious matter! Abigail tries to learn more about what happened and is directed to a living room where Kissa claims she heard the big bang. Abigail is confused, remarking that she doesn't see any broken glass, or signs of entry, or...

Abigail slowly turns around and faces Kissa with a stern and knowing expression on her face. The jig is up. There's no intruder, is there? Kissa tries to play innocent as she flirts, saying that maybe the source of the bang is standing right in front of her. Abigail heaves out a world-wearysigh. They get more calls like this than they should, where people just want to bang a hot cop, or whatever. It's a waste of everyone's time and Abigail's going to leave now.

However, Abigail is caught off-guard as she's suddenly thrown onto the couch and pounced by Kissa, who is horny as hell for this woman in uniform. Abigail is surprised, exclaiming that she's on duty and really DOES have to leave, but Kissa is persistent, grinding against her and gropingher breasts. Although Abigail tries to remain professional, she can't help but squirm and moan beneath Kissa. Kissa doesn't give her time to think, and Abigail soon gives in. Her sense of duty quickly fades away as Kissa dives into her pussy with her tongue, which leads to even more fun. Abigail may have been uptight before, but she's not so much now!

Club Seventeen - Lolly Small & Jenny Manson - 1 Cock Fucking 2 Hot Teenagers

File: a6rconaclseloljenswebgdcc7q.mp4
Size: 209.38 MB
Duration: 25:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A threesome with two teens is what every red-blooded man wants to experience. Lolly Small and Jenny Manson agree to make that dream a reality for one fortunate guy. Looking down and seeing two pretty girls working your boner has to be a sight that challenges your sanity. Theyre both extremely good looking and have the bodies only teens can. Those same bodies are going to be ripe for his taking. They will allow him to do whatever he wants to them. All of this happens while the girls flirt and please each other during the process. The ideal place for any man to shoot his cum in a situation like this is all over both of their faces. They seem to know this and is okay with him doing just that.

Girls Way - Angela White & Kira Noir - Tough Critic

File: 4fmzsnagiwaangkirhslseqrf5e.mp4
Size: 235.33 MB
Duration: 29:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir USED to be Angela White's favorite pornstar. Angela couldn't get enough of her, professing her love far and wide across every forum possible. Yet, her comments have turned more critical lately since it seems like Kira's lost her passion. Although Kira has a beautiful body, stunning eyes, and legs that went on for days, her performance leaves much to be desired, in Angela's humble opinion. For instance, Kira could both lick pussy and trib a little longer in her scenes...

Angela's about to post her latest critique, her fingers flying across the keyboard of her laptop, when there's a knock on the door. Nothing could prepare her for seeing that it's none other than Kira herself!

Angela can barely string more than two words together as Kira, who is on a mission, invites herself in. She's entranced by Kira, even as she's told off for being so nasty on forums. Apparently, Angela has no idea how hard it is to do the work Kira does! So now Kira wants Angela to go back and fix ALL the mean things she's ever said. Angela snaps out of her starstruck haze long enough to cheekily ask what will happen if she DOESN'T? The answer becomes obvious when Kira raises a brow and whips out her bright purple strap-on.

Flustered, Angela gets straight to work altering her past comments. Yet, she can't help but to stubbornly voice her opinions with Kira chastising her the entire time. Gradually, Kira inches closer and begins seducing Angela instead, which leaves the critic weak in the knees. Since Angela LOVES commenting on her performance, maybe she'd love to experience the real deal for herself?

Entranced by Kira, Angela readily takes up the offer. Who would ever pass up on the chance of getting pounded by their favorite pornstar? But will the performance be enough to rekindle the love for Kira's work?

Girls Gone Pink - Katana Kombat & Serena Santos - Taking A Different Route

File: x6qyfnagigopikatserdbpbdkpsk4.mp4
Size: 193.40 MB
Duration: 23:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Katana is in an awkward situation with her boyfriend, arguing at a bus stop. When it gets too heated, Serena swoops in to save the day and provide a little comfort. Sometimes a woman in need deserves a softer touch than a gruff, angry, and irritated boyfriend. Maybe these beautiful and sympathetic Latinas take a different route today?

Hot And Mean - Carter Cruise & Kira Noir - Slippery Showdown

File: vkqiqnahoanmecarkirwu1dhia4ww.mp4
Size: 275.19 MB
Duration: 22:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The only thing better than hot girl-on-girl wrestling is adding lots of oil to the mix, and wrestlers Carter Cruise and Kira Noir are ready to get this slippery, scissor-heavy showdown started.

Zero Tolerance - Gia Derza & Joanna Angel - Is It Wrong Shes My Stepmom 2

File: oy98xnazetogiajoa5cm884mwl2.mp4
Size: 269.24 MB
Duration: 24:22
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: She's conflicted. She's her stepmom, but she's also go mouth-watering tits, an ass to die for and a wet pussy that just won't quit. So, what's a poor stepdaughter supposed to do? Walk away? Hell no! She's going full on hardcore and bangin' that MILF silly until she's begging for mercy!

We Live Together - Jenna Sativa & Whitney Wright - Empress Sativa

File: h6tbjnawelitojenwhi193izi3mmm.mp4
Size: 361.08 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian icon Jenna Sativa isn't just a queen, she's an empress, and she wants to be treated as such! Her lover, Whitney Wright, tends to all of Jenna's many needs caressing her tits and big ass in a deep bathtub filled with rose petals, gently drying her with a fluffy towel, and dressing her in lacy, black lingerie. Jenna sits on her golden throne as Whitney kneels and licks her empress's feet, kissing up her legs before exploring Jenna's pussy with her mouth! Whitney does such a good job making Jenna cum, the empress kneels between her loyal subject's legs to give her her reward, then 69s and scissors her. Now it's Whitney's turn to get the empress treatment!

Lesbea - Cindy Shine & Lovita Fate - Euro Nymphs Poolside Pussy Licking

File: z3zgunalescinlovhrcqy76z55.mp4
Size: 308.79 MB
Duration: 26:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Euro nymphs Cindy Shine and Lovita Fate are playing in the pool. The ladies splash each other and giggle, but their playfulness soon turns to passion. Lovita takes off Cindy's bikini top and splashes her little boobs with pool water, then licks her nipples. The ladies then change positions, and Lovita pleasures her lesbian lover. Hopping up on the poolside area, Cindy gets on her knees doggystyle so Lovita can pleasure her from behind, then they lay down a towel to lick each other from hole to hole in a 69!

Zero Tolerance - Nina Elle & Carter Cruise - Is It Wrong Shes My Stepmom 2

File: y5lh9nazetonincarkwsrle12as.mp4
Size: 261.00 MB
Duration: 23:49
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: She's conflicted. She's her stepmom, but she's also go mouth-watering tits, an ass to die for and a wet pussy that just won't quit. So, what's a poor stepdaughter supposed to do? Walk away? Hell no! She's going full on hardcore and bangin' that MILF silly until she's begging for mercy

Lesbea - Melody Petite & Vanessa Decker - Pert Butt And Big Tits Beauties

File: fsbwtnalesmelvan2ap1yjb1mv.mp4
Size: 291.01 MB
Duration: 24:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Pert butt, big titted beauties Vanessa Decker and Melody Petite feel electricity right under their skin as they prepare for pleasure. The ladies kiss slowly as they begin to disrobe each other, and Vanessa pushes Melody to the bed and climbs on top. Vanessa sucks Melody's perky tits, then makes her way between the Mexican babe's legs. Melody then eats Vanessa out from behind until she climbs onto Vanessa's face to cum. Taking out their favorite strap-on, Melody fucks Vanessa with the toy until the latter has an explosive orgasm!

Everything Butt - Penny Pax & Skylar Snow - A.p. Anal Studies

File: 6l3ygnaevbupenskyhuqrwh1bg1.mp4
Size: 495.61 MB
Duration: 01:01:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Skylar Snow sits at the head of her classroom, wearing a short skirt and a low-cut top. Skylar studies for an exam while her mischievous classmate Penny Pax sits behind her, kicking her chair. When Skylar finally turns to her to tell her to stop, Penny tells Skylar that she's already fucked their teacher and has gotten all of the answers to the test. She explains to Skylar that if she licks her asshole, she'll share the answers with her. Skylar agrees and Penny hops on top of Skylar's desk and shoves her ass in Skylar's face. Skylar licks and fucks Penny's asshole with her long tongue, darting it in and out as Penny keeps her ass spread. Skylar gets one knee up on to her own desk and sticks out her ass. Penny pulls up Skylar's skirt and pulls down her panties. She spreads Skylar's big beautiful ass cheeks and fills her hole with a clear acrylic toy. She pops it in and out of her ass making it gape. Next, Penny straps on a huge dildo and fucks Skylar's ass with the biggest thing thats ever been inside her ass. Penny gives her permission to play with her own pussy and Skylar cums hard on Penny's big fat dildo while she gets fucked. After that, Penny tells Skylar to get on her back and spread her legs. Penny shoves a big purple butt-plug into Skylar's ass and gets big gapes. Skylar is handed a vibrator and presses it hard against her clit and squirts everywhere with the purple plug still buried deep in her ass. Then Penny places a big black, cone shaped butt-plug on a padded platform and Skylar sits on it and twerks, trying to get as much of it into her ass as possible. They swap out the cone shaped plug for a bigger rainbow colored unicorn horn toy. Skylar challenges her ass again and tries hard to get as much of it into her hole. In the final scene, Penny stretches Skylar out even more with a speculum and at the end of it all makes her clean herself out with a water enema.

Lesbian X - Goldie Glock & Jane Wilde - Anal Gaping Bff's

File: twbhwnalexgoljanxzafzecdnj.mp4
Size: 291.52 MB
Duration: 32:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends, Goldie Glock and Jane Wilde get together to max out their gaping skills in this lesbian anal sleepover you won't want to miss. This is Goldie's first lesbian anal experience with massive gapes, and gape licking. Shot in 4K Lesbian X, brings you two of the hottest lesbian anal spinners, the most super cute anal lesbians ever!

Mommy's Girl - India Summer & Gianna Dior - I'm Allergic To Clothes

File: hujzvnamogiindgiatk7jkngn1k.mp4
Size: 228.00 MB
Duration: 31:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer goes to see her step-daughter Gianna Dior in her room, putting down her purse at the foot of the bed. Gianna is scratching herself. She complains to India that she must be allergic to something. India looks up Gianna's symptoms on her phone, telling her a moment later that a lot of sites say that the itching may be caused by an allergy to clothes. But India also saw online that there is an easy home remedy that can help. Her daughter can get naked and stay away from clothes and the itching may go away.

Gianna is embarrassed, saying that her step-mom has only been married to her dad for 3 years, so it's not like she saw her naked when she was a baby, this will be the first time. India soothes her, telling her that taking her clothes off is her best chance at getting some relief. And to make her feel like she's not the only one who will be embarrassed, India offers to get naked too. Gianna agrees and they both get naked.

Gianna says that she is cold now that she's naked. Her mom moves to offer her a blanket, but thinking better of it, tells her daughter that she may be allergic to the blanket fabric too. Gianna agrees, telling her mom that they shouldn't risk it now that the itch has finally gone away! India does have a possible solution though maybe she could cuddle her for warmth? Gianna agrees that this is the best way to avoid the risk of aggravating her condition with the blanket, and they cuddle.

As they cuddle, India playing big-spoon to Gianna's little spoon, she asks her daughter if she's still cold. Gianna admits that she is still a little chilly. India tells her that she knows a way to make her even warmer, from the inside out, as she reaches around and starts to rub Gianna's pussy. Gianna instantly loves her mom's touch and moans loudly. As India caresses Gianna's wet pussy, she can already feel her daughter warming up. But India has a lot more tricks up her sleeve, and she's going to use every one of them to make sure that Gianna forgets ALL about her allergy.

Pornstar Platinum - Sexy Vanessa & Tyler Faith - Hotel Stap On Fuck

File: 5op6inapoplsextylgocb6ju85z.mp4
Size: 141.35 MB
Duration: 17:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hello my sexy boys, I'm so glad that you're here today to watch me eat and fuck my sexy plaything Tyler Faith. This girl loves to eat pussy and she gives as good as she gets! I love her sucking on my toes and clit, and I love to taste her pussy right before I fuck it! That's right, some strap on sex to get the stress out is what Tyler and I need. And of course, she's down with whatever I want to do to her. The best in lesbian porn is right here at my very own site, SexyVanessa.com!

Lezcuties - Tiffany Tatum, Sabrisse & Leyla Fiore - Silk & Erotica

File: 2ctxlnaleztifsableylrx7y4su35.mp4
Size: 219.25 MB
Duration: 26:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Leyla Fiore, Sabrisse and Tiffany Tatum share the screen, anything can happen! Watch those sexy babes fuck together in a fantastic threesome! A perfect show of boobs, pussies, and asses.

Dyked - Syren De Mer & Scarlett Sage - Headmistress Head

File: lireanadyksyrscakesgqctjis.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 39:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlett Sage is irresistibly hot, so it is no wonder that headmistress Syren De Mer is looking to score a little sexual attention from her. She tells the young girl that she has to get up and get out because of her poor performance in school. But Scarlett does not want to go, so Syren takes the opportunity to get some sexual favors in return for letting the little slut stay on campus. She sits down and plays with Scarletts tiny pink nipples. Twisting them until her cunt is nice and wet. Then, the hot teen gets down and eats Syrens mature pussy, showing that this is not her first rodeo with a lady. With head like this, Scarlett is going to be valedictorian! Do you want to see Scarlett and Syren back soon?

Sex Art - Ariel Piper Fawn, Suzie Carina & Teresse Bizzarre - Ariel's Secret Project 3 Teresse Bizzarre

File: kdtjjnaseararisuztervdgqata4tq.mp4
Size: 193.67 MB
Duration: 23:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute brunette Teresse Bizzarre is naked and blindfolded on the bed, as Ariels Secret Project 3 begins. Feeling hands caress her slender body, she has no idea that her unseen lover is erotic legend Suzie Carina. The stunning beauty lies beside her, stroking her and kissing her nipples. Another girl enters the room, spreading Teresses legs apart and kneeling between them. Its sexy superstar Ariel Piper Fawn, living out her dream by creating this arousing adventure. Ariel bares her incredible breasts and presses them against Teresses skin, then begins to lick her hot pussy with delicate, teasing strokes. She focuses on her clit, rubbing and lapping. The girls switch places, kissing as they finger-bang Teresses juicy pussy in unison. When shes dripping wet, they suddenly hold a vibrating wand against her clit, making her gasp. Ariel holds her down and kisses her as Suzie drives her to orgasm. Trading places again, Ariel eats her until shes on the verge of another climax, then uses the vibrator to push her over the edge. Shes a quivering wreck by the time they leave her alone, shaken by the most orgasmic experience of her life.

Web Young - Nickey Huntsman & Kristen Scott - Mouth To Mouth

File: ykwodnaweyonickri5g47rqjhcu.mp4
Size: 362.97 MB
Duration: 44:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kristen Scott is sitting on the bed in her bedroom. She has a cellphone to her ear and is talking to Nickey Huntsman. When she greets Nickey, she sits up straighter on the bed and smiles throughout. Kristen mentions that she's nervous about their CPR class since she doesn't have the technique down. Nickey says she's been studying up, so she'd be happy to help her out. Kristen then offers her family's poolside as a place to practice to make it more authentic. Nickey easily agrees, and they plan to meet up in an hour and a half.

Kristen leads Nickey to the poolside. Both teens are fully-dressed with their bikinis underneath. Nickey admires the pool, then asks if Kristen's parents know that they are practicing mouth-to-mouth? If they don't and they catch Kristen and Nickey practicing, things could get awkward. Kristen tells her that her parents are out for the day. She also points out that they're both 18 now, so it doesn't really matter.

Nickey says that that's true, she just didn't want things to get weird. Kristen assures her that everything is fine, and they begin to strip down to their bikinis. Kristen is distracted briefly by Nickey's perky breasts, though hurriedly follows suit to avoid being caught staring.

Nickey lays down on a towel and Kristen hovers over her. There's a little bit of awkwardness and shyness between them as Kristen leans down toward Nickey, but she begins. Nickey helps hold Kristen's hair away from her face as she presses their lips together and starts the chest compressions. At first, the technique is methodical, although the mouth to mouth contact lingers with each attempt. Kristen also starts to hesitate, her eyes drawn more to Nickey's breasts as her hands hover above before doing compressions.

When Kristen does CPR the third time, their lips linger long enough that Nickey giggles, teasing that that was more like a kiss than CPR! Kristen's embarrassed and apologizes, but Nickey assures her that it's okay -- in fact, she liked it! They come together for a sensual makeout session that leads to Kristen inviting Nickey into her home.

Viv Thomas - Candy Alexa & Lindsey Cruz - Serendipity Episode 3 Come To Bed

File: wbxmqnavithcanlin5jy5fvpsbg.mp4
Size: 222.71 MB
Duration: 27:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Two cute blonde girls walk past, kissing, while Sarah Smith watches and writes in her journal. As episode three of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Serendipity begins, gorgeous lesbian lovers Candy Alexa and Lindsey Cruz return home, caressing each other in a sweet portrait of domestic bliss. Candy straddles her girlfriend on the bed, kissing her voraciously. Lindsey tugs Candys lace robe open and squeezes her big breasts Candy kitten-licks Lindseys stiff nipples, then goes face down, ass up to lap at her shaved pussy skilfully. Lindsey moves to her knees so Candy can rim her tight asshole and finger her pussy, driving her to an intense orgasm. Now Candy lies back so Lindsey can lavish attention on her incredible breasts and hot pussy, using her fingers and tongue to make her go wild. Candys huge boobs jiggle hypnotically as she cums hard. They seem like the perfect couple but what will happen when Lindsey meets Sarah?

Mom XXX - Alyssa Reece & Sarah Smith - Canadian Milf Licks Cute Brunette

File: 1yy3mnamoxxalysarqqfdat66rw.mp4
Size: 191.24 MB
Duration: 23:40
Resolution: 720x400
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Description: After a long day of work, Alyssa Reece runs a hot bath to soothe her sore muscles while her lover Sarah Smith lounges on the bed. Alyssa calls Sarah over to scrub her back, then stands up and affords her lover with a close-up view of the curves of her wet tits. Glistening in the bathwater, Alyssa leans in and kisses Sarah, then Sarah rubs the MILF's pussy. The ladies then head over to the bedroom so they can eat other out. Sarah climbs on top of Alyssa to give her direct access to her snatch and ass, then the ladies make each other cum in 69.

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